Gratitude 101:
How to Write a Thank-You Card

Sending a short, heartfelt note of genuine thanks can be a wonderful reminder of the personal connection you share with someone. Fortunately, there are many ways to simply and meaningfully say "Thank you," so let's take a look at the mechanics of what to say in a thank-you note. Some questions, and answers, from the folks at Cardstore.

  1. What are you thanking them for?

    Be specific expressing your thanks by calling out exactly what you're thanking the recipient for (the pruning shears, pet-sitting your iguana, the nice candlesticks.) Talk about how you'll use the gift, or why their act was appreciated, (e.g. "I'll get a lot of use out of them when spring comes," or "Being able to stay at your house when we went to the beach really let us focus on having family fun,"). The reason for being so specific is that 150 years ago when packages were carried by horse and mules, you were literally describing what you received so that the sender knew it had arrived safely.
  2. Who are you thanking?

    Who is the person you're thanking, and what is their relationship to you? Acknowledge your relationship with the giver ("It was great to see you at Christmas, and I'm looking forward to being with you again at Easter," or "Uncle Steve tells me you're doing well in Florida, and I'm sure you're loving the sunshine). If you are thanking someone you're not that close with, write something like, "You're in my thoughts, and I hope you're having a wonderful summer." Adding a personal memory or compliment to the giver of the gift is a nice way for you to let the giver know it's not just the gifts you appreciate; it's that relationship that means something to you.
  3. How should you write it?

    Start off with the word "thanks." Obvious, right? Mention the gift and their thoughtfulness. Say "Thanks again." Sign the card. Sound simple? It is, but it will be appreciated more than you know.
  4. Why send a thank-you card?

    Because what they did was card-worthy. Because they deserve to know you received it, and appreciate it. Because a thank-you text is just one step above not acknowledging their thoughtfulness at all. A very small step above. Because you're thoughtful. Because it shows a little effort. Because that's just how you roll. Because it will likely be the best thing in their mailbox that day. Just because!

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