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6 Things a Woman Wants to Hear
(And one thing we need to hear.)

Congratulations, Guys! You've found great girls, lovely ladies, wonderful wives (or a combination of all three) and now you want to give us the perfect cards. Well, you've come to the right place-there's obviously no shortage of choices on this website! And although you're pretty sure you know what you want to say (because you, bless you, are an incredibly thoughtful man) you still wouldn't mind a few clues as to what we women really want to hear. So, we gathered a group of great girls, ladies and wives, and narrowed down their thoughts until we came up with the six things they can never hear enough. All you need to do now is choose one, two-or all six-put them into your own words, add them to one of our great cards, and wait for that gorgeous, sexy smile to appear.

#1. Good: You're beautiful.

Even better: You're more beautiful than ever.

Just look at the cover of any-and every-women's magazine. Talk about pressure! No matter how perfectly gorgeous you think we are, we're constantly bombarded with unrealistic examples of how we should/could/would like to look. And we probably think you want us to look that way, too. In a society that puts way too much emphasis on youthful beauty, hearing how attractive we are will never, ever get old. Feel free to mix it up with words like gorgeous, hot and sexy. And keep the compliments coming. More compliments lead to a higher self-image, which leads to fewer inhibitions, which leads to...well, you do the math.

#2. Good: I appreciate the little things you do.

Even better: I appreciate it when you... (use specific examples).

Do you really think we do all those sweet and thoughtful little things for you purely out of the goodness of our hearts? Yes. We do! (This is what makes us even more wonderful, by the way!) But that doesn't mean we wouldn't like to hear a little praise once in a while. Just like you, we want to feel appreciated-and noticed-for our efforts. And the more specific you are, the more sincere our appreciation will be. We are all about sincerity, so don't leave out the details.

#3. Good: You'll be/You are a great mom.

Even better: You're a great mom and wife.

If we're not moms yet, many of us are probably looking forward to being moms someday. And if we are moms, no matter how easy and natural we make motherhood look, we're constantly doubting ourselves and wondering if we could do better. As fathers (or potential fathers-to-be), your opinions about our parenting skills means more than anyone else's. By saying how great we are, you'll make us feel successful at the two most important "jobs" in our lives-parenthood and partnership. And when we're happy...well, you know the rest of that story!

#4. Good: I'm amazed by you.

Even better: I'm amazed by how much you do every day.

There's a fine line between flattery and sincerity. Saying you're "amazed" by us is a pretty lofty compliment that we may find hard to believe. But we definitely won't complain! After all, a woman's multi-tasking skills are like superpowers. It's pretty unbelievable how many things we can do at once, let alone fit into a day. But, like you, it's what we do and since we can't read your minds, we don't mind being told once in a while that we're awesome!

#5. Good: You're perfect for me.

Even better: (Nope, this one's perfect the way it is.)

Nobody's perfect, but that doesn't stop us from trying to be. No matter how much we do or how wonderful we try to be, we have a hard time believing it's ever enough. And if you tell us we're perfect, we'll never believe you. However, saying we're perfect for you makes all the difference-it's a sweet, sincere, all-encompassing way to let us know that we make you happy, and that you wouldn't change a thing.

#6. Good: You're my best friend.

Even better: You're my best friend and the love of my life.

It's important for us to know that you like us as much as you love us. To us, friendship means you think we're trustworthy, smart, interesting and fun. So while we're not expecting you to invite us to every ball game, golf outing and fishing expedition, calling us your BFF will make us feel overwhelmingly connected to you. Reminding us we're also the love of your life is like the home run, the hole-in-one, or the one that "didn't get away!"

What We NEED to Hear

Good: I love you.
Even better: I'd marry you all over again.

Even though you've probably said it and shown it in every possible way, we don't just want to hear those three little words, we need to hear them. Often. And we need you to say them like you mean them-every time. Want to know when to say them for the most effect? When we least expect them. (Jackpot!) When our hair is dirty and we're up to our elbows in diapers and laundry soap. When the supermodel spokesperson on TV is wearing a skintight pencil skirt and we're in sweats and fuzzy slippers. When we're tired out, worn down, and feeling a little grumpy-or worse! In other words, when we're feeling the most vulnerable and probably the most unlovable. Hearing you say those words, especially when we least expect them, is like winning the relationship lottery!

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