Six Things Guys Want To Hear

Six Things Guys Want To Hear

It's great that you're here to make a card for your special guy - just the fact that you're making the effort says a lot about how you feel about him, and about your relationship. Want to make it something he'll really remember? Well, we're here for you! We interviewed the guys, the men, the fellas and the dudes in our lives and came up with a great list of Six Things Guys Want to Hear. We're not telling word-for-word what to write in a love letter or card, but knowing the whats and whys behind his preference can give you some awesome love letter tips. The general sentiments are below - just put them into your own words to let your man know how you feel!

I love being your wife / girlfriend / woman.

What he says: I may not say it, but once in a while I get insecure and wonder if you're happy in our relationship. I'll never say it, of course... because that would totally break the Man Rules. If you're writing me something sweet in a card, this would be a great time to let me know you're happy and content being by my side.

I see all the little things you do, and I appreciate them.

What he says: I didn't stop being a guy the day I became your guy. Guys like a pat on the back once in a while, and we like our efforts being noticed. You may not realize it, but every time I do something like make your morning coffee or stop by the store and pick up your favorite salad dressing, what I'm really doing is saying I love you. If you tell me you notice and appreciate it, that will only make me want to do things like that more often.

You're a really good dad. I know you work hard at it, and it shows.

What he says: If I'm like many guys, I consider myself to have had a pretty good childhood... but that doesn't mean my parenting style isn't remarkably different from my father's approach. Chances are that I'm a lot more involved with our kids on a daily basis than my dad ever was with me, and I like to think that my effort is responsible for at least half of their amazing wonderfulness - just like yours is responsible for the other half. Hearing you give me props for the way I go about being a dad would mean a lot.

You're sexy.

What he says: You like it when I tell you how beautiful you are, right? Well, this shouldn't surprise you... but I like to hear stuff like that once in a while, too. Don't get all gushy and turn on the flattery hose, of course, but a genuine compliment once in a while is always welcome.

I respect you.

What he says: I may not say it, but knowing that you respect me as a man is important to me. Work can sometimes beat us up. Life can make us feel small. Hearing that you (somebody who I love a lot) respect me would go a long way to making me feel pretty good about myself. Honestly, I don't just want to be your guy... sometimes I want to be your hero, too.

I love you.

What he says: Okay, so seeing this one on the list might not strike you as being rocket science... but these three little words go a long way, especially when I see them written down. I love to hear it (and read it, too)!

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