How to Say I Love You - 101 Different Ways

Here at Cardstore, we've found a whole bunch of ways of saying "I love you." Many without saying a word. Whether you're in "like," or in "love," whether you're young, or just young at heart, we've got you covered. We come up with ways to say "I love you," like it's our job...because it is.

  1. Snuggle.
  2. Smile that smile that's just for her.
  3. Kiss her goodnight.
  4. Reach for his hand when you're walking.
  5. Look at her like you're seeing her for the first time.
  6. Telling him he's so darn cute you can't stand it.
  7. Make silly faces at her when no one's looking.
  8. Make her coffee without being asked.
  9. Slow dance. In the kitchen. Even if there's no music.
  10. Massage her shoulders.
  11. Leave a touch of your perfume on his pillow.
  12. One sundae. Two spoons.
  13. Gaze at the stars together.
  14. Leave a flirty text message.
  15. Shoot him a wink when the kids aren't looking.
  16. Or even when they are.
  17. Make your toothbrushes look like they're slow dancing.
  18. Pinch his cheeks (all 4 of them).
  19. Know her ticklish spots, and don't be afraid to use them.
  20. Let him have the first lick of your ice cream cone.
  21. Give her an arm to squeeze during a scary movie.
  22. Send him a smiley-face email for no reason.
  23. Draw smiley-face hearts on sticky notes, and leave a little trail of them at eye level.
  24. Anything to do with chocolate.
  25. A drive-by (or walk-by) hugging when she least expects it.
  26. Turn up his favorite song when it comes on the radio.
  27. Pull out her favorite sections of the Sunday paper and give them to her.
  28. Listen to his same old stories like they're new every time.
  29. Say her name like it's your favorite word on Earth (because it is).
  30. Two words: tandem bike.
  31. Know just when she needs to laugh, and make it happen.
  32. Use the words "us" and "always" as much as possible.
  33. Sing her a silly made-up love song.
  34. Make up sexy nicknames for each other.
  35. If something is delicious, make sure he gets a bite.
  36. Meet at a bar and pretend to be strangers.
  37. Remember to buy her favorite snack from the grocery store.
  38. Give him your best "come here" look.
  39. Two words: foot rub.
  40. Tell your kids about the day you met.
  41. Let her sleep in.
  42. Call him at work and whisper sweet nothings.
  43. Start a tiny argument, just so you can make up.
  44. Tolerate her friends.
  45. Yes. Even that friend.
  46. Share your body heat when it's cold outside.
  47. Make her breakfast in bed.
  48. Doodle his name at work, and then show him.
  49. Save him the last beer.
  50. Be the soft but strong shoulder to cry on.
  51. Listen.
  52. Two words: night out.
  53. Two more words: night in.
  54. Tell him when he does something amazing.
  55. Give in to her "pretty please" pouty face.
  56. Love each other's families. (I know.)
  57. Fresh. Baked. Cookies.
  58. Post 10 amazing things about her on her Facebook wall.
  59. Suck it up and watch her favorite movie. (Again.)
  60. Suck it up and watch his favorite movie. (Again.)
  61. Laugh often. Even when there's only $8 in the checking account.
  62. Schedule "us" time.
  63. Make an early morning date...Champagne with breakfast!
  64. Watch the sun rise.
  65. Watch the sun set.
  66. Learn sign language for "I love you."
  67. Make a wish on a star.
  68. Read the same book together.
  69. Save the first dance, and the last dance for him.
  70. Do... Uhm... That one thing you do so well.
  71. Sing a classic love song and put her name in the lyrics.
  72. Tuck little love notes in the pocket of the pants he's wearing to work.
  73. Smoosh your faces together for pictures.
  74. Never wait to tell each other good news.
  75. Kiss like you mean it.
  76. Get close enough so she can see her reflection in your eyes.
  77. Make a scavenger hunt that ends in the bedroom.
  78. Surprise her and take her back to the place you first met.
  79. Make your lap the most amazing pillow.
  80. Make a mix CD just for her.
  81. Tell him when you have a dream about him. Feel free to embellish.
  82. Call each other once a day if for no other reason than to hear each other's voices.
  83. Say "we" instead of "I."
  84. Buy matching footie pajamas.
  85. Go ice skating together. ...bribe them to play "your song" during couples' skate.
  86. Write him a letter detailing why he's so awesome.
  87. Send a sexy note/picture through the mail. With a stamp.
  88. Put your baby pictures next to each other with the caption "meant to be."
  89. Say loving things in fake foreign accents all day.
  90. Get your pics taken together in a cheesy photo booth.
  91. "Like" one of his Facebook posts.
  92. Bring her a single red rose.
  93. Listen to his heartbeat.
  94. Tell her when you count your blessings, you list her twice.
  95. Two words: teddy bear.
  96. Leave a note saying "I'm sorry. I was wrong."
  97. Spell out a fun message in Scrabble letters.
  98. Smile at him across a crowded room.
  99. Warm your toes next to hers.
  100. Go to a karaoke bar and sing her a love song.
  101. Actually write, "I Love You," in a romantic card. I know where you can get one.

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