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The Cardstore Adventure

Cards that go the distance.

Cardstore cards are made up of these things: paper, ink, a heaping amount of creativity, and most importantly, you. They're first dreamed up in a studio filled with a few amazing visionaries...a product of late nights, long-hours and illicit amounts of caffeine. But where sleep has been lost, epiphanies have been had. And in the end, these cards were worth it. They are truly a labor of love.

Hundreds of cards may be crafted, but only the cream of the crop make it to our online store for your browsing pleasure. It is here they await your personal touch. This is where the real fun begins, transforming our cards into the ultimate expression of you.

Once personalized, they're immediately sent into production, where they're hand-fed through a printer, inspected, enveloped, stamped and sent. They begin the last leg of their journey the moment they leave our production house.

And off they go! Dispersed by zip codes and tucked into mailbags. Many miles they travel to get to their rightful place, until at last, they arrive!

Now they wait.


The mailbox creaks open and is flooded with light. Hands reach in. And what a glorious sight it is. The recipient flips past bills, various junk mail and the routine direct mailers, and stops excitedly on your card. A smile spreads across their face. They open it with hurried hands and what do they find? The perfect card only you could create.

The smile widens.

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