30 Ways to Celebrate a 30th Birthday

Someone's turning 30? Milestone birthdays (as they're known in the biz) always draw more attention than the mundane 27- or 28- (37, 49) year mark...so of course, you want to be right there with some attention-getting ideas that will help your birthday star shine in the spotlight! Some of these ideas will cost as little as 30 cents...some are a little more extravagant...some will just require your time and thoughtfulness. That's something they'll appreciate just as much if not more!

  1. Tell it like it is. Write a list of 30 reasons why they're the best, then have it framed!
  2. Stress-free birthday. Gift a 30-minute massage, manicure or facial. Join them if you can afford it!
  3. Lawn Art. 30 flamingos, "RIP Youth" tombstones or simply a sign for a front yard surprise.
  4. Feeling lucky? Individually wrap thirty $1 lottery tickets.
  5. Have a sweet tooth? Buy 30 pieces of specialty chocolates or gift box 30 of their favorite cookies!
  6. 30 paper cards. Use social media to reach out to friends with the goal to overflow their mailbox with birthday wishes!
  7. One word: Cake! What does this have to do with the number 30? Nothing, but who doesn't like a cake?
  8. One more word: Limo! (see above comment)
  9. Share some smiles. Send a card a day for 29 days leading up to their birthday! Then send an extra special one for their big 3-0! I know where you can find lots of cards. ☺
  10. Paint the town. Give them a $30 gift card to their favorite restaurant, ice cream store, club, theater, etc.
  11. 30 Years of Memories. Have 30 people send handwritten memories of the 30-year-old to you. Then put them in 30 numbered envelopes (to drive the "30" theme home) tied in a festive bow.
  12. Modern Mix Tape - Make a CD or playlist of 30 songs from the last 30 years or simply 30 faves from back in the day.
  13. Same time next year. Make a pact to get together at a designated spot every year for the next 30 years.
  14. Beer Cake! Three tiers of 30 beer cans stacked, secured with duct tape and decorated.
  15. Glory Days Gift Basket - 80's music, Rubik's Cube, Wayfarer sunglasses, anything neon.
  16. Thirty favorite flowers.
  17. Booze Bouquet! Mini liquor bottles hot-glued to wood skewer arranged in a bucket or cooler.
  18. A trivia greeting card or book of their birth year (easily found online).
  19. "Turning 30..." Finish the sentence with 30 items in a gift basket.
    Example: "...is nuts!" (peanuts); "...stinks." (air freshener); "...is just peachy!" (schnapps).
  20. Cheers! Gift wrap a $30 bottle of wine with a note that it's a special bottle to be shared with their someone special.
  21. One tank trip. Plan a whole day of events that are within a 30-mile radius of where they live.
  22. Ew-w-w...What is that? Over time, agree to eat 30 new things when you are out together. For fun, keep notes to see who was the most fearless eater!
  23. Sorry, I'm not a mind reader, but Madame Zelda is! Gift a 30-minute psychic reading for your friend with a local psychic. Make your own predictions in advance and then compare notes later!
  24. Two left feet. Gift a 30-minute swing dance lesson. Gift one for yourself as well...you deserve a little fun, too!
  25. 30 calls or texts. Send an email shout-out to friends and family members to celebrate by cell.
  26. "Dirty Thirty" Theme Party with dirty martinis and mudslides, messy food (chicken wings, BBQ ribs), "dirt" cake, garden décor...and a "roast" from family and friends, preferably with photos.
  27. Make a 30-item bucket list you can do together.
  28. Life is a highway. Take a 30-minute spin (a.k.a. test drive) in your favorite dream car.
  29. That's a lot of hot air! Purchase a 30-balloon bouquet!
  30. It all adds up. Do all the things on this list. We're pretty sure it will guarantee a lifetime of friendship and fun!

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