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back: N/A - all personalization happens on the front.
inside: Those f*ckers sure can run fast... Even with the big, floppy shoes.
inside: ...'cause you're turtle-ly awesome! Hope your Halloween's epic!
inside: Happy Halloween!
inside: Happy Halloween ...pumpkin killer.
inside: Happy Halloween!
inside: Wishing you a little bit of magic and a whole lot of happiness.
inside: This calls for a Monster Celebration! Have fun!
back: N/A - all personalization happens on the front.
inside: Nothing spooky, nothing scary - Just all the love a card can carry! Happy Halloween
inside: They don't make 'em any better than you. Happy Halloween!
inside: Go for the treats and shell-ebrate!
inside: Have a FANG-TASTIC Halloween!
inside: I hope you never turn into a zombie. Happy Halloween
back: N/A - all personalization happens on the front.
inside: ...and a wish for whatever fills your Halloween world with happiness.
inside: Wishing you a day full of spooky fun!
inside: It's just Spongebob Scarepants saying 'Happy Halloween!'
inside: Sure hope you have a night full of creepy, spooky thrills that you find frighteningly delightful! Happy Halloween
inside: It's Halloween - go totally batty!

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