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Father's Day Cards

Father's Day fun!

Load up the laughs with a funny customized card to make Dad's day happy. Shop funny Father's Day cards >

Shop funny Father's Day cards

Give a shout out to all the loving fathers out there

Dads are there to protect us, make us laugh, and catch us when we stumble. Share your favorite moment or just Like to show your support.

Flip through selected Father's Day cards

inside: I'm so lucky to have a dad like you. Happy Father's Day with Lots and Lots of Love
inside: Hope you have a great Father's Day!
inside: ...just the way you do! Have a Great Day
inside: Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day With lots and lots of love
inside: At least we always knew what each other meant when we said, 'I love you.' Happy Father's Day
inside: ...like telling you what a really wonderful godfather you are. Happy Father's Day
inside: You're going to be such a great daddy., and I'm going to love being a mommy with you. Happy Father's Day
inside: ...but you seem to have mastered the trick! Happy Father's Day!
inside: Happy Father's Day with Love XOXOXO
inside: ...your special kind of wisdom, your constant support, your unconditional love. You're a wonderful dad and you're loved very much.
inside: I love...Being a couple and also best friends. Together in solving the problems life sends. Supporti..."
inside: And kids look up to their dads long after that, too. A dad's love is forever. Happy Father's Day
inside: Any baby that gets to call you 'daddy' is the luckiest child in the world. Happy Father's Day
inside: A classic kind of greeting, the kind that's custom-made, For a grandpa who's got lots of class - the kind you'd never trade! Have a Great Day
inside: There's Dad. Happy Father's Day to Our Grillmaster
inside: ...and you're loved for every one of them. Hope Your Day is Perfect
inside: If there were more great dads like you, there would be more proud daughters like me. happy father's day

show Dad the love

Half Shelf-photo Be the highlight of his day and treat him to a customized card that shows off photos of the fam or a favorite memory.

he’s simply grand

Half Shelf-grandpa From his warm hugs to fun-loving adventures, tell Grandpa you cherish every moment with a card that comes from the heart.

Father's Day Cards for Husband

Father's Day checklist: Great with kids? Check! Fun to be with? Check! Wonderful husband and father? Check!
Shop Father's Day cards for husband >

Never late for an important date

Have your cards in their hands on time, every time. Our easy Future Send option lets you schedule your cards up to a year in advance.
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Father's Day Cards from Kids

Let the kiddos tell Daddy how much they love him in a customized Father's Day card.
Shop Father's Day cards from kids >