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Kardashian Wedding

I can’t seem to turn the corner without hearing someone talking about Kim Kardashian’s wedding this Saturday! Will she wear something other than a white dress? What theatrics are bound to play out? It’s like the royal wedding all over again!

Working for Cardstore, I’m particularly interested in the Kardashian wedding invitation (show below). You can tell so much about a wedding just from the invitation. It’s got a classic vibe with the black and white–mirroring the mandatory black and white dress code for guests–but it’s definitely ornate as well; there’s nothing simple when it comes to the Kardashians! Those side panels have a lot of detail going on, especially. I expect to be the actual wedding to be similarly formal and extravagant–but I guess you didn’t need to examine the Kardashian wedding invitation to guess that!

Invitation pictured here

Maybe you don’t have a Kardashian-sized wedding budget, I know I didn’t! But check out some of our favorite Kardashian-esque wedding invitations available on Cardstore:

Rue Saint Jean Black Wedding Invitation                          Daphne Scroll Black Wedding Invitation                               Sarah Black Wedding Invitation


A Lovely Wedding

I know it’s a week past Valentine’s Day, but the idea of pops of red in a wedding combined with subtle heart decorations has just been sticking in my head lately. Inspired by this Heart Arrow Wedding Invitation from Pink Dot Press is an inspiration board full of love that would make a wedding speak volumes.


Heart Arrow Wedding Invitation from

Tiered Tulip Gown from BHLDN

Steve Madden ‘Bevv’ Pump from Nordstrom

Cake from Style Me Pretty

Roses from Flickr photographer cornel_alexcorr


Inspiration Board: Weddings Fall 2010


Despite being far from my own wedding, I still love looking through all of the beautiful flower arrangements, desserts, and accessories surrounding the big day.  It’s impossible to choose just one favorite dress or cake, but here are some of my favorites from this season!

Wedding Save the Date Card by Pink Dot Press on

Garter by Twigs and Honey

Diana Wedding Dress by Vera Wang

White Flower Hair Pins by Lo-Boheme

White and Pink Flower Hair Pins by Whichgoose

Bouquet from Festive Designs

Wedding Cake from Cake Coquette

Engagement Ring by Tiffany & Co.

Knotted in Love

I’ve been seeing knots popping up on a lot of wedding blogs lately. Whether they’re used in decor or invitations (like this favorite from Motormouthpress), there’s something about the phrase “Tying the knot” that makes people want to literally involve knots in their bid day. In that same line of thought, I’ve found different ways to involve knots in both weddings and just for everyday use. It seems knots really can be that cute!

knot-inspiration3Pink Beige Tie Knot Note Stationery for Couples from

Nautical Necklace from Etsy vendor BROOKLYNrehab

Wedding Knots from Martha Stewart

Knotted Scarf from Nordstrom

Knot photo from Style Me Pretty

Hairstyles photo from Refinery29

The Art of Letter Writing: A Wedding Invitation Faux Pas


I read this over at the Martha Stewart Wedding Blog, The Bride’s Guide, today, and I just had to share it with you all (especially as Emily Post makes no mention of how to deal with unwed couples, for obvious reason!):

“A friend of mine and her longtime live-in boyfriend told me this recent disaster story. A wedding invitation from a good, good friend of theirs had come in the mail,  addressed to the boyfriend –“and Guest.”

She was pretty hurt (she was actually surprised how much). Her boyfriend was livid! And when he complained to his friend, this is what he found out:

The groom — poor guy! — had lost a long argument with their stationer / calligrapher. The woman insisted that unless a couple was married, etiquette required the “and Guest” format. (Which is not true, as we know.)

My friend’s not mad anymore, but that’s because her boyfriend was pushy enough to inquire, so they now know it wasn’t a deliberate snub. How many of those other couples on the guest list are going to be insulted — but quietly so?

That stationer really did him a dirty trick. She’s a pro; she  should have more accurate research. And that’s why you need to do your own independent research first.”

I can easily see myself falling prey to such an easy error–I often find myself debating over similar problems in writing this column weekly. As letter writing etiquette, let alone letter writing at all, has seemed to fall to the wayside, it has yet to be definitively updated to contemporary situations.  While Emily Post’s Etiquette is helpful more often than not, when do I begin to judge her rules as outdated, or even, as was the case above, offensive? Is Martha Stewart (and her very large corporation) a modern day Emily Post? And if they aren’t, who do I turn to for contemporary etiquette guidance?

On a semi-related note, here’s an excellent place to start in terms of Wedding Invitation FAQ–a resource from the amazing wedding website, The Knot.

Do you have any suggestions for modern day etiquette resources?

Peacock Inspiration Board

Having lived in San Diego my whole life, I grew up visiting the zoo every summer, and whenever a relative from out of town was visiting. My favorite part besides the giraffes was walking in and seeing peacocks wandering the grounds, normally right next to the entrance. They would sit there with their gorgeous, almost iridescent feathers, and soak up the admiration all the visitors would give to them. If we were especially lucky, one would majestically spread his wings so that an incredible array of blue, purple, green, and gold tones could be seen. I’ve never lost my love for those creatures, and when I came across our Peacock Shower Bridal Invitation I was quickly reminded of their beauty. Feathers, seen especially in headbands, have been huge lately, so these are details that can be used in both weddings and everyday life. Worn either way, the peacock feather is one I’m sure will always remain in style with its timeless beauty.

peacock-inspirationPeacock Shower card from

Peacock Plumes image from Erik K Veland via Flickr

Peacock Organizer Pad from Anthropologie

Peacock Cake and Bride from Maida Vale

Peacock Feather Bouquet from Style me Pretty

Peacock Headband from Etsy vendor LovMely

Memories of a Soft Monday

I had one of those three-day weekends where I just curled up with my favorite short story collection (The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis–read it, she’s lovely), nestled into my down comforter, put on some Edith Piaf, and relaxed. I think memories of my soft Monday have permeated my subconscious; I keep drifting toward the same soft and elegant color palette, white and pale pink, and black, and longing for that easy morning which stretched into afternoon.
black-pink-bow Wedding Invitation by Pink Dot Press

Hazy Photo from Sail to the Moon via ffffound

Cameo photo here

Pale Pink sweater from Jcrew

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis available here

Peony photo here

Get Inspired!

Having trouble thinking of ideas for the Single Mom Seeking contest? Why not browse through some of our beautiful wedding invitations and draw inspiration from there?


From Left to Right: Delphine Chartres Brown Blue Wedding Invitation, Delphine Mums Crimson Wedding Invitation, Pink Dot Press Heart Arrow Wedding Invitation

Don’t forget to enter the contest before Midnight July 9th! Read more about it here.

Single Mom Seeking Design Contest


We know how creative all of you can be. One of our favorite bloggers, Single Mom Seeking, is holding a contest that could put your talent to good use and earn you $50 in paper goods from!

Single Mom Seeking is getting married, and instead of going with the traditional wedding invitation style, she wants something fresher—and she needs your help to make it happen! From now until Midnight July 9th, Single Mom Seeking wants your design ideas to help her design her invitation. All you have to do is go to Single Mom Seeking’s website, submit your design idea as a comment, and you’re automatically eligible to receive a $50 gift certificate from!

Single Mom Seeking will choose the winner at random, and, as an added perk, you can win a bonus Cardstore prize through posting about the contest (using this link: on Twitter!

We’re so excited to sponsor this contest, and we hope that you all will provide Single Mom Seeking with some great ideas. Good luck!

Enter the contest!

Delphine’s Wedding Invitations in Brides Magazine!

We’re thrilled that Brides Magazine highlighted three of our Delphine designed wedding invitations in their January 2010 issue. The invitations were featured in a round-up of great invites under $3. The designs featured (along with the rest of Delphine’s Wedding Stationery Collection on Cardstore) are all printed on high quality recycled paper and are priced perfectly for the bride on a budget.