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Tip for Brides: Creative Ways to Store Wedding Cards

After all the wedding festivities have come and gone, brides and grooms are left with a sweet reminder of all the love their friends and family showered on them the day of their wedding in the form of wedding cards. While these are such sweet notes that often contain heartfelt messages, most couples have no idea what to do with all of the cards they received from their engagement up to their wedding day. Because they’re such a meaningful reminder of all the love you felt on your wedding day, it’s almost impossible to just throw away all of those wedding cards, but keeping them in a box somewhere seems like such a waste too! Luckily, there are some great ideas on how to store wedding cards to make them accessible and cute enough to display in your home.

If you’re the creative type, using your wedding cards to make a scrapbooking-inspired book may be just the activity for you. Check out these tutorials to learn how to create a mini-album bound by a ring or a wedding book containing all of your wedding cards. In case those more hands-on crafting options are a little daunting, either making a keepsake box with your initials and the date of your wedding on it or purchasing one to hold all of your cards is a great option for storing. Although flipping through the cards is a little more difficult when they’re stored in the box rather than in a book, the box can easily be displayed in a stylish way and opened whenever you want to read a sweet note from family and friends.

What did you do with your cards after a wedding or big event? Do you like to hold on to those keepsakes or recycle them in useful ways? In case you’re headed to a wedding this summer, be sure to check out Cardstore’s wedding cards to pick a card that’s so sweet and personal the bride and groom won’t be able to resist holding on to it.

CS_SC_BLG_06282013_SHELF2Wedding Cards Pictured: Milk Cookies Engagement Wedding Card, Just Married Car Wedding Card, and Heart Wedding Cake Wedding Card.


Tip for Brides: Fun Wedding Card Box Ideas

If you have a wedding coming up, you want to be prepared as possible before the big day arrives–so that you can fully enjoy it and relax! One detail that often gets forgotten are the wedding cards. In the flurry of the wedding celebrations, small wedding cards often get lost–meaning that you lose out on the priceless advice and wedding congrats written by friends and family.  That’s why a wedding card box–that you can craft or purchase beforehand–could come in really useful! It will take you no time at all, and it will ensure that you keep track of those special memories.

For your box, you can craft it or buy it. Consider making a card box in the shape of a wedding cake, or decorating the box with colors that match your wedding colors. Start with pre-made photo or hat boxes and craft away! Try not to go too crazy. If DIY isn’t really your thing,  antique suitcases, colorful birdhouses, or picnic baskets all add some great style to your wedding. If you want to go really simple, a beautiful wooden box or clean glass lantern are a classy addition to any wedding.

When you’ve finished making or designing your wedding card box, simply add a clarifying sign and place it near the guestbook!

Cardstore wedding cards

Cardstore wedding cards

Pretty as a Peach

Happy August everyone! I recently learned that August is Peach Month, so I figured there could be no better way to celebrate the beginning of this month than with an inspiration board dedicated to peaches, based on a save the date card from Motormouthpress. There’s nothing I love more than picking a tender peach off of the fruit tree in our back yard, and eating it right there. The soft, pretty pink of the outside contrasted with the sometimes bright yellow, sometimes light white inside of a peach makes this fruit one of my favorites. I have a plethora of peaches sitting on the counter, waiting for me to cook something up, and I can’t wait to smell the deliciousness! Does anyone have any fun recipes to share? For those of you who don’t have peaches on your counter right now, you’ll have to make do with the inspiration board below. But with such pretty images, it’s not such a bad tradeoff to look at these pictures while you wait to get your own yummy peaches!


Peach Magenta Knot Wedding Save the Date card by Motormouth Press at

Casino Nights Blouse from Anthropologie

Peach Flowers from Style Me Pretty

Peach photo from Flickr photographer I Nancy

Peach and Ivory Rosette Headband from Etsy vendor plainNfancy

Grandma’s Peach Cake from Martha Stewart

Mustaches Galore

There is something about mustaches that is so cute and irresistible, and I’ve noticed them popping up everywhere! No, not on people but on designs and tons of different products. With their curled ends, they are just perfectly Victorian and so prim and proper, I can’t get enough of them. Is it only me, or do you want to giggle every time you see a nicely coiffed mustache? Based on a design from Pink Dot Press for a wedding response card, here’s an inspiration board I hope will provide you with many giggles.


Black Tie Response by Pink Dot Press

The Man Mustache Mug via Etsy

Moustache Bandages via Urban Outfitters

Mustache Photo via Style Me Pretty

Mustache Ring via Etsy

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

We were tickled to see that one of our lovely artists’ bridesmaid cards was recently featured on the Wedded Bits blog.  Wedded Bits offers bridal advice and planning tips for the bride-to-be and we love their idea of using Tori Higa’s line of cards to send personalized notes to one’s bridesmaids. What a beautiful way for a bride to honor those special gals in her life.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Bridal Party Cards from Tori Higa at

Bridal Party Cards from Tori Higa at