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Posts tagged ‘Take 2 Tuesday’

Take 2 Tuesday: Sparkling Birthday

When it’s time to celebrate a little one’s birthday, I swear there’s something about their special day that just lights up their face. I love that on this one day of the year, kids just seem to really sparkle and soak up all the fun of their birthday celebration. That’s why I think it would be perfect to give a Birthday Card to the birthday girl that will help to add some dazzling wishes to her day. When paired with a photo of a shining pink sparkler, it makes for a sweet and joyous way to celebrate their day.

Pink Sparkle Cake Birthday Card by february 13 creative from

Sparkler from Flickr photographer RachiiWestray

Take 2 Tuesday: Birthday Bunting

When it comes time to decorate for birthday parties, there’s nothing I love more than pops of color. However, when it’s done in a subtle way a rainbow of color can look even more magical. That’s why I adore this Birthday Invitation from Paper Stories featuring a rainbow banner along with a picture of real bunting that would be too cute to celebrate the birthday boy or girl.

First Birthday Banner Birthday Invitation from

Banner photo from Flickr photographer sparklecandace

Take 2 Tuesday: Sunshine

Sunshine is in abundance during the summer, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether it’s in the colors I wear of the way I feel, everything just seems to be sunnier! To continue with my absolute obsession with yellow during this bright season, I’ve been loving the idea of pairing this Thinking of You Card with a sunflower for a great gift to give to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It seems like nothing else could possibly make someone smile like the combination of a sweet card and some gorgeous flowers.

Thinking of You Card from

Sunflower photo from Flickr

Take 2 Tuesday: Aviation

Sometimes a friend needs some words of encouragement, no matter how far away they may be. In times like those, I’ve found sending a thoughtful card is one of the best ways to brighten their spirits. This sweet Friendship Card from designer Zelda Wisdom is a great one to keep around for reminding a friend to take risks, no matter how impossible something may seem.

Aviator Goggles Dog from 

Red Plane from Flickr photographer chumlee 10

Take 2 Tuesday: Baby Elephant

When it comes to babies, there’s almost nothing on this earth cuter than a baby elephant in my mind. They’re so small compared to their mothers but still wrinkly and wise looking that I find their charm simply irresistible. I initially fell in love with this Baby Shower Invitation designed by Kate Spain because of the sweet elephant. When I saw the polka-dotted border with muted, yet colorful shades, I thought this invitation could provide such inspiration for an upcoming baby shower. When paired with a picture of a real baby elephant, there’s just nothing more adorable.


Baby Shower Invitation from

Baby Elephant photo from Flickr photographer Andy Lederer

Take 2 Tuesday: BBQ

bbq-take-twoAs Father’s Day gets closer and closer while the weather is getting warmer and warmer, thoughts of barbecuing are flooding my mind. My dad absolutely loves to fire up the grill, so I’m looking for something BBQ related to give him this Father’s Day. A pretty picture of some grilled kabobs paired with this Barbecue Fun Father’s Day Card from artist Great Arrow Graphics are the perfect way to start off a Father’s Day for the grilling enthusiast.

Barbecue Fun Card from

Grilling Photo from Flickr photographer Dontknowy

Take 2 Tuesday: Spring Time

With the first day of spring yesterday, I’ve found myself incredibly excited for the return of bright colors, baby animals, and everything spring-related. I’ve already started thinking about the upcoming Easter holiday, and have been admiring this Hatched Chick Easter Holiday Card from february 13 creative. Paired with these egg creatures found on Martha Stewart, these adorable chicks have me waiting eagerly for the renewal that comes with spring.


Hatched Chick Easter Holiday Card from

Egg Creatures from Martha Stewart

Take Two Tuesday: Floating Away

Whimsical balloons, alone or in bouquets and in almost any color, have long been one of my favorite things. Whether they’re for a birthday, special occasion, or just for fun, balloons always make my day! The balloons decorating this Pink Birthday Balloons birthday card designed by february 13 creative looks adorable when paired with some real balloons.


Pink Balloons Birthday Card from

Balloons from Flickr photographer House of Sims

Take 2 Tuesday: I Love Ewe

With Valentine’s Day just yesterday, it’s inevitable that love is on everyone’s mind. I’m not a big fan of the cheesiness of the holiday, but absolutely adore some of the witty takes on Valentine’s Day that I’ve been seeing more and more. When I found this I Love Ewe Valentine’s Holiday Card designed by Great Arrow Graphics, I thought it was perfect! Sweet, sassy, and with just the right amount of love, it’s even cuter when paired with an actual photo of some friendly sheep.


I Love Ewe Valentine’s Holiday Card from

Sheep Love from Flickr photographer bethmalena

Take 2 Tuesday: Winter Trees

I love the graceful look of tall trees when they lose their leaves for the winter. There’s something so peaceful about an abandoned forest.  I think the holiday card below, designed by Simple Te Design, is a graceful way to send warm holiday wishes!


Peace Ribbon Overlay Card from

Snowy Woods from Flickr photographer interchangeableparts