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Celebrate National Handwriting Day With Personalized Stationery

When it comes to keeping in contact with old friends, sending an email, text, or facebook message is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of staying in touch. Yet there’s something so undeniably sentimental, romantic, and heartfelt about receiving a handwritten letter in the mail when all you’re expecting is another bill. This Wednesday, January 23rd marks National Handwriting Day. National Handwriting Day is celebrated on January 23rd in honor of John Hancock’s birthday. John Hancock was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and is famous for his large and bold signature. This National Handwriting Day, take John Hancock as inspiration to add your signature to a personalized note for a friend or loved one.

Pick out some personalized stationery that matches your style; whether featuring a monogram, photo, or floral details, there’s a stationery design to fit you. Handwriting is said to be a window into the soul, so why not put your handwriting on display? Thanks to this article on scribd, I’ve learned that those who write with a right slant have a response to communication, those with upright handwriting are independent, and if there is a left slant the writer tends to be reserved. People who write with a large print tend to be extroverts and outgoing, while those with small writing can be thinkers or academics. Do you think your handwriting represents who you are?

This National Handwriting Day, I’m planning on reclaiming the lost art of handwriting by sending personalized stationery to someone special. Once you’ve found the perfect personalized stationery though, there’s no better excuse to send handwritten notes throughout the year. Who will you send a letter to this month and for the rest of the year?

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Cardstyle Find #96: Paper Cutting Book


I love anything that highlights exciting, artful developments in the stationery world.  This book focuses on the art of paper cutting–featuring the work of 26 international artists–and it looks like an interesting read for anyone similarly interested in paper goods! Found via Paper Crave.

Letter Inspiration: Wonder Woman

Today’s letter inspiration details a little bit of the creative process; something I’m absolutely fascinated by. As I can barely draw a stick figure, I appreciate anyone’s artistic abilities. This letter comes with some preliminary sketches of Wonder Woman as the creator, Harry G. Peter, shows off his new heroine. I think the discussion of her clothing and look is really interesting, and shows how we got the Wonder Woman we now recognize today! Just goes to show even the littlest sketches on some stationery can help to create something wonderful.

5101899649_ae217c8fab_oImage from Letters of Note

Take Two Tuesday: You’ve Got Mail

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our Take 2 Tuesdays this month will focus on cards from our Think Pink Cards Collection which donates 40% of its proceeds to The Breast Cancer Foundation. One of my favorites from the collection that’s perfect year-round is this Blonde Pony Pink Stationery from Tori Higa. Matched with a picture of a vintage-looking mailbox, these images make the perfectly pink pair.


Blonde Pony Pink card from

Happy Mailbox! from flickr photographer MyTwoSeasons

Wild Thing

I’m generally a calm, composed person, but every once in a while there’s a need to just let loose! I’ve noticed a lot of leopard print popping up lately, and I love the idea of adding this wild print to my wardrobe and accessories to add an unexpectedly fun touch. Using this Leopard Heel Note from Ann Scott Design, below is an inspiration board features little touches of leopard that would be so much fun to add to any closet or stationery collection!

leopard-inspirationLeopard Heel Note Stationery for Women from

Veldt Readers from Anthropologie

Phone Case from Made by Girl

Anne Klein Watch from Endless

Leopard Clutch Bag from Top Shop

Cardstyle Find #47: Monogrammed Stamp

cardstyle-find-47I visited Paper Source this weekend and fell in love with stamps all over again. I honestly have not used them since elementary school, but I’m craving the personal and cute touch of a stamp on my stationery, inside my books, and anywhere I can mark! When I came across this Initial Rubber Stamp from MaeMae Paperie, I knew I was done looking. How pretty is the elegant letter and design? Stamps, here I come!

How To: Make Your Letters Fun

I’ve found that letter-writing is more often than not seen as a chore. I know I’ve mentioned this time and again, but no matter what it seems this perception of letters holds on! Well, I think I’ve finally stumbled upon a letter idea that puts so much more fun into letter writing; but only if you’re the creative type! Everyone loves a well-written letter, so why not spice yours up by turning yours into a haiku? We all learned how to write these poems in 2nd or 3rd grade, so thank your teacher and put that skill to use in a creative and fun way! Or, for stationery you’re handwriting, why not take a page out of da Vinci’s playbook and write backwards? This would be such a fun way to make your recipient try to figure out what you’re writing! No one is ever going to want to read a boring letter again after getting some neat notes in these formats. I’ve never tried writing backwards, but that’s the goal for this weekend! Which method will you try to make your letters a little more exciting?

da-vinci-backwardsImage from Impromp2

Letter Inspiration: Love, Corey

I can’t imagine being a famous actor or actress, and receiving barrels of fan mail everyday. It would seem totally overwhelming, and I’m sure I’d hire someone to just sort through it and write back little notes for me every once in a while. That’s why it is so heartwarming and endearing when a star takes the time to write a handwritten note to a young fan. I came across this letter from Corey Feldman, who was 14 at the time and already a big star; he personally wrote a note to a young fan following a letter she had sent him. No, it’s not on professional stationery, but that just goes to show how truly personal the note is. The fact that a young kid would do this is absolutely amazing to me and goes to show how even the smallest gestures can mean so much. This small act that touched only one person has inspired me to write a note to a special someone this week, just to show them that I care.

4970100877_29d4723692_oImage from Letters of Note

Letter Inspiration: thx thx thx

This week’s letter inspiration is a little bit out of the ordinary in that it deals more with notes. It comes from a blog I stumbled upon last week called thx thx thx: a thank you note a day. Based on the premise that writing a little thank you note to yourself about the things you’re thankful for, be it a smile, a birthday, wood floors, or anything, it provides you with a little pick me up. The author of the blog, Leah Dietrich, does this everyday, and her notes are funny, sweet, kind, and downright hysterical sometimes! I love this idea, but would make mine a little more special by writing it on stationery just for me. There’s something about pretty, personalized stationery that would make this concept even better. So next time you’re upset about anything, or needing something new to think about, why not pull out a piece of stationery and jot down a letter to yourself, saying what you’re thankful for. And trust me, it can be anything!



Picture via thxthxthx

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

I have always thought Japanese Cherry Blossoms are the most beautiful blossoms out there. There is something about the subtle mix of pale pink and white, along with the brighter burst of color in the center, that gives this plant such a romantic feel. When I saw this Asian Blossom Box stationery, I was inspired to put images together that contained that faded, whimsical romance of the Cherry Blossoms. Hope you enjoy!


Asian Blossom Box stationery from

Paper Crane Decorations from Style Me Pretty

Hand Fan from Ideco

Japanese Cherry Blossom Print from

Japanese Cherry Blossom Photo from Fototime