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5 Great Holiday Card Photo Ideas

 1.  No cheese, please

It seems that most kids (and some adults) naturally say “cheese!” whenever they see a camera. But getting the best image sometimes involves not only not smiling, but pretending the camera isn’t even there. Try playing a game that you know makes the kids laugh, having a tickle war, or just sharing a quiet moment with each other.



2. Get in close

 Try to get everyone in the photo touching or making a connection in some way. You want everyone to look like one unit. Take the photo below, for example. Just moving their faces closer to each other and having them all embrace each other made the photo look so much cozier!


  3. Get on their level

When you’re taking photos of young kids, try getting down on the floor and experiencing the world as they see it. Not only will your photo be more visually interesting, but your subject will be able to connect with the camera much more naturally than when you’re looking down on them.

4. Focus on the background

Well, not literally, but you want to make sure the background complements your image and isn’t distracting. When looking for possible locations, a brick wall, wooden fence, or some other textured surface will make a great backdrop & add subtle interest to your photo. If your background seems too busy and switching locations isn’t an option, try moving your subject further away from the background and closer to the camera. It will place more focus on the person you’re photographing and blur out what’s behind them.

5. Leave space around the edges

For maximum usability, try leaving a decent amount of space around your subject(s). This will allow you to have art or text overlaying your photo if needed. It’s no fun to find a holiday card you love, but not have enough space around the edges of your photo to use it! 

Seven Tips for Taking a Family Photo


It’s an annual tradition. Every November, I get the kids in their nice clothes, line them up outside, and take a cute photo for my Christmas cards. The kids complain a little and wiggle a lot, but it’s worth it.

Why? Because in our time of texting and Facebook, holiday cards still matter. I even have a few of last year’s photo Christmas cards on my refrigerator. There’s something truly personal and memorable about a photo card that makes it a keepsake. Some people even save Christmas cards in a photo album when the season’s over, to see how friends and family change over the years.

However, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer or sift through all your family photos taken during the year to see if one of them will do. Take that family photo yourself!

Below are seven tips courtesy of our in-house photographer here at Cardstore, making it easy for you to take an outstanding photo that you’re excited to share. You don’t have to be a professional and you don’t have to own a fancy SLR camera — any simple point and shoot will do just fine!


1. Location – When thinking about where to take your photo, outdoors is usually best. Think about how beautiful that oak tree is in your back yard with the leaves changing colors. Find a serene yet simple background. Always remember to keep in mind the focus is your family not the scenery. Background should remain background.

2. Lighting – Another benefit of taking your photo outdoors is you don’t have to use flash. No more dreaded red eye! Unless you have professional photo lighting, outdoor lighting is the most natural and flattering. Try to take your photo in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t too high. It will help you avoid harsh shadows.

3. Get close! – You’re a family! Squeeze in tight. Photos always look awkward if one or two family members are scattered far away. Also, make sure to stagger your family so everyone will be visible.

4. Natural is best – Gone are the days of stiff studio photography. Show off your family’s personality. A few shots where you’re goofing off or laughing together are always a must.

5. Dress – Should you all match? Matching is definitely not necessary. It’s best to avoid busy patterns or bright colors that clash, but you don’t need to all wear green or red. Try different color solid colors that compliment each other.

6. Shoot, shoot, shoot! – One of the benefits of digital photography is you can keep right on shooting! The more to choose from the better! You’ll also have a better chance at getting a photo where no one is blinking.

7. Family Pet? – This could go either way and completely depends on your pet’s personality. If Fido can’t sit still for 20 seconds, let alone 10 or more minutes, you’ll spend more time trying to get him to sit than relaxing and getting a good photo. Another option is take a few photos with Fido and then the rest without.

Best of luck with your photos! Enjoy the time outside with your family, and Happy Holidays from! holiday cards, from left to right, by Rob+Bob StudioSweet Street Gals, and Kate Spain.

Candy Corn Inspiration

With Halloween just around the corner, I’ve been loving the plethora of orange in store and home decorations. And while I don’t particularly like the taste of candy corn myself, I love the color as a design inspiration! Based on this Orange Plaid Photo Halloween Card from designer february 13 creative, here’s an inspiration board filled with candy corn details I can’t wait to use!

candy-corn-inspirationOrange Plaid Photo Halloween Card from

Candy Corn Candle from Hostess with the Mostess

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies from Martha Stewart

Candy Corn Pots from Martha Stewart

Candy Corn background from flickr photographer photopunx2

A Time-Saving Graduation Gift

When I graduated from high school several years ago, I spent hours drafting thank you cards to all the friends and family that thought of me on my big day. While I was very lucky to have so many kind loved ones, I definitely didn’t enjoy writing nearly identical messages over and over again!


This year, it’s my younger brother’s turn to graduate, and I’m surprising him with some of Cardstore’s personalized thank you cards so that he can simply add a heartfelt message, sign his name, and move on to the next one! My brother might not be the card enthusiast that I am, but once he sees his personalized cards (and realizes how much time they’re saving him), he’ll be smiling just as widely as he will be in his photo on the cards.

Take a look Cardstore’s great selection of graduation thank you cards!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, we’re helping you out with a few gift ideas, all matched with a Father’s Day card from he’ll love. All of these gifts will be perfectly useful to him, and are sure to help create a memorable Father’s Day in the company of your card. Just wait until you see the giant smile on his face Father’s Day morning!

For the Dad that loves to grill, match this Outdoor BBQ Grill card with The Barbeque! Bible.

Sometimes Dad needs some time to relax, so give him a Hammock card with a real Rope Hammock!

If your Dad is the coolest one out there, make sure you give him this Shades card along with some awesome aviators to match.

The golfing Dad will love this Greatest Dad card, along with a great set of golf clubs.

Show Dad how much he means with this World To Me card and an eco-friendly pair of TOMS he’ll love!

Delicious Treats for Mother’s Day

Along with our post about pairing a card with a creation of your own, I thought it would be just as fun to pair a card with a yummy baked good! With so many fun recipes, you can definitely impress your mom this Mother’s Day with your culinary prowess. Here are a couple of recipes I loved and which matched perfectly with one of’s Photo Mother’s Day Cards. Enjoy!

Find a Candy Sweetness Mother’s Day card here.

Find a Molded Chocolates recipe here.

Find a Mom Takes the Cake card here.

Find a Strawberry Cream Cake recipe here.

Crafts for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve come up with some affordable, cute, and easy to do crafts for all ages which can be perfectly paired with a personalized card from! All of these crafts were found courtesy of Martha Stewart. Make this Mother’s Day mom’s favorite with these great ideas.

New Kid’s Valentine’s Day Cards


Growing up, what was the one thing you looked forward to the most on Valentine’s Day—besides wanting your math crush to acknowledge you? Many of us fondly remember the cute Valentine cards that we stayed up all night personalizing for our classmates and friends. In light of this Valentine’s Day tradition, proudly introduces a new line of Kids Valentine’s Day Cards!  

The collection has designs for every child, from silly monster photo cards to scholarly Valentine owls, all printed on high quality, 100% recycled paper. The new small, flat designs start as low as $0.79, making them both eco-friendly and economically-friendly gifts for your kids to pass out to their class, or send to their friends and family. They’ll love seeing their names and photo personalized on each card! For more unique Valentine’s Day Cards, view our entire collection here.


Celebrating Snow Days with DIY Photo Cards

Our first instinct may be to stay inside, bundled up by the fireplace at the first sight of snow — but what fun is that? Here in the Bay Area, we’re experiencing quite the Pacific rain storm, which means others elsewhere are enjoying snowfall in a winter wonderland. Our suggestion: ignore those basic instincts to stay bundled indoors, grab your kids, and have fun in the snow! After all, the kids are probably restless from being cooped up in the house.

As greater motivation, you can turn your snow adventure into a fun do-it-yourself art project. The only materials you need are: a camera, your family, and snow. Take action shot photos of the kids in the snow, throwing snowballs, building a snowman, or making snow angels. Then, let them choose which shots they like best and upload them onto Cardstore’s Blank Photo Cards to create a festive winter greeting. This is a fun gift to send friends and family, especially to those for whom ‘snow days’ are a foreign concept!’s Best Of: Halloween

We’ve scoured the web for our favorite Halloween things.  From DIY projects to spooky videos, our list is sure to get you in the Halloween Spirit!

Best Halloween Party Theme: Hostess with the Mostess ‘Playful Mod Halloween Party’
We loved this fresh approach to Halloween.  Skip the usual ghosts and goblins and adding googly eyes to orange and green cups and planters with a healthy dose of spiders sprinkled around to add a little flair.  Click here to find out more details on how to throw your own ‘Mod Halloween Party’.


Photo Via Hostess With The Mostess Blog

Best Halloween Video: Michael Jackson’s Thriller
It may have been awhile, but it’s the perfect season to remember why he’s still the King of Pop. Click here to view the video, and be sure to pay attention to those dance moves. What a perfect group dance to get the party started (anyone remember Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30?).

Photo via

Best Pre-Trick-or-Treating Snack: Mad Scientist Wraps from Better Homes and Gardens
Fill their bellies with healthy (and cute) Mad Scientists Wraps before the candy gorging begins. These are easy to make and almost too cute to eat! Click here for the recipe.

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

Best Pooch Costume: Sarah Palin from Wiggles Wigs for Dogs
She’s baaaaack.  But this time, you might want to call her Sarah Paw-lin.  Click here to find out how to dress up your pooch as your favorite SNL, I mean, political character.

Photo via Wiggles Wigs for Dogs

Best Halloween Photo Card: Boo Frame Card from
It wouldn’t be a holiday at our office if cards weren’t involved.  And this one is perfect to show off that brilliant costume you’ve been working on!  Click here to create a Halloween photo card to send to friends and family.

Photo via

Best Candy Alternative: Halloween Bubbles from Oriental Trading Company
This year, skip the candy and give out a sugar-free treat.  Bubbles are fun for kids of all ages, and these are sure to make any trick-or-treater smile.  Click here to purchase.

Photo via Oriental Trading Company

Best Halloween Cocktail: Black Devil Martini from
This drink is so attractive, you’ll want to serve it all year round.  And with only 4 ingredients, there’s no reason not to!


Best Kid’s Costume Made from Grocery Bags: Paper Bag Cowboy from Martha Stewart Living
Only Martha Stewart could make a cool costume from a mop and brown paper grocery bags.  This costume is not only easy, but also green!  Click here for instructions.


This list brought to you by, where you can customize all your photo cards and holiday cards.