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Add a Photo Insert to Your Christmas Cards!

I love receiving everyone’s family Christmas card each year, mostly because I love seeing the smiling faces of friends and family! I only wish I had kept holiday cards from years past, to compare how loved ones have changed from one holiday season to the next.  Not everyone wants to keep a Christmas card posted on their fridge year round, though most people (like me) would love to save the photo. That’s why I love the idea of adding one of our personal cards or gift tags as a photo insert in your family Christmas card. You cover the Christmas spirit with your card, and you supply a family photo that friends and family can hold on to. It’s the perfect combination!

Cardstore Personal Cards from Left to Right: Scalloped Red Banner, My DIY Photo,  Beige Scallop

Cardstore Calling Cards in Dog Fancy


Our fantastic week of magazine features continues! We were featured in the newest edition of Dog Fancy (how stinking adorable is that dog on the cover??) for our Doggie Calling Cards as a great gift in their “Delights for Dog Lovers” section for the holidays. We couldn’t be happier, and hope you’ll check out both the calling cards (#7 on the page below) and the latest print of this fun magazine!



Inspiration Board: Green Wallpaper

There is something about bright green damask that is at once elegant and modern–I get an almost art nouveau feeling from it. Plus, it definitely invigorating. Everything from the splashes of bright green decor accents to the stunning earrings below add such a freshness to an otherwise bland day!

green-damask Personal Business Card by february 13 creative
Green Decor Photos from Design to Inspire by Justin Bernhaut
Green Earrings from Bloomingdales
Art Nouveau Image from Rara Avis
Green and White lampshade from Anthropologie

How To: Create a Personal Card

Miss Manners provides us with more of her never-ending knowledge today with some information about business cards. She believes that personal cards, while not used as frequently today as they were years ago, are still a necessity. Not only handy for business, they can be used to “enclose with flowers or presents, or to bear little messages” (Martin 508). The card should contain the name or joint name in the top center and the address in smaller letters in the upper right corner. For business, Miss Manners says that the card should only contain the “person’s name, title, company name, one address, and one telephone number” (Martin 508). If you’re interested in creating a business card or personal mommy cards Miss Manners would like, containing only the information she approves of, make sure you check out our selection.

Above information from Miss Manners by Judith Martin, published by Warner Books, 1983


Miss Manners Book from Flickr

On the Road Again!

A couple of weekends ago, I grabbed my hiking shoes and took off for Yosemite. As I pulled off the road to stop at one of the tiny cherry stands—windows down and folksy music turned up—I began to dream of a real cross-country road trip, with boxes piled high in the back seat and the time to stop spontaneously along the way at any place that caught my eye. Until my next move, though, I’ll have to be content with a wistful rereading of On the Road!

The New Info Moving Announcement by Baumbirdy

Retro Caravan: via please sir

On the Road Image here

Original Route 66 sign from flickr

Cherry Stand Photo here

Let’s Go Roadtripping 3rd edition available here

Decorate Your Desk

Looking around my desk, I see way too much black and gray and very little color.  But after seeing these bright desk accessories from Henry Road highlighted on Papercrave, I’m inspired to add a pop of color to my drab desk. I can just imagine how cute all my friends’ personal cards will look in that cheerfully stylish business card holder!

Business Card Holder from Henry Road

Business Card Holder from Henry Road

Personal Cards – Perfect for the ‘Back to School’ Season

From first grade to freshman year and beyond, every new school year brings a new set of faces.  So instead of searching around for a pen and scrap of paper to write down your contact information to trade with the new room mother or the father of your child’s ‘new best friend’, opt for a set of our personal cards designed by february 13 creative.  By passing out custom personal cards, all your pertinent information, from email addresses and mobile phone numbers to facebook and twitter information, is listed stylishly in one place.  Personal cards are also great for the college-bound set.  I can’t think of a better way to keep in touch with new friends (or pass out new college information to your old ones) than with one of our hip personal business cards.

Personal Cards from

Personal Cards from On The Blogs!’s photo cards, personal cards, and greeting cards were all highlighted on different blogs this week. First, Connie, a Momfluence product reviewer, gave us a great write-up on her miscellaneousfinds4u blog!

Then, one of our favorite blogs, Droolicious, gave a big shout out to our february 13 creative designed Personal ‘Mommy’ Cards.

I admit, we’re tooting our own horn, but it is so much fun to see people enjoying our products as much as we do!

Personal Cards Featured on Babble Blog!

Personal Cards Featured on Babble Blog!

Going To The Dogs

I’m a huge dog-lover, that’s why I’m crazy about our february 13 creative line of pup-inspired personal cards and personalized thank you cards.  The personal cards are great for swapping info with fellow canine owners at doggy daycare or at the dog park.  Breed-specific thank you cards are perfect when your pup needs to show appreciation.   From Beagles and Basset Hounds to Yorkies and Pugs, we’ve got you covered!

Personalized Stationery for Pets

Personalized Stationery for Pets

Card-licious Party Wrap-Up

Today the team had fun looking at the photos from our National Stationery Show Card-licious Cupcake and Champagne reception. The reception was a big success, with over 100 attendees. At the party, Cardstore introduced new Wedding Invitations by Delphine, Personal Cards by february 13 creative, and a sneak peek at our 2009 Winter Holiday Cards featuring over 30 artists.

After a long day at the show, it was fun to indulge in delicious cupcakes and champagne with friends old and new. All the Cardstore folks loved catching up with the artists behind our favorite card designs. We also enjoyed watching the artists mix and mingle with each other — seeing creative minds interact is always incredible and I could almost feel a happy cloud of creativity hovering over the party.

After lots of laughing, eating and drinking, everyone went home with not only a sugar rush from all the treats, but also with gift bags of goodies ranging from gourmet cupcake mix to personalized thank you cards. Thanks to everyone who attended the party, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Marina, Matt and Katy from Cardstore!

Marina, Matt and Katy from Cardstore!

Katy and Pipo Press

Katy Borden and Pipo Press

The ladies behind february 13 creative

The ladies behind february 13 creative

The Coveted Gift Bags

The Coveted Gift Bags

9SpotMonk and O+D

9SpotMonk and O+D

Ron Kantz of Nobleworks and Patti Stracher of GLM

Ron Kanfi of Nobleworks and Patti Stracher of GLM

Robin, Matt and Erika Firm of Delphine

Robin, Matt of Cardstore; Erika Firm of Delphine

Marty Reed Speaking To The Crowd

CEO Marty Reed Speaking To A Captive Audience

Matt, Tiffany and Robin

Matt, Tiffany and Robin

Card-licious Cupcakes!

Card-licious Cupcakes!