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Planning the Perfect Pizza Party

You might think that a pizza party is the best (and easiest!) kind of party. Every party is, after all, just one pizza away from becoming one! But, if you really want to go above and beyond, your pizza party can be more than just a few liters of soda and a couple of local pies.

Get your DIY on and munch on a slice of everyone’s favorite food with our quick and easy guide to throwing your perfect make-it-yourself pizza party.

  • Dealing with Dough: Making your own dough might be a risky endeavor, because so much can go wrong. The dough might fail to rise, be too sticky, or end up with a less-than-desirable consistency. Unless your an experienced pastry chef, there’s really no shame in outsourcing the dough making. Try getting pizza dough from your local shop to really get something tasty. Or, consider getting different types of pizza dough from your nearby gourmet grocery store–like wheat or cornmeal–to ensure that your guests will be able to customize their pizza to their heart’s content.
  • Provide Sauce Options: Everyone appreciates a good red sauce–so be sure to experiment with levels of tanginess for yours! Consider adding other sauce options as well–like pesto, creme fraiche, or other cream-based sauces.
  • Cheese it Up: Be sure to stock up on the shredded mozzarella–since everyone will need some of that. To add some new flavors to your pizza palette, consider Buffalo mozzarella,  feta cheese, goat cheese, asiago, blue cheese, and parmeggiano reggiano. Your gourmet guests (and your taste buds!) will love you!
  • Go Crazy with Toppings: Toppings are probably everyone’s favorite part because they offer the chance to really get creative. Accordingly, don’t skimp out on the toppings. Peruse a pizza menu to help you make a list of every topping you can imagine. Set up your own toppings station to avoid back-up.
  • Easy Decor: The only must-haves for a pizza party are plenty of paper tablecloths (things might get a little messy!), paper plates, plastic cutlery, and plenty of pizza cutters. Feel free to add a little old-school Italian restaurant to your home with red and white checked tablecloths and cheesy Italian music.
  • Don’t Forget the Drinks: Have plenty of options available, like soda, juice, and water for kids. Pick up some beer and red table wine for the adults!

What are your must-have toppings for your ideal pizza party?


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: Party Planning Tips

Here at Cardstore, we’ll use just about any holiday as an excuse to plan a party, which is why we’re so excited for all the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. Held on Sunday, May 5th, this seems like the perfect excuse to send some invitations to friends and host a get-together in the gorgeous spring weather. To help with all of your party-planning, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo ideas that are sure to make your gathering a success.

  • Start with the invitations. Since Cinco de Mayo is normally celebrated with bright and festive colors, pick an invitation to send to friends which features vibrant hues. Check out some of our favorite options gathered below. 


Featured Cards: Orange Join Us, Colorful Stripes, Colorful Party Invitation

  • Plan the menu! Bring out some classic Mexican food for the occasion by making sure there are plenty of tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa (both spicy and mild!), as well as a buffet-style taco bar.  No Cinco de Mayo party could be complete without the addition of a great Margarita, so find a favorite recipe and perfect it before your guests arrive. Don’t forget to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth too with some adorable ideas like treat-filled pinata cookies or these ridiculously cute and detailed Cinco de Mayo cookies.
  • As a finishing touch, plan out your decor. Using your invitation as inspiration, incorporate plenty of bright colors into your decorations. Piñatas can take center stage for this holiday, so why not make some of your own mini piñatas? They would not only make a great decoration, but could be sweet party favors for any little ones you’re hosting. Decorating the taco bar or margarita station with fringed paper done in the colors of your invites also gives the party an authentic and fun-filled feel. As a finishing touch, create your own Cinco de Mayo playlist or take this favorite playlist as inspiration.

How do you plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year? Share some of your own party tips below!

Dinner Party Invitations: Setting the Theme

The mere phrase “dinner party” conjures up images of intimate conversations, cozy rooms, and warm, comfort food—it’s hard to imagine that any event could sound more alluring! But while the phrase may send you into an easy reverie, communicating the tone of your dinner party in practical terms can be a bit tougher. How do you get your image of your dinner party across to your guests? How do you let friends or family members know what kind of event you envision? In short, how do you set the theme for your dinner party?

The answer is in the design of your invitation: Cardstore’s selection of dinner party invitations can help you set guests dreaming of your dinner party in just the way you do. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party with multiple courses, or a casual get together that’s more akin to a potluck, the array of Cardstore dinner party invites is sure to let guests know the plan. Cardstore dinner party invites don’t just let guests know what type of event your dinner party will be, however; they also set the tone. You can go for a minimalist design that captures the spirit of a sophisticated soiree, or you can go for something more bright and bold—forecasting a night filled with music and raucous fun.

Peruse the selection of dinner party invitations onsite—and who knows? Maybe one of Cardstore’s dinner party invitations will inspire your night, instead of the other way around.

Dinner Party Invites Pictured: Drink and Dish Party Invitation, Green Join us Party Invitation, Orange Tapestry Party Invitation, &  Pot Luck Party Invitation.

Summer Party Invites: Happy First Day of Summer!

Today is the first official day of summer—which means it’s time for barbeques, pool parties, and beach bashes galore! Whether you want to throw a cook-out for the 4th of July, or a fun evening bonfire get together to celebrate long summer nights, Cardstore has a huge selection of summer party invitations to kick off your summer event in style!  Browse our summer party invites to find the perfect invite for your 4th of July party or other summer get together to get started.

Below, we’ve included a few of our favorite summer-inspired party invitations to get you in the mood for summer sunshine.

Summer Party Invitations Pictured (Top to Bottom, Left to Right): Summer Foods BBQ Summer Party Invitation, BBQ Beer Birthday Party Invitation, Pot Luck Party Summer Party Invitation, Buns Over Here Summer Party Invitation, and Make a Splash Summer Party Invitation.


Mardi Gras Inspiration Board

This Green Join Us Party Invitation has all the fun-loving spirit of Mardi Gras! What are you doing to celebrate Fat Tuesday–eating a King Cake, feasting on New Orleans food, or throwing a festive Carnivale themed party of your own? Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Green Join Us Party Invitation

Food Network King Cake Recipe

Martha Stewart Bird Mask Tutorial

Sweetopia Mardi Gras Cookies Tutorial

Emerald Sparkled Mardi Gras Nails of the Day

Tips on Creating Your Perfect Invitation

At Cardstore, we love designing invitations that are both fun and on-trend. But, if the invitation doesn’t meet your needs, all of the design details won’t mean much! Use these tips to create invitations that work for you… and feel free to add some of your own tips!

Party Hat1. Choose Your Theme

The whole tone of your event is set by the invitation you choose to represent your theme. If you’re having a dinner party, you might want to go for something a little more elegant, while a kickback BBQ would require a different invitation entirely. The trick is thinking about the vibe you want your party to have before selecting your invitation. If you’re having trouble settling on a theme, try browsing our invitations and use one as inspiration for your event? We do the same thing every week with our inspiration boards! Or, if you’re still having trouble deciding on a theme, here’s a few ideas that are particularly seasonally appropriate:

    • Casual Tailgate: With football season in full swing, now’s the perfect time to gather your friends for a fun tailgate party. (Check out our pick for a tailgate invite)
    • Sunday Football: Maybe the weather outdoors isn’t idea for a tailgate. Hold a similar get-together indoors, with snacks galore! (Try this one!)
    • Dinner Party With a Twist: Theme your dinner party around a type of food you’ve never made before (if you’re up for a challenge), a country, or even a certain sort of food–now that fall is here, I have to admit a pumpkin-themed dinner party sounds especially enticing. (We’ve picked our perfect pumpkin invite!)
    • Autumn Harvest Party: Have a get-together on location just in time for fun fall harvests. Gather friends and family for a visit to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch and celebrate the season with fresh produce. (Here’s a fun fall-theme invitation to try.)
    • Halloween Party: There’s so many different directions you can go with Halloween–everything from its spooky spirit to the costumes generates an array of enticing party ideas. Turn your home into a haunted house, and invite friends and family over to see. Have a  party for all ages with group pumpkin-carving. Opt for a more adult vibe with a costumed cocktail party. Invite friends over for a fun night of scary movies. Go for a more formal vibe with a carnivalesque Halloween masquerade. Or mix and match a variety of themes to create a Halloween party all your own! (This haunted halloween invitation is one of our favorites!)

2. Provide Party Info

You wouldn’t think that filling in the party information would be too difficult a task. And yet, if you forget any of these pieces of information, you’re going to be having some serious trouble on your hands–whether it be guests showing up at the wrong time or people getting lost on the way to your party!

    • When is the party? Include the day of week, plus the full date (e.g. Sunday, October 9th)
    • What time is the party? Be sure to include both start time and end time (if there is one…)
    • Where is the party? Provide the full location address (not just “Jim & Sue’s house”). Include directions, with landmark references if possible.
    • RSVP! If you don’t tell people to RSVP, how can you plan properly? Always tell people to whom they will RSVP, and how to do so (phone number and/or email address). Also, give them a RSVP-by date, so you give yourself time to prepare!

3. Don’t forget fun details!

Everyone’s favorite part of party invitations are the little details. Mine, in particular, is specifying what kind of attire guest should wear. There’s nothing more fun than adding a little twist to your attire requests for holiday events: festive formal for a winter holiday party, spooky casual for a costumed Halloween party. Add your own special touch by adding your voice or event theme into the extra details. If you’re having a Halloween party, feel free to add in particularly scary or cheesy language. If there’s anytime that cheesy puns are allowed, it’s themed parties! Here is also the place to add any extra notes you might have.

      • Dress attire (casual, costumes, cocktail, etc.)
      • Special instructions (no gifts, BYOB, parking, etc.)

4. Be sure to proofread!

There’s nothing I hate more than spending time creating an invitation perfect for my event, only to discover I’ve left out information or included a few unfortunate typos. Ask a trusted friend to look over your invitation before you send it out, just in case. A fresh perspective is sure to weed out any errors and typos you may have originally overlooked.

As long as you cover each of the items above, your guests will have everything they need to arrive on time, dressed appropriately and ready for fun!

Since we’re rapidly approaching one of fall’s favorite holidays, here are some of our favorite Halloween invitations:


 Orange Plaid Ghosts Halloween Party Invitation           Night Tree Halloween Halloween Party Invitation

 Vampire Halloween Poison Halloween Party InvitationSkeleton Drink Halloween Party Invitation


Inspiration Board: 4th of July BBQ

The weather’s gorgeous, patriotism is high, and the fourth of July is almost here. It’s time for a BBQ!4th-of-july-bbq Buns Over Here Party Invitation by Kate Spain

Patriotic Gazebo and Firework Table Decor from Martha Stewart

Napkins, Cake Toppers, and Salt and Pepper Shakers from Sur la Table

How To: Throw a New Year’s Eve Party on a Time-Crunch


You’re almost done with the holiday rush when you suddenly realize you agreed to throw this years New Year’s Eve party.  You’re already having to put in extra time at work for everything you missed during the holidays and now you have to take the time to throw a party, too?  Here are some ideas for hosting a great party with little time and effort:

  • Invite: Create a New Year’s invitation to invite your friends, will stamp and send them for you.
  • Activity: Print out or make your own cards with fill in the blanks, such as “The skill I want to learn this year is ___” or  “The good deed I want to do this year is ―――,” or get creative with other New Year’s resolution ideas.  Everyone can fill them out, then take turns reading them out loud and guess which one belongs to who.
  • Appetizers: Stick to finger foods.  Trader Jo’s and other grocery stores have a wide variety of hummus, dips, cheeses, crackers, nuts, and chips and you can even get pre-cut veggies.
  • Entrée: Your guests will already be full from appetizers and won’t want a huge dinner, so stick to something hearty, but bite-sized.
  • Dessert: Ask everyone to bring their favorite dessert. If you’d prefer to make it yourself, try making ice-cream sandwiches. Make your favorite cookie dough in advance when you have time, freeze it, and pull it out and put the cookies in the oven the day of.  Scoop some ice cream in a bowl, add a cookie on top, and you’ll have a delicious dessert.
  • Drinks: Provide the champagne then ask everyone to bring their own favorite drinks and mixes.
  • Music: Don’t forget to create a playlist in advance. Make one full of your favorite songs or one that’s New Year’s themed. If you’re not a huge music lover, ask that friend with the gigantic iTunes library to make one for you.
  • For more details and inspiration, check out Real Simple‘s tips on how to throw an easy New Year’s party.

Devilishly Fun

I’ve been feverishly trying to come up with a new theme for our annual Halloween party, and was drawing a blank for quite some time. Earlier this week though, I realized how fun it would be to do a dark, devil themed party with lots of gothic and spooky decorations. Based on this Devil Halloween Cocktails Party Invitation from february 13 creative, I’ll be making sure the party has plenty of blood-red details! Can’t wait to decorate!

inspiration-board-devilDevil Halloween Cocktails Party Invitation from

Pina Ghoulada from Martha Stewart

Jessica Simpson Platforms from Nordstrom

Yummy Mummy Cupcakes from Better Homes and Gardens

Jessica Nail Polish

Blood Red Candle from Hostess with the Mostess

Take 2 Tuesday: Good Enough to Eat

It’s summertime, and the first thing that comes to mind for many of us is watermelons! With such a delicious taste and bright color, there is nothing more representative of these warm months. If you’re planning on having a summertime party, there’s no better invitation than this Watermelon BBQ card from Motormouthpress. Pair it with some fantastically juicy watermelon at your party, like the one seen in the photograph from Fashion 1 Psychology, for a perfect match.