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Cooking With Mom – Sharing Favorite Recipes

For many kids and adults, some of their favorite memories with Mom have been spent in the kitchen or around the dinner table. Whether she was whipping up a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies or making your favorite birthday meal, cooking with Mom is a memory that never fades. Many of us have such distinct memories of the food our Mothers have made over the years that a whiff of her home-made lasagna can bring back memories of family gatherings and stories.

For Mother’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with a special Mother’s Day brunch or recreating some of your Mom’s recipes for your own children, we think it’s incredibly important to share those recipes and memories from the one who started it all- your mom. If you’re thinking about gift ideas, compiling some of your favorite recipes together that Mom has made over the years is a sweet way to show her how much you pay attention to what she contributes to every event.

A few of Cardstore’s own Mother’s Day cards are kitchen and cooking-themed, perfect for that Mom or Grandma who always has something fresh coming out of the oven. Picking a card that lets you personalize the front with details about what you love most about her is another fun way to give Mom a shout out about some of your favorite things she’s made over the years. What are some of your favorite recipes passed down from your Mom?


Featured Cards: Grandma’s Kitchen and Cafe, It’s Not Spoiling if Grandma Does it,  Top 3 Mom Things

The Story Behind the Card: Monster Truck Mama Mother’s Day Card

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it can be really easy to pick out a generic Mother’s Day card that thanks mom for all she has done for you through the years. While that’s sweet and certainly genuine, giving mom one of those cards can sometimes seem to be lacking a personal element that shows off what an incredibly unique and amazing mom she has really been. That’s where this week’s Story Behind the Card comes in: how to celebrate Mother’s Day by showing Mom you know what makes her really special and different from every other Mom.

CS_SC_BLG_04102013_SHELF_featTwo of Cardstore’s designers, Becca and Elizabeth, were looking to create a Mother’s Day card that could be personalized with a statement that shows what makes an individual mom stand out, so they came up with a card featuring a fabulous Monster Truck Mama. The card was originally going to call out Mom’s skills in the kitchen, but Becca and Elizabeth quickly realized the card was forgetting about all the non-conventional, extraordinary moms who brighten their children’s lives with their one-of-a-kind interests and passions. Inspired by Elizabeth’s own love of monster trucks, this card became a celebration of all the moms who don’t necessarily fit in the conventional mom box.

This Mother’s Day, why not take a similar cue and personalize a card that shows you love Mom for just being who she is, and for inspiring you to be yourself too. Whether you’re celebrating her passion for running half-marathons, obsession with Jane Austen novels, or even her love of monster trucks, it’s a cute way to emphasize what a unique role she plays in your life. What makes your mom really stand out?



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The Story Behind the Card: Long Distance Mother’s Day Cards

Cardstore’s peek into the story behind the card this week comes from our designer Emily, and her experiences with spending Mother’s Day away from her mom who lives in Houston. Having moved away from her family, Emily really wanted a card that expressed how far she sends her love to her mom every year, no matter the distance or where she’s living. With this as inspiration, Emily created the Mother’s Day card entitled A Mother’s Day Wish From Here to There that celebrates how she’s sending her love from San Francisco all the way to Houston.

As kids grow up and move away, spending Mother’s Day away from home has become almost second nature to many daughters and sons. Thanks to Emily’s very personal Mother’s Day card design, Cardstore now has other long distance Mother’s Day cards that show how no matter the distance, you’ll always be there to send her your love and appreciation. How far away will you be from mom this Mother’s Day, and how do you plan on letting her know you’re thinking of her no matter the miles?


Featured Cards: A Mother’s Day Wish From Here to There, Grandma Across the Miles, Home is Where Your Mom is, Love Bunches Mom

Grandma Loves Photos–Send a Photo Mother’s Day Card to Grandma

It’s possible that no one loves photos like Grandma does–which makes Mother’s Day the perfect opportunity to share some with her! Cardstore’sphoto Grandma Mother’s Day cards allow you to choose from a multitude of colorful designs to find one suited to your grandma. Collect photos from the past year–including ones of her with her grandkids–and share them in a Grandma Mother’s Day card she won’t forget. Have each grandchild add their own message in their own words to add an extra personal touch, and share a photo memory with the mom who started it all.


A photo Mother’s Day card for Grandma is sure to be remembered–and get a chosen spot on the refrigerator! What memories will you share with your grandmother this year?

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Celebrating Firsts – First Mother’s Day Cards

For any new mom or mom-to-be, the first Mother’s Day is an especially memorable celebration that often doesn’t get as much attention as it should. This Mother’s Day, Cardstore is trying to help remedy that with a line of adorable Mother’s Day cards meant just for a new mom. Whether it’s being celebrated with a brand new baby or one who’s due to arrive soon, the first Mother’s Day deserves some special recognition. Paired with a thoughtful gift (check out our Pinterest board for plenty of inspiration!) or a sweet gesture like doing diaper duty for the day or making her all-time favorite dinner, a new mom Mother’s Day card helps to make the celebration extra-special.



Featured Cards: A New Mom in the Nest, 1st Mother’s Day, First Mom Day

You can even extend the celebration to a first time grandma with a sweet Mother’s Day card for new grandmas that is sure to make her day. Whether it’s anticipation and excitement for the arrival of a little one or the overwhelming love for a brand new baby, Mother’s Day cards for new moms celebrate what a special time it is in the life of a new mom.


Featured Cards: Mother-To-Be Watercolor, New Grandma Floral, Adorable Mom To Be

Count Your Blessings – Religious Mother’s Day Cards

Every family has their own special Mother’s Day traditions, whether it’s breakfast in bed, a spa day for the lady of the house, or taking over laundry duties for the day, but it seems that many involve a morning at church. Mother’s Day is the day of the year with the highest church attendance behind Easter and Christmas, suggesting many moms love a quiet morning at church with their family members. Cardstore has been inspired by this statistic to create plenty of new religious Mother’s Day cards for this year’s celebration that fit in perfectly for mom’s desire for a sweet and sincere day.


Featured Cards: A Blessing of a Grandmother, Godmother Floral With Butterflies

Decorated in shades of pastel and featuring flowers or watercolor designs next to beautiful messages saying what a blessing she is in your life, religious Mother’s Day cards show just how much you’re thinking of her this Mother’s Day. Whether the card is personalized with a photo or a sweet note inside, any mom, grandmother, or godmother will notice what a thoughtful gesture it is. If your mom has expressed her desire to go to church this Mother’s Day, why not combine it with a religious Mother’s Day card to make the day even more special?


Featured Cards: A Mother’s Joy Faith and Love, God Gave Me Mom, A Wife is a Blessing

Sending Love to Mommy–Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is right around the corner–and kids want to ensure that their mom has the best day! This includes finding a Mother’s Day card that will make Mom smile from ear-to-ear. Finding the perfect card is as much about the sender as the recipient, which means that Mother’s Day cards from kids need to be not just Mom-friendly, but kid-friendly as wel.! Cardstore has created Mother’s Day cards with young kids specifically in mind to make sure that Mom will receive a card that reminds her of how adorable they were for years to come. Our Mother’s Day cards from kids feature plenty of photos–to capture some adorable memories of Mom spending time with her kids–and kid-centric imagery, including school buses and handwriting that looks like that of a young child. Just personalize them with your custom photo and a message directly from her kids.

CS_SC_BLG_04082013_SHELFFeatured Cards: Photostrips for Mommy Mother’s Day Card, Thank You Mommy! Mother’s Day Card,  Sibling Chatter Mother’s Day Card, and Mom’s Taxi Mother’s Day Card

DIY Embellished Mother’s Day Cards

Why not add a little something extra to your Mother’s Day cards? Whether it be in the form of sparkly rhinestones, pretty ribbon, or stickers, there’s so many ways to add a DIY touch to your Mother’s Day cards. Just design your card at Cardstore and visit your local craft store to spark your inspiration! Here’s a few ideas to get you started on personalizing your Mother’s Day cards in your own way:

Add rhinestones to add some glitz.

Tie a ribbon around a card picturing a bouquet of wild flowers or an array of freshly cut flowers in a vase.

Add fun DIY touches like fabric flowers other 3D elements to make your Mother’s Day card pop!

Don’t forget to select and purchase your Mother’s Day card on or before May 6th to ensure that your Mother’s Day cards arrive in time!

Happy May Day! Mother’s Day Flowers Inspiration

Today’s the first day of May, and we’ve decided to celebrate May Day with as many spring flowers as possible! Below, check out some of our Mother’s Day cards featuring bright blooms – they’re the perfect way to send flowers to your mom, grandma, or mama-figure this Mother’s Day and get inspired by spring at the same time. When is Mother’s Day? It’s this month – May 13th! Set your reminders today. Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Painted Flower Frame Photo Mother’s Day Card

Watercolor Rose Mother’s Day Card

Flowers For My Aunt Mother’s Day Card

Mothers Daffodils Mother’s Day Card

Multicolor Flowers Mother’s Day Card

Colorful Flower Feel Special Mother’s Day Card

Pink Flower Grandma Mother’s Day Card

Orange Flower Mom Mother’s Day Card

Banner Flower Mother’s Day Card

A Male Point-of-View on Mom

Women tend to always have a lot to talk to their moms about – from trivial to series, and everything in-between. Women can be great at expressing their feelings for their mothers and how much they mean to them, so Mother’s Day is usually smooth sailing, and finding the perfect card for the occasion can be easy. Men on the other hand sometimes have trouble letting Mom know just how much they mean, but if there’s any day to get it across it’s Mother’s Day. We thought we’d ask a guy (and fellow card expert) just how he goes about choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Card for his mom…

Tell us a bit about your mom

My mom is a generous, loving soul who raised 9 kids and made an estimated 48,600 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s 300 per year, per child for 18 years. When she tried to estimate the number of cloth diapers she changed, washed, folded and put away, she smiled and said “a lot.” She’s heard from angry neighbors, teachers and cops about her little darlings, and had our backs around every corner. She’s little — about 5’2” — but when we were kids she could swear like a longshoreman.

So how do you choose the perfect card to give your mom on Mother’s Day?

There’s a saying in the card business that art attracts and copy sells, and that’s certainly true for me.  I look for something visually appealing that I think she’ll like, and start reading. Often it’s what it doesn’t say that will seal the deal.

Do you go for something funny, sentimental, cute?

It can be any of the above. Might depend on the year she had.  If the card is a nostalgic “remember when” approach, it might be funny. If it’s about our relationship now, I may even go mushy. Maybe I’ll even confess to some adolescent mischief she was unaware I’d engaged in.

What do you want to say to your mom on Mother’s Day?

Regardless of whether it’s sweet or funny, I want her to know that I love her and value all that she’s done.

Do you acknowledge any other moms on Mother’s?

Even though I’ve been divorced for many years, I still send my former mother-in-law a card for Mother’s Day. She’s played a part in many of my children’s happiest memories, and has always been a loving presence in their lives.

What do you think moms expect on Mother’s Day?

I think they want to be remembered for the many things they’ve done. All the little things – like making 48,600 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.