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The Story Behind the Card: Mommy’s Little Angel Mother’s Day Card

How did our Mommy’s Little Angel Mother’s Day card become the comic gem that it is? Read the story behind the card:

Originally, this Mother’s Day card featured a picture of a decidedly angelic little girl. But, our team wondered, how much funnier would it be–and memorable–if it featured a picture of your child instead? From there, it became clear that this Mother’s Day card had some real comic potential. By selecting a picture that focused on a less-than-angelic child, we added a bit of ironic fun to this Mother’s Day photo card to ensure that mom gets a laugh and some love this Mother’s Day.

Our Mommy’s Little Angel Mother’s Day card isn’t the only Mother’s Day design to which that you could add a funny photo. Check out these two designs–one that features a child talking on the phone to the president, and another that sends a message from the good child–and consider adding your own inspired photo to send a funny Mother’s Day card she won’t forget!


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The Story Behind the Card: Baby Mama Mother’s Day Card

Have you seen our Baby Mama Mother’s Day card?  Here’s the scoop on how it was created:

One of our designers, Lori Donaldson, was tired of all the Mother’s Day cards that specifically linked being a mom with being a wife. After all, there are plenty of ways to be a mom, without being a wife–many of us are raised by single moms, or moms that are unmarried to their partners. To protest all the Mother’s Day cards that specifically call out “wife,” she created this beautiful floral design that celebrates motherhood alone.


Cardstore has a number of other nontraditional Mother’s Day cards that celebrate single moms, or simply address themselves to a mom instead of a wife. We have many times to celebrate the romantic relationships in our life–anniversaries and Valentines Day–but only one day to celebrate mom! Mother’s Day is for celebrating moms of all types, for all they do.


Featured Cards: My Wonderful Baby Mama Mother’s Day Card, Amazing Single Mom Mother’s Day Card, & Like a Mom to Me Mother’s Day Card.

A Male Point-of-View on Mom

Women tend to always have a lot to talk to their moms about – from trivial to series, and everything in-between. Women can be great at expressing their feelings for their mothers and how much they mean to them, so Mother’s Day is usually smooth sailing, and finding the perfect card for the occasion can be easy. Men on the other hand sometimes have trouble letting Mom know just how much they mean, but if there’s any day to get it across it’s Mother’s Day. We thought we’d ask a guy (and fellow card expert) just how he goes about choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Card for his mom…

Tell us a bit about your mom

My mom is a generous, loving soul who raised 9 kids and made an estimated 48,600 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s 300 per year, per child for 18 years. When she tried to estimate the number of cloth diapers she changed, washed, folded and put away, she smiled and said “a lot.” She’s heard from angry neighbors, teachers and cops about her little darlings, and had our backs around every corner. She’s little — about 5’2” — but when we were kids she could swear like a longshoreman.

So how do you choose the perfect card to give your mom on Mother’s Day?

There’s a saying in the card business that art attracts and copy sells, and that’s certainly true for me.  I look for something visually appealing that I think she’ll like, and start reading. Often it’s what it doesn’t say that will seal the deal.

Do you go for something funny, sentimental, cute?

It can be any of the above. Might depend on the year she had.  If the card is a nostalgic “remember when” approach, it might be funny. If it’s about our relationship now, I may even go mushy. Maybe I’ll even confess to some adolescent mischief she was unaware I’d engaged in.

What do you want to say to your mom on Mother’s Day?

Regardless of whether it’s sweet or funny, I want her to know that I love her and value all that she’s done.

Do you acknowledge any other moms on Mother’s?

Even though I’ve been divorced for many years, I still send my former mother-in-law a card for Mother’s Day. She’s played a part in many of my children’s happiest memories, and has always been a loving presence in their lives.

What do you think moms expect on Mother’s Day?

I think they want to be remembered for the many things they’ve done. All the little things – like making 48,600 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Celebrate all Moms!

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, now is a good time to start thinking about all the moms in your life. Even though we call the holiday “Mother’s Day,” it’s really a day to take some time and appreciate all the special women in your life – which to many of us, can mean more than just our own moms – and gets that. Whether you’re looking for a card for your Grandmother, Sister, Aunt or Wife, we have the perfect choices ready for you.


Maybe this is a 1st Mother’s Day for one of your friends, and we just know any mom-to-be would love getting a Mother’s Day card to celebrate!  Personalized Mother’s Day cards are great for every mom from A to Z, so have fun by adding a photo and their name, plus, you can add your very own signature too! Our Mother’s Day Shipping Cutoff is 5.6.12! View our Holiday Shipping Schedule for more details.

Take 2 Tuesday: Follow the Leader


We absolutely love this sweet ‘ducks in a row’ photo courteousy of photographer, Milov. You can personalize its matching  “Follow Mom” Mother’s Day Card, designed by Cori Dantini of Great Arrow Graphics on Mother’s Day is still a way’s away, but if you’d like to get a head start, you can save 15% on all Mother’s Day Cards with code: LOVEMOM. Enjoy!