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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: Party Planning Tips

Here at Cardstore, we’ll use just about any holiday as an excuse to plan a party, which is why we’re so excited for all the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. Held on Sunday, May 5th, this seems like the perfect excuse to send some invitations to friends and host a get-together in the gorgeous spring weather. To help with all of your party-planning, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo ideas that are sure to make your gathering a success.

  • Start with the invitations. Since Cinco de Mayo is normally celebrated with bright and festive colors, pick an invitation to send to friends which features vibrant hues. Check out some of our favorite options gathered below. 


Featured Cards: Orange Join Us, Colorful Stripes, Colorful Party Invitation

  • Plan the menu! Bring out some classic Mexican food for the occasion by making sure there are plenty of tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa (both spicy and mild!), as well as a buffet-style taco bar.  No Cinco de Mayo party could be complete without the addition of a great Margarita, so find a favorite recipe and perfect it before your guests arrive. Don’t forget to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth too with some adorable ideas like treat-filled pinata cookies or these ridiculously cute and detailed Cinco de Mayo cookies.
  • As a finishing touch, plan out your decor. Using your invitation as inspiration, incorporate plenty of bright colors into your decorations. Piñatas can take center stage for this holiday, so why not make some of your own mini piñatas? They would not only make a great decoration, but could be sweet party favors for any little ones you’re hosting. Decorating the taco bar or margarita station with fringed paper done in the colors of your invites also gives the party an authentic and fun-filled feel. As a finishing touch, create your own Cinco de Mayo playlist or take this favorite playlist as inspiration.

How do you plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year? Share some of your own party tips below!

Take 2 Tuesday: Baby Elephant

When it comes to babies, there’s almost nothing on this earth cuter than a baby elephant in my mind. They’re so small compared to their mothers but still wrinkly and wise looking that I find their charm simply irresistible. I initially fell in love with this Baby Shower Invitation designed by Kate Spain because of the sweet elephant. When I saw the polka-dotted border with muted, yet colorful shades, I thought this invitation could provide such inspiration for an upcoming baby shower. When paired with a picture of a real baby elephant, there’s just nothing more adorable.


Baby Shower Invitation from

Baby Elephant photo from Flickr photographer Andy Lederer

How To: Throw a New Year’s Eve Party on a Time-Crunch


You’re almost done with the holiday rush when you suddenly realize you agreed to throw this years New Year’s Eve party.  You’re already having to put in extra time at work for everything you missed during the holidays and now you have to take the time to throw a party, too?  Here are some ideas for hosting a great party with little time and effort:

  • Invite: Create a New Year’s invitation to invite your friends, will stamp and send them for you.
  • Activity: Print out or make your own cards with fill in the blanks, such as “The skill I want to learn this year is ___” or  “The good deed I want to do this year is ―――,” or get creative with other New Year’s resolution ideas.  Everyone can fill them out, then take turns reading them out loud and guess which one belongs to who.
  • Appetizers: Stick to finger foods.  Trader Jo’s and other grocery stores have a wide variety of hummus, dips, cheeses, crackers, nuts, and chips and you can even get pre-cut veggies.
  • Entrée: Your guests will already be full from appetizers and won’t want a huge dinner, so stick to something hearty, but bite-sized.
  • Dessert: Ask everyone to bring their favorite dessert. If you’d prefer to make it yourself, try making ice-cream sandwiches. Make your favorite cookie dough in advance when you have time, freeze it, and pull it out and put the cookies in the oven the day of.  Scoop some ice cream in a bowl, add a cookie on top, and you’ll have a delicious dessert.
  • Drinks: Provide the champagne then ask everyone to bring their own favorite drinks and mixes.
  • Music: Don’t forget to create a playlist in advance. Make one full of your favorite songs or one that’s New Year’s themed. If you’re not a huge music lover, ask that friend with the gigantic iTunes library to make one for you.
  • For more details and inspiration, check out Real Simple‘s tips on how to throw an easy New Year’s party.

The Art of Letter Writing: Asking for an Invitation

art-of-letter-writing4How and when is it appropriate to ask for an extra invite to an event? Is there any tactful way to bring an unexpected guest along? Emily enlightens us all once more.

The Don’ts:

  • Never ask for an invite for yourself (“One may never ask for an invitation for oneself anywhere!” Emily announces emphatically.)
  • Don’t bring along a guest to a meal: “And one may not ask for an invitation to a luncheon or a dinner for a stranger. But an invitation for any general entertainment may be asked for a stranger—especially for a house-guest,” clarifies Emily.  While I generally agree with this rule–especially at larger, more formal events, I doubt it follows for small family gatherings.  Chances are, your family will be more than pleased to have some extra company. Hold off on asking at friend’s dinner parties however.  Weddings, baby showers, and any other similar event are a big no-no as well!

The Do’s:

  • Emily’s Example: “Dear Mrs. Worldly,
    A young cousin of mine, David Blakely from Chicago, is staying with us.
    May Pauline take him to your dance on Friday? If it will be inconvenient for you to include him, please do not hesitate to say so frankly.
    Very sincerely yours,
    Caroline Robinson Town.
  • What you can learn from it:
    • Keep it short – There’s no reason to add many superfluous words or excuses.  Doing so will only add pressure to the host to accept, or make the added guest seem like a larger burden than they truly are.
    • Introduce the guest – List their name, how you know them, and where they are from.
    • Make sure to include a question – Instead of phrasing your request as a statement (ie I was hoping to bring David as a guest to your event on Thursday, if you wouldn’t mind), use a question.  It’s less presumptuous and gives the host greater freedom to politely refuse. And don’t forget to use “may” instead of “can,” of course!

Look forward to more letter writing tips (and Emily Post wisdom) next Tuesday!

Emily Post quotes from her book Etiquette, published in 1922.

Subtle and Sweet

I’ve always loved things that are “his and hers”, and when I found our Perfect Pair Bridal Shower Invitation designed by the perenially pretty Ann Scott Design, I knew I could put together a group of romantic images. The contrast between the soft pink feminine detail of a heel, and the strong black of a suit or shoe is beautiful to me. I love seeing such unique his and hers items at weddings, as it highlights the differences but perfect complements of men and women. But seriously, how much do you adore those Badgley Mischkas?? Sigh… to wear those anywhere!


Perfect Pair Bridal Shower Invitation from

 Cameo Tent photo from Flickr photographer Simon Filip

Cameo ring via Etsy

Badgley Mischka “Randee” High Heel Ruffle Flower Sandals via Bloomingdale’s

Piped Rose Cupcakes from Martha Stewart

Cameo Wallpaper from Anthropologie

Golden Fleece Tails from Brooks Brothers


Pretty as a Peach

Happy August everyone! I recently learned that August is Peach Month, so I figured there could be no better way to celebrate the beginning of this month than with an inspiration board dedicated to peaches, based on a save the date card from Motormouthpress. There’s nothing I love more than picking a tender peach off of the fruit tree in our back yard, and eating it right there. The soft, pretty pink of the outside contrasted with the sometimes bright yellow, sometimes light white inside of a peach makes this fruit one of my favorites. I have a plethora of peaches sitting on the counter, waiting for me to cook something up, and I can’t wait to smell the deliciousness! Does anyone have any fun recipes to share? For those of you who don’t have peaches on your counter right now, you’ll have to make do with the inspiration board below. But with such pretty images, it’s not such a bad tradeoff to look at these pictures while you wait to get your own yummy peaches!


Peach Magenta Knot Wedding Save the Date card by Motormouth Press at

Casino Nights Blouse from Anthropologie

Peach Flowers from Style Me Pretty

Peach photo from Flickr photographer I Nancy

Peach and Ivory Rosette Headband from Etsy vendor plainNfancy

Grandma’s Peach Cake from Martha Stewart

Peacock Inspiration Board

Having lived in San Diego my whole life, I grew up visiting the zoo every summer, and whenever a relative from out of town was visiting. My favorite part besides the giraffes was walking in and seeing peacocks wandering the grounds, normally right next to the entrance. They would sit there with their gorgeous, almost iridescent feathers, and soak up the admiration all the visitors would give to them. If we were especially lucky, one would majestically spread his wings so that an incredible array of blue, purple, green, and gold tones could be seen. I’ve never lost my love for those creatures, and when I came across our Peacock Shower Bridal Invitation I was quickly reminded of their beauty. Feathers, seen especially in headbands, have been huge lately, so these are details that can be used in both weddings and everyday life. Worn either way, the peacock feather is one I’m sure will always remain in style with its timeless beauty.

peacock-inspirationPeacock Shower card from

Peacock Plumes image from Erik K Veland via Flickr

Peacock Organizer Pad from Anthropologie

Peacock Cake and Bride from Maida Vale

Peacock Feather Bouquet from Style me Pretty

Peacock Headband from Etsy vendor LovMely

Take 2 Tuesday: A Night In

Picturing a perfect night of wine and cheese is easy to do with the help of such a gorgeous photograph from talented Flickr photographer Wolfgang Bartelme. It may even inspire you to host your own wine tasting party! Setting the mood for a night of wine tasting is essential, and there’s no better way to achieve this than with this Wine Splash card. Guests won’t be able to wait to attend this gathering when they see an invitation so full of class and fun.


New Baptism and First Communion Cards

We are proud to announce our brand new collection of Baptism, Christening and Communion greeting cards from Milo Paper. Since Baptism and First Communion are sacred events, we know it is important that your invitations express the same sentiments. Milo Paper has a wonderful selection of patterns and themes that allow you to customize your invitations in a way that is special to you. Then, once the invitations are sent out, you can start deciding on the perfect gift for the celebration. Here is a guide to help you find the cutest, most memorable gifts for a baby’s Christening, a baptism, or a First Communion ceremony.

Personalized Bible











Noah's Ark


Religious Cookies


Throw a Skeleton Soiree with Spooky Recipes and Invitations!

In my opinion, Halloween is the best time of year to throw a party.  I love nothing more than to cajole all my friends into dressing up and then coming up with a creative (and preferably orange) menu of cocktails and treats to serve.  I can’t wait to try this recipe for Smashing Pumpkin Martinis from epicurious and pair it with my never fail Pumpkin Bread from Allrecipes.  And to start the party off right, now offers the cutest Halloween Party Invitations.  From sweet to spooky, there’s an invitation to match any party’s theme.  And for a limited time, get 15% off all Halloween invitations and greeting cards at  Just enter code spooky at checkout (offer expires 11/13/2009).

Halloween Invites Available at

Halloween Invites Available at