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Happy Halloween!

We hope you’re having a spooky Halloween this Monday! Here’s to lots of candy corn and happy trick-or-treaters.

Inspiration Board: Shocking Skeletons

Create a skeleton party themed around this spooky skeleton invitation. I particularly love the skeleton gingerbread idea from Family Fun–so adorable and easy! Skeleton Drink Halloween Invitation

Dollar Store Crafts Skeleton Lights

Family Fun Gingerbread Skeleton

Take the Cake Skeleton Cupcakes

Martha Stewart Glittered Skulls

Martha Stewart Sugar Skulls

Inspiration Board: Candy Corn Decor

If you have as serious a sweet tooth as I do, then candy corn is your best friend during the Halloween season. Why not organize your Halloween bash around this Halloween greeting card and its bright candy corn colors? Using candy corn as your inspiration is sure to create a Halloween party that’s both cheerful and focused on the sweeter side of Halloween. Boo Candy Corn Halloween Card

Martha Stewart Candy Corn Jello and Pom Poms

Country Living Candy Corn Cookie

Raising Arizona Kids Candy Corn Candle

Take Two Tuesday: Bats Everywhere!

Make your entryway match your Halloween invitation with this pairing, each featuring a majestic flurry of bats gathering to make Halloween that much more frightening. Purple Bats Halloween Invitation

Country Living Bats at the Door

Inspiration Board: Creepy Spider Halloween Party

I find a tiny spider more fear-inducing than any zombie or ghost in a movie. Even looking at a photo of a spider makes me start frantically brushing off my arms and back, convinced I have one crawling on me! If you want to throw a truly creepy Halloween party, I recommend one themed around everyone’s least favorite creepy crawlers. Take inspiration from these relatively cute spider decorations and party ideas, and expand it from there! Orange Spiders Halloween Invitation

Balloon Spider and Glittered Spider Candles from Martha Stewart

Spider Baked Goods from Bakerella

Spider Lights at At Home with Kim Vallee

Tips on Creating Your Perfect Invitation

At Cardstore, we love designing invitations that are both fun and on-trend. But, if the invitation doesn’t meet your needs, all of the design details won’t mean much! Use these tips to create invitations that work for you… and feel free to add some of your own tips!

Party Hat1. Choose Your Theme

The whole tone of your event is set by the invitation you choose to represent your theme. If you’re having a dinner party, you might want to go for something a little more elegant, while a kickback BBQ would require a different invitation entirely. The trick is thinking about the vibe you want your party to have before selecting your invitation. If you’re having trouble settling on a theme, try browsing our invitations and use one as inspiration for your event? We do the same thing every week with our inspiration boards! Or, if you’re still having trouble deciding on a theme, here’s a few ideas that are particularly seasonally appropriate:

    • Casual Tailgate: With football season in full swing, now’s the perfect time to gather your friends for a fun tailgate party. (Check out our pick for a tailgate invite)
    • Sunday Football: Maybe the weather outdoors isn’t idea for a tailgate. Hold a similar get-together indoors, with snacks galore! (Try this one!)
    • Dinner Party With a Twist: Theme your dinner party around a type of food you’ve never made before (if you’re up for a challenge), a country, or even a certain sort of food–now that fall is here, I have to admit a pumpkin-themed dinner party sounds especially enticing. (We’ve picked our perfect pumpkin invite!)
    • Autumn Harvest Party: Have a get-together on location just in time for fun fall harvests. Gather friends and family for a visit to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch and celebrate the season with fresh produce. (Here’s a fun fall-theme invitation to try.)
    • Halloween Party: There’s so many different directions you can go with Halloween–everything from its spooky spirit to the costumes generates an array of enticing party ideas. Turn your home into a haunted house, and invite friends and family over to see. Have a  party for all ages with group pumpkin-carving. Opt for a more adult vibe with a costumed cocktail party. Invite friends over for a fun night of scary movies. Go for a more formal vibe with a carnivalesque Halloween masquerade. Or mix and match a variety of themes to create a Halloween party all your own! (This haunted halloween invitation is one of our favorites!)

2. Provide Party Info

You wouldn’t think that filling in the party information would be too difficult a task. And yet, if you forget any of these pieces of information, you’re going to be having some serious trouble on your hands–whether it be guests showing up at the wrong time or people getting lost on the way to your party!

    • When is the party? Include the day of week, plus the full date (e.g. Sunday, October 9th)
    • What time is the party? Be sure to include both start time and end time (if there is one…)
    • Where is the party? Provide the full location address (not just “Jim & Sue’s house”). Include directions, with landmark references if possible.
    • RSVP! If you don’t tell people to RSVP, how can you plan properly? Always tell people to whom they will RSVP, and how to do so (phone number and/or email address). Also, give them a RSVP-by date, so you give yourself time to prepare!

3. Don’t forget fun details!

Everyone’s favorite part of party invitations are the little details. Mine, in particular, is specifying what kind of attire guest should wear. There’s nothing more fun than adding a little twist to your attire requests for holiday events: festive formal for a winter holiday party, spooky casual for a costumed Halloween party. Add your own special touch by adding your voice or event theme into the extra details. If you’re having a Halloween party, feel free to add in particularly scary or cheesy language. If there’s anytime that cheesy puns are allowed, it’s themed parties! Here is also the place to add any extra notes you might have.

      • Dress attire (casual, costumes, cocktail, etc.)
      • Special instructions (no gifts, BYOB, parking, etc.)

4. Be sure to proofread!

There’s nothing I hate more than spending time creating an invitation perfect for my event, only to discover I’ve left out information or included a few unfortunate typos. Ask a trusted friend to look over your invitation before you send it out, just in case. A fresh perspective is sure to weed out any errors and typos you may have originally overlooked.

As long as you cover each of the items above, your guests will have everything they need to arrive on time, dressed appropriately and ready for fun!

Since we’re rapidly approaching one of fall’s favorite holidays, here are some of our favorite Halloween invitations:


 Orange Plaid Ghosts Halloween Party Invitation           Night Tree Halloween Halloween Party Invitation

 Vampire Halloween Poison Halloween Party InvitationSkeleton Drink Halloween Party Invitation


Take Two Tuesday: Eyeball Cocktails

Why not have a Halloween cocktail party to celebrate everyone’s favorite costumed occasion? Half-spooky and half-sophisticated, this Halloween invitation is sure to let guests know what you have in store–scary cocktails and all!

Cardstore Devil Halloween Cocktails Halloween Invitation

Martha Stewart Lychee Blueberry or Cranberry Eyeballs Recipe

Inspiration Board: Pumpkin Party!

Halloween is my favorite holiday for throwing parties. Ever since I was a kid, when my parents would set up a haunted house in our barn, I’ve loved obsessing over every last detail of my Halloween celebrations. In the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Halloween crafts, recipes, and decor ideas organized around various Halloween motifs. This inspiration board features some pumpkin invitations and decor ideas.

I formed this pumpkin-themed event around a Cardstore Pumpkin Stack Halloween invitation. Have you seen our sneak peak of Halloween cards yet? Here’s a couple others that would be great for a pumpkin-themed bash.





Martha Stewart always has the best Halloween crafts. These are a few of my favorite pumpkin ones (from top to bottom):

Also pictured:

Cardstyle Find #63: Elegant Skull Earrings


This half-chic, half-scary earrings from Etsy Shop BoutiquePinkDiamond are the perfect way to express my Halloween enthusiasm without going overboard. Love them!

Inspiration Board: Pumpkins


As sad as I am that Halloween will be over this weekend, I’m thrilled that pumpkins will continue to be around through Thanksgiving.  Not only am I a huge fan of decorating the house with baby pumpkins and gourds, I also love the flavor and can’t wait to try out some of these recipes after I’m done using them for decoration!

Halloween Greeting Card from Great Arrow Graphics at

Pumpkin Costume from Target

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe at Simply Recipes

Pecan Pumpkin Butter Pie Recipe from Williams-Sonoma

Jack-O-Lantern Gift Bag at Papyrus

Cinderella Heirloom Box at Disney Store

Pumpkin Ale from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery