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Inspiration Board: Pumpkins


As sad as I am that Halloween will be over this weekend, I’m thrilled that pumpkins will continue to be around through Thanksgiving.  Not only am I a huge fan of decorating the house with baby pumpkins and gourds, I also love the flavor and can’t wait to try out some of these recipes after I’m done using them for decoration!

Halloween Greeting Card from Great Arrow Graphics at

Pumpkin Costume from Target

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe at Simply Recipes

Pecan Pumpkin Butter Pie Recipe from Williams-Sonoma

Jack-O-Lantern Gift Bag at Papyrus

Cinderella Heirloom Box at Disney Store

Pumpkin Ale from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Elegant Chandelier Cards


These chandelier Bridal Shower Invitations have been popular designs at lately, and I see why. I love the elegance, glamour, and femininity of these two cards, and love how the silhouette looks on stationery (Left is by Natalie Eden at and Right is by Papeterie at

This moving annoucement by Bonnie Marcus Collection also makes use of the elegant chandelier.


However, I’ve also been trying to think of other ways to integrate the stunning beauty of chandeliers without paying the price that most beautiful chandeliers necessitate. While the lucky few find the perfect chandelier to renovate at garage sales or thrift stores, for most of us that won’t be an option–especially in light of chandeliers’ ever-growing popularity.

I stumbled upon these cute Etsy wall stickers that incorporate the same sihouette concept as some of our cards, and I think that in the right room (where most of the furniture and decor was kept simple and subtle), they could serve as a nice focal point.


Left from Etsy Artist Tweetheartwallart, Right from Etsy Artist MichelleChristina

If decals aren’t really your thing, I also found a couple of really beautiful DIY options. They may not be your typical chandeliers, but they still capture that same elegance that I’m shooting for. As soon as I find some free time, I’m definitely going to try out the tree branch one–rustic and elegant, a rare, but winning combo!


Rock Candy Chandelier from Once Wed designed by Etsy artist Laurie


Rustic Chandelier from posted by Remodelista

I would also love find some DIY guides for more traditional looking chandeliers. Let me know if you find any, and I’ll be sure to post it (and send you my gratitude!).

The Bee’s Knees

I have a strangely loving relationship with bees. You see, I have a mild honey addiction, and as such, I can’t really find it in my heart to dislike the cute little bumblebees that are responsible for its production. Rather, I sort of like them–at least from a distance. Aside from being responsible for my favorite tea-additive, they’re sort of the epitome of cheerfulness, what with their happy buzzing and bright yellow coloring. What’s not to like? Bees Knees Card Designed by O+D

Sunflower Bee Photo by NS Wood Photography

Bee Lace Curtains from here

La Rochère Glass Pitcher available at Amazon

Adorable Honey Jar from CozyMemories’ Flickr

Cake from Martha Stewart Weddings via RitzyBee
Vintage Bee Stamps here

Typewriter Charm

I love the instant old world charm a typewriter brings to any room. The subtle gesture toward days gone by creates a an at once romantic and wistful vibe, an ideal quality for any room.  I dream of having the perfect home office–a heavy dark wooden desk, a couple of simple mason jars filled with pens and pencils, a stack of books, a small vase filled with zinnias, and, of course, a vintage typewriter.  However, I can’t ever seem to find the right one, and instead have amassed a variety of typewriter-related items–a typewriter frame, typewriter jewelry, typewriter stationery, the list goes on. . . I doubt I will quench my thirst for typewriter paraphernalia until I find that perfect one!

typerwriter-final4 You’re Just My Type Card by Sam Posnick

Typewriter Decor Photos from Apartment Therapy Chicago

Pink Vintage Typewriter Illustration here

Typewriter Initial Pendant from Urban Outfitters

Frame Mania

I love the look of masses of mismatched frames all crammed together on one wall.  It works best, I think, when the interiors of the frames vaguely match one another, like the collection of framed embroidery below.  After visiting the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin–which has the most beautiful maroon room stuffed from top to bottom with a huge array of portraits–I was inspired to create a similar wall, jam-packed with amateur portraits. I’m building my collection now, hunting in antique stores, flea markets and street fairs, and will be sure to eventually post the final result!

testnew1 Thank You Card by Natalie Eden

Wallpaper by Lisa Bengtsson available here

Cork Board Frame from Confessions of  a Chronic Crafter

Framed Embroidering via ffffound at daydreamlily

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Now that summer is here in full force, I want lemon everything: lemon cake, lemonade, lemon bars, lemon soda, lemon drops. The list goes on and on! My lemon cravings are even starting to manifest themselves in my wardrobe choices. Nothing seems more June-appropriate than a healthy dose of bright yellow!


Card: Cardstore Thank You Card from Simple Te Designs

Shoes: Cecilia Espadrilles by Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Lemon photo: Flickr

Couple juggling lemons: Via StyleMePretty; styling Dandelion and Grey, Oliver Juice Photography

Napkin Rings: Lemon Napkin Rings by Pottery Barn

Cupcakes: Image from flickr, photo and recipe credit (yum!) here

Preppy Summer Fun

Though I enjoy watching the occasional football game, I’m not really a contact sports person. However, I’m always up for a carefree Sunday afternoon of badminton or croquet. Mix up a batch of Arnold Palmers, don your summer white, and invite a couple families over for a proper lawn party.

Nothing says preppy like an invitation on personalized stationery!

Top Left Stationery: Cardstore Mens Stationery by Tori Higa

Bottom Right Stationery: Cardstore Wedding Congratulations by Natalie Eden

Croquet Manual: Image courtesy of Maui Croquet Club

Vintage Badminton Raquets: Elizabethwrenvintage at Etsy

Mallet: Flikr

Croquet balls: VandM Antique Design

Beautiful in Bronze

The star of Zelda Wisdom’s hysterical everyday cards, the English bulldog Zelda, has yet another impressive accomplishment to add to her resumé. The Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon revealed a bronze sculpture of Zelda on May 21 to celebrate the hotel’s pet-friendly tradition. The sculpture stands at the entrance to the hotel and features Zelda wearing the Heathman Hotel’s famous beefeater costume, along with a dog bowl that will always be full of water for visiting dogs to use. Zelda isn’t new to this kind of publicity, having previously been seen on Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN Live Today, and serving as the “spokesdog” of Delta Society Pet Partners®, an international program dedicated to the human-animal healing bond. Zelda is certainly a busy pooch! Below is a picture from the unveiling of the sculpture (what a perfect likeness!), along with some of our favorite Zelda Wisdom cards found at Enjoy!

Two New Mosaic Collection Artists Now at!

Cardstore introduces two new Mosaic Collection artists:

Steve Haskamp’s delightful and whimsical style is a nice addition to the Mosaic Collection on Cardstore.   Born and raised in the Midwest, Steve is now based in Southern California. He has worked in the illustration market for more than 15 years and has designed everything from greeting cards to gift wrap and journals.

Nancy Maekawa has designed and art directed for most of the large greeting card companies and is now a freelance illustrator. Her colorful style mixes patterns and bold colors with a sense of tradition.

Please join us in welcoming these two artists to the Cardstore family!


A Special Card to Honor a Special Life

kate-spain-2 is pleased to feature Artist Guest Blogger Kate Spain.  To see Kate’s collection of Holiday Cards and Greeting Cards, click here.

One day this August, I received an e-mail from a woman named Deloris in Mississippi through Cardstore’s site, which links to featured artists’ websites.

In her note to me, Deloris explained that her community of Greenville, Mississippi, had lost a great friend and leader this year, Malcolm Carl Walls, Sr. She and her friends were planning a memorial service in Malcom’s honor coinciding with the annual Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival that Malcolm had helped start and build into a world-famous annual event.

They needed a special card to send out for the event and asked me if I would design it.

It’s not every day that I get to connect with a consumer on such a personal level. I’m so glad that Deloris and I did. But it wouldn’t have happened without Cardstore. Everyone there, from CEO Marty Reed to Katy in Design to Tiffany in Marketing, really made it work.

Cardstore CEO and Chairman Marty Reed shared his thoughts on Deloris’ special request:

“We were inspired by Deloris and her friends’ efforts and by Malcolm’s work in raising the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival. Like Kate Spain, we wanted to pitch in. So Kate created a great custom design, and we produced it on the finest quality cards and had them delivered to Deloris’ door.”

Deloris shared with me and Cardstore that Malcolm Carl Walls, Sr., was an inspiring leader in MACE (Mississippi Action for Community Education, Inc.) over the past 3 decades involved in empowering poor and disadvantaged citizens within its service area by developing their individual and collective capacities to effect social and economic change and improvements within their lives and communities.

One of the more renowned projects that Malcolm took from vision to fruition was the regional blues festival, which has now become the world-famous Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival. Starting out as the producer and director of the event, Malcolm grew it into what it is today by building on the strengths of everyone in the region and bridging the region with the greater blues community. Thirty years since its first trial run under the guidance of Malcolm, the festival is recognized as one of the top arts and tourism events in the southeastern United States, attracting more than 10,000 attendees and participants annually.

Cardstore and I were very happy to help Deloris and her community get the right card to celebrate and honor this inspiring man.

The Finished Product!

The Finished Product!