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New Year’s Eve Inspiration


One of my favorite holiday activities is shopping.  Despite the holidays crowds, I love hearing the Christmas music in the background and can’t wait for my free sample of hot cider.  Plus, what better time of year than during the after Christmas sales, not only is everything inexpensive but there’s still one more holiday you need an outfit for – New Year’s Eve!  Here are some of my favorite looks:

Cardstyle Find #76: Cookware Gifts from Williams-Sonoma

cardstyle-find-cookware-dealI always struggle to find holiday gifts that my parents will actually use.  That’s why I often look in cooking stores to try to find some new gadget or cook book that my mom or dad will enjoy.  Luckily, Williams-Sonoma is currently offering a discount of 20% off all cookware through December 12 so anyone can take advantage of this great deal and find gifts that both inexperienced cooks and talented chefs will appreciate.

How To: Make Hand Drawn Ornaments

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas music has filled up every shop and café, I’ve started to think about what Christmas gifts to get for friends and family.  Ornaments always make for a great gift, but creating it yourself makes it all the more special.  You don’t need to be artistic or even know how to draw, just find some plain clear ornaments, paint pens or glitter glue, and some ribbon and you can turn a plain ornament into a personalized gift for anyone.  Write Christmas greetings, favorite memories, or even draw a simple design for a simple, low-budget, and meaningful present. For more inspiration, check out this blog post on Etsy: Drawing-Free Glass Ornament.

Rainy Day Inspiration


Although a rainy day can seem disheartening, find something fun to do indoors and take advantage of the excuse to relax.  Curl up with a good book and make some peppermint cocoa, watch a movie with some buttery popcorn, or try a craft with the kids, such as rain sticks.

Cardstyle Find #71: See’s Candies Thanksgiving Gift


Don’t stress about finding a hostess gift or treat for the office this year, See’s Candies has created a delicious and festive box of chocolates anyone would be thankful for.

Cardstyle Find #69: Cook Serve Tool Set


This year start preparing for Thanksgiving with this all purpose tool set from Williams-Sonoma.  These kitchen tools are perfect for prepping food in the kitchen and then using to serve and make the Thanksgiving table beautiful.  Also a great housewarming gift that anyone will be thankful to receive!

Cardstyle Find #66: Lavender Satchels

cardstyle-find-lavenderGive your clothes a soft lavender scent by putting these chic, handmade satchels from Etsy in your closet.  Printed with words to live by, these can be great as wedding favors for guests or as gifts for friends.

Inspiration Board: Time Pieces


For someone who is constantly on the go, free time is scarce.  That’s why I try to surround myself with little reminders so that I can better manage my time and schedule some fun each day.  A plus: clocks have chic, geometric shapes that are everywhere this season and they are great for Christmas gifts!

Wedding Save the Date by Micah and Me at

Romantic Cluster Clock Necklace from Urban Outfitters

Clocks on Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay on Amazon

Clock Face Stud Earrings from Top Shop

Hushed Hours Bed from Anthropologie

Vintage Pocket Watch Ornament on Etsy

Michele Watch at Bloomingdales

Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger on

iHome from Apple

Cardstyle Find #64: Covered Pumpkin Mugs

cardstyle-find-pumpkin-mugEven though Halloween has finally come to an end, I’m thrilled to still find the autumn spirit around.  These adorable Covered Pumpkin Mugs from Williams-Sonoma are the perfect example of continuing seasonal fun, and are useful too!  Anyone can make themselves a cup of spiced tea or use them on the Thanksgiving table to keep dishes warm while finishing up in the kitchen.

Cardstyle Find #62: Wall Flowers

I’m always looking for a stylish yet easy way to decorate and I think I’ve finally found it!  These whimsical flowers from Urban Outfitters come in a set of 25 and are perfect for your own home or as a great housewarming gift!