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Posts tagged ‘february 13 creative’

Take 2 Tuesday: Sparkling Birthday

When it’s time to celebrate a little one’s birthday, I swear there’s something about their special day that just lights up their face. I love that on this one day of the year, kids just seem to really sparkle and soak up all the fun of their birthday celebration. That’s why I think it would be perfect to give a Birthday Card to the birthday girl that will help to add some dazzling wishes to her day. When paired with a photo of a shining pink sparkler, it makes for a sweet and joyous way to celebrate their day.

Pink Sparkle Cake Birthday Card by february 13 creative from

Sparkler from Flickr photographer RachiiWestray

Take 2 Tuesday: Spring Time

With the first day of spring yesterday, I’ve found myself incredibly excited for the return of bright colors, baby animals, and everything spring-related. I’ve already started thinking about the upcoming Easter holiday, and have been admiring this Hatched Chick Easter Holiday Card from february 13 creative. Paired with these egg creatures found on Martha Stewart, these adorable chicks have me waiting eagerly for the renewal that comes with spring.


Hatched Chick Easter Holiday Card from

Egg Creatures from Martha Stewart

Take Two Tuesday: Floating Away

Whimsical balloons, alone or in bouquets and in almost any color, have long been one of my favorite things. Whether they’re for a birthday, special occasion, or just for fun, balloons always make my day! The balloons decorating this Pink Birthday Balloons birthday card designed by february 13 creative looks adorable when paired with some real balloons.


Pink Balloons Birthday Card from

Balloons from Flickr photographer House of Sims

Inspiration Board: Something Sweet

Do something sweet for your Valentine: bake a heart-themed treat!

something-sweet Valentines Day Card by february 13 creative

Heart Apron from Gift Chick

Heart Cocktail Plate from Neiman Marcus

Heart Potholder from Sur La Table

Red Heart Dish from Sur La Table

Heart Measuring Spoons from Moxie

Take 2 Tuesday: Cardinal Red

It’s almost December, and the weather is definitely feeling winter-y here! Pairing this Red Cardinal Holiday Card designed by february 13 creative with a pretty picture of a cardinal posing in the snow seems like the perfect way to welcome the winter months.


Red Cardinal Holiday Card from

Cardinal photo from Flickr photographer JMalcolm

Devilishly Fun

I’ve been feverishly trying to come up with a new theme for our annual Halloween party, and was drawing a blank for quite some time. Earlier this week though, I realized how fun it would be to do a dark, devil themed party with lots of gothic and spooky decorations. Based on this Devil Halloween Cocktails Party Invitation from february 13 creative, I’ll be making sure the party has plenty of blood-red details! Can’t wait to decorate!

inspiration-board-devilDevil Halloween Cocktails Party Invitation from

Pina Ghoulada from Martha Stewart

Jessica Simpson Platforms from Nordstrom

Yummy Mummy Cupcakes from Better Homes and Gardens

Jessica Nail Polish

Blood Red Candle from Hostess with the Mostess

Candy Corn Inspiration

With Halloween just around the corner, I’ve been loving the plethora of orange in store and home decorations. And while I don’t particularly like the taste of candy corn myself, I love the color as a design inspiration! Based on this Orange Plaid Photo Halloween Card from designer february 13 creative, here’s an inspiration board filled with candy corn details I can’t wait to use!

candy-corn-inspirationOrange Plaid Photo Halloween Card from

Candy Corn Candle from Hostess with the Mostess

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies from Martha Stewart

Candy Corn Pots from Martha Stewart

Candy Corn background from flickr photographer photopunx2

How Dandy!

As a little girl, I loved picking the dandelions in the front of my friend’s house and making a wish as I blew the seeds away. I believed whole-heartedly in making a wish on a dandelion, and to this day I can’t help but to make a wish every time I find myself holding a dandelion. Maybe it’s these whimsical memories that has made this Magic Wish Birthday Card from february 13 creative a consistent best seller. Everybody still wants to believe their wishes can come true; especially for a birthday! To celebrate this wishful card, I’ve created an inspiration board full of some dandelion images. Enjoy… and don’t forget to make a wish!


Magic Wish Card from

Swirly Cupcakes from Martha Stewart

Dandelion Ring from Etsy vendor debbychoi79

Sparkler Sparks from Flickr photographer orangeacid

Soffione Blouse from Anthropologie

Dandelion Seeds from Flickr photographer Luigi FDV

Take 2 Tuesday: Cute as a Button

When it comes time to buy a birth announcement for a baby girl, every parent wants to show off their child in the sweetest way possible. And what could be cuter than your baby’s picture surrounded by a pink background and adorable pink buttons in this Pink Baby Buttons birth announcement! Designed by artist february 13 creative, this card is full of irresistible charm. Paired with this creative and cute picture of a bouquet of pink buttons by Flickr photographer whimsylove, this may be the prettiest Take 2 Tuesday yet!  


Take 2 Tuesday: Make a Wish

take-two-dandelionThis week’s Take 2 Tuesday comes just as spring has arrived in full effect. With this glowing dandelion (photograph by a talented Flickr photographer,)  you can’t help but believe in the power of wishes! And if you have any upcoming birthday wishes for your loved ones, try sending this best-selling Magic Wish birthday card designed by february 13 creative.