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Who’s Your Daddy? Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day, don’t wait to get your dad’s gift until the last minute! Instead, plan ahead to avoid the last minute frenzy of what to buy, resulting in yet another tie or button-up shirt. Getting the perfect Father’s Day gift requires equal parts creativity and thoughtfulness. Try to think of the activities that your dad really enjoys and get a gift that the two of you can share.  Focus on what makes your dad unique, and make your gift revolve around his special qualities. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

-Give your dad tickets to his favorite event: Is your dad a sports fan? Get him two tickets (so he can bring you!) to his favorite team’s next game. If he’s a music fan, get him tickets to the local symphony or his favorite band. Tickets are a great way to add a fun experience to your mutual memory bank.

-Help your dad achieve his dreams: Does your dad love to travel? Get him a travel book to a desired locale, or get him a huge travel book to help him choose his next destination! Does your dad dream of designing his own invention? Get him a how-to guide to get him started, or a notebook (or app) to jot down his ideas on the go. Does he dream of writing a book or a screenplay? Biking through Europe?  A book might not seem like a great gift, but if you choose it carefully, it can really show your dad how closely you’ve been listening.

-Get your dad a homemade treat (or help him make one!): Is your dad a total foodie? Does he love to grill or make his own treats? You have two options. You can either make your dad his favorite sweet (or savory) treat, OR, if he’s the kind of guy who likes to make it himself get him a do-it-yourself gift, like an ice cream maker or a beer crafting kit! If he loves to cook, get him a cookbook from your favorite foodie blogger to introduce some new recipes into his repertoire.

Plan a day of fun perfectly suited to your dad: Is your dad the active type? Plan a day with all of his favorite activities, and print out the itinerary! Add hikes, bike rides, and his favorite lunch spots. Plan a delicious picnic or go to the movies. Organize a game of pick-up soccer or a beautiful day at the golf course. It’s up to you–but the more thorough you make your itinerary, the more your dad will see how well you know what he enjoys! If you want, you can even make a brochure filled with maps and pictures, to outline your exact course for your dad’s perfect day.

Once you’ve settled on your perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t forget to get a Father’s Day card to match–everyone knows that a thoughtful card trumps any fancy gift. Do you have any unique ideas for your dad?

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Create a Coupon

We all know what our dad’s favorite activities are–and what better time than Father’s Day to let him do the things he loves?  For this Father’s Day, eschew the tie and promise dad his favorite activity with a coupon designed precisely with him in mind! Simply customize your Father’s Day coupon with his name and his gift to let him redeem his gift at any time! Here’s some ideas for your Father’s Day coupon–a fun twist on the traditional Father’s Day card!

From Kids:

… one round of golf

… one night of total TV control

… one homemade breakfast

… one car wash

… one lawn mowing

… one GIANT hug

From Spouse:

… one back rub

… one romantic date night

… one movie pick

… one night of silence from the kids


What custom activity or treat will you add to your Father’s Day coupon?

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

How many times have you given a tie to Dad or Grandpa for Father’s Day when you couldn’t think of any better gift idea? Inspired by this Father’s Day card featuring the stat “65% of Dads would rather receive nothing than receive another tie,” we thought coming up with some alternative Father’s Day gifts would be the best way to help you celebrate Dad this year. Paired with some of our favorite Father’s Day cards, there’s no better way to thank Dad for all he does. Check out our list of ideas below for some DIY and last-minute gift ideas that are sure to impress him much more than another tie ever could.


1. Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Tell him how much you love him to pieces with this cute jar of Reese’s Pieces featuring some DIY details.

2. If Dad loves his beer, why not grab one that has an adorable note already attached? Check out this tutorial to find a creative way to dress up one of his favorite brews. If Dad takes his beers very seriously, why not order him a beer flight sampler paddle that can even be engraved with his name, or sign him up for a beer of the month club!

3. Is Dad a total techie? Get him a gift that gives throughout the year, like a subscription to a great magazine! If he loves learning about new gadgets, choose a magazine like Wired to keep his interest piqued for months on end.

4. If your Dad is absolutely in love with his sports teams, maybe the best gift for him is something like this iphone case featuring his favorite team’s logo! As long as it’s personalized with his favorite team or sport, you can’t go wrong.

To round out some of these great gift ideas, be sure to include a great Father’s Day card that fits his personality. The combination of a one of a kind, personalized card and a thoughtful gift will help to make this Father’s Day especially memorable. Are you planning on getting Dad something outside of the box and unexpected this upcoming Father’s Day?


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