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Funny Father’s Day Cards

If your Dad is the one who always leaves you in stitches, whether intentionally or not, why not celebrate him with some humor this Father’s Day? For those Dads who are still learning some of the recent updates to technology, hearing them talk about things like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be hysterical. One of the funny Father’s Day cards Cardstore is featuring this year is a Father’s Day Dadism Tribute to a Dad talking about “the facetalk.” This funny Father’s Day card gives you the perfect chance to commemorate one of your favorite “Dadisms” in a sweet and funny way he’ll definitely laugh about.


Featured Cards: Hall of Fame Card, Father’s Day Dadism Tribute, Photo Head Grilling Dad

If your Dad is fond of a good laugh, why not celebrate him this Father’s Day with some of Cardstore’s funniest Father’s Day cards? With personalized details like adding his photo to a funny scene, along with hysterical messages, funny Father’s Day cards are the perfect way to celebrate those god-humored Dads who love to laugh at themselves. Check out some of our picks below for the funniest Father’s Day cards this year, and be sure to look at the rest on to find a card that fits your Dad perfectly. What are some of the things your Dad does that are sure to crack you up?


Featured Cards: Father’s Day Chart, Funny Dad and Daughter Translator, Baby Pee Card

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

How many times have you given a tie to Dad or Grandpa for Father’s Day when you couldn’t think of any better gift idea? Inspired by this Father’s Day card featuring the stat “65% of Dads would rather receive nothing than receive another tie,” we thought coming up with some alternative Father’s Day gifts would be the best way to help you celebrate Dad this year. Paired with some of our favorite Father’s Day cards, there’s no better way to thank Dad for all he does. Check out our list of ideas below for some DIY and last-minute gift ideas that are sure to impress him much more than another tie ever could.


1. Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Tell him how much you love him to pieces with this cute jar of Reese’s Pieces featuring some DIY details.

2. If Dad loves his beer, why not grab one that has an adorable note already attached? Check out this tutorial to find a creative way to dress up one of his favorite brews. If Dad takes his beers very seriously, why not order him a beer flight sampler paddle that can even be engraved with his name, or sign him up for a beer of the month club!

3. Is Dad a total techie? Get him a gift that gives throughout the year, like a subscription to a great magazine! If he loves learning about new gadgets, choose a magazine like Wired to keep his interest piqued for months on end.

4. If your Dad is absolutely in love with his sports teams, maybe the best gift for him is something like this iphone case featuring his favorite team’s logo! As long as it’s personalized with his favorite team or sport, you can’t go wrong.

To round out some of these great gift ideas, be sure to include a great Father’s Day card that fits his personality. The combination of a one of a kind, personalized card and a thoughtful gift will help to make this Father’s Day especially memorable. Are you planning on getting Dad something outside of the box and unexpected this upcoming Father’s Day?


Featured Cards: Number One Baseball Player, Father’s Day Blueprint Design, Dad Photos With Robots, Free Beer for Dad

First Father’s Day for Grandpa

Did you ever notice while growing up that some of the best advice you ever got was from your Grandpa? He was always the coolest man you knew, and could tell a million stories at the drop of a hat. Whether taking you to a baseball game, holding your ballet slippers as you got ready for the big show, or firing up the BBQ for your favorite dinner, Grandpas are always there when you need them. If you have a baby on the way or a newborn, we think it’s a great idea to celebrate that incredible Grandpa for the first time with Father’s Day cards for Grandpa. Celebrating what wisdom he’s sure to bring, all while getting into plenty of trouble with his first grandchild in tow, Father’s Day cards for a first-time Grandpa are especially meaningful. With Father’s Day approaching on Sunday, June 16, there’s no better way to thank Grandpa for how much he already does for your little one, or tell him how you’re looking forward to seeing him with his very first grandchild. Do you have a new Grandfather in your life you’ll be celebrating for the first time this year?



Featured Cards: Promotion to Granddad, New Grandpa Lions, Cute Grandpa Dog, Super Smart Grandpa Photo

Celebrate Dad Like Only You Can This Father’s Day

Even though we just finished celebrating the fantastic Mothers in our lives, it’s time to start thinking about honoring Dad! Coming up on Sunday, June 16th, this Father’s Day, we’re all about the personalized touches. Everyone’s relationship with their Dad is special in its own way, so why not celebrate what makes him the best Dad ever in a way only he can appreciate? Inspired by some of Cardstore’s Father’s Day cards which give you great personalized options like filling in speech bubbles with things he’s say, making a list of what you love most about him, and creating a special tribute just for him, we think it’s a great idea to make Dad’s day extra-special in an unconventional way this year.


Featured Cards: Photos and Speech Bubbles for Dad, Father and Son Similarities, Father’s Day Magazine

What are some of the ways that you celebrate Father’s Day in a way your Dad will really love? Be sure to check out our Father’s Day board on Pinterest for even more inspiration for Father’s Day activities and gifts.


Featured Cards: Funny Dad And Daughter Translator, We Love Dad List, Father’s Day Dadism Tribute

Father’s Day Shipping Cutoff

Order your Father’s Day cards by June 10th at 11:59 EST to receive them in time for Father’s Day, June 17th. Browse our selection of photo Father’s Day cards, funny Father’s Day cards, and more to personalize and send today!

Pictured Above: Bunting Flags Dad Photo Father’s Day Card and New Dad and Baby Photo Father’s Day Card

Let’s Hear It for Dads: Father’s Day Cards for Every Dad

Father’s Day is on its way—which means it’s time to pause and remember all the great dads you know. Father’s Day, of course, need not apply only to your particular father. Instead, it’s an ideal time to celebrate the plethora of dads you know—your grandpa, your husband, your stepfather, your brother. Whomever it is that you would like to celebrate this Father’s Day, Cardstore has Father’s Day cards to help you do it. Know a dad with a baby on the way? Celebrate with a dad-to-be card to show him that you know what a great dad he’ll make. Have a grandpa who was always there for you? Celebrate with a Father’s Day card that shows your grandfather he’s a hero. Want to make note of the special bond a dad and daughter or dad and son share? Select a daddy daughter Father’s Day card or a father son card just for the occasion.

And, with Cardstore’s buy 2 get 1 free Father’s Day deal going on, now’s the perfect time to create personalized Father’s Day cards for as many dads as you can!

Father’s Day is June 17, 2012 – Mark Your Calendars

Even though we just celebrated Mother’s Day, it’s never too early to start thinking about dear ol’ Dad. In fact, Father’s Day is just around the corner, Sunday, June 17th. Dads are truly one-of-a-kind, and you probably want to personalize a Father’s Day card that to make it as unique as they are. Whether you want to make them laugh with funny Father’s Day cards, share memories from throughout the years with Father’s Day photo cards, or simply let them know how much they mean to you, has all the options you need to get you started.

Now comes the tricky part, finding just the right words to let Pops know that his card was made with love. If you need a little help finding something to say on the inside of your card, you’ve come to the right place. Every relationship is different, and has its own dynamic.

  • If you and your dad are jokesters, he might appreciate recalling a hilarious memory that was shared, an inside joke, or a line from your favorite comedian.
  • There are those relationships between a father and son, or father and daughter that tend to be more sentimental in nature. In this case, there are different kinds of memories or life events to pull inspiration from. Is there a family trip that is one of your favorites? Are you in a place in life because of wise words of wisdom once imparted on you from your dad? Or do you admire something your Dad has done, big or small, and want to acknowledge him for? What father wouldn’t be touched from being thanked and high-fived for something he did. We know they don’t it for the recognition; they do it because they’re Dad!

The last and most important thing to remember when crafting the perfect card, is to speak from your heart! And if you still seem to be stumped in coming up with just the right message, sometimes a quote can express just the sentiment that was at the tip of your tongue. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown. – Unknown
  • Are we not like two volumes of one book? – Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
  • It is a wise father that knows his own child. – William Shakespeare
  • The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get. – Tim Russert

And don’t forget, you can make it an extra-personalized card by adding your very own signature, too! Our Father’s Day Shipping Cutoff is Sunday, June 10th. View our holiday shipping schedule for more information.

Take 2 Tuesday: Relaxing

Finding a great Father’s Day gift is one of the most challenging things to shop for. I never know just what he wants, and I hate the idea of giving something totally useless. I’m finally realizing more and more that the simple but completely appreciated gift of relaxation, some time alone, and a lack of pressure is sometimes the best. This Hammock Lawn Dad Funny Father’s Day Card by American Greetings would give him the best motivation to take the day off. Seen next to this photo of a real hammock, it looks like there’s nothing he would enjoy more than a snooze in a hammock.

take-two-hammockHammock Lawn Dad from

Hammock from Flickr photographer Bill_Cross

Barbecue Inspiration

As it slowly warms up here in SoCal, we’ve been using the grill more and more each week. Father’s Day happens to be arriving soon, and as so many men I know absolutely love grilling, I’ve been thinking about some possible grilling accessories that would make great gifts for this holiday. Below are some of the items I’m currently admiring.

bbq-inspirationBarbecue Fun from

Minden Outdoor Gas Grill from Williams Sonoma

Aussie Burgers from Martha Stewart

Button Down from J.Crew

Original Wayfarer from Ray-Ban

Barbecue Gift Set from Gourmet Mike’s

Take 2 Tuesday: Bear-y Sweet

Is there anything sweeter than a baby bear with his papa? These two images perfectly show how adorable these creatures truly are. Taken from a talented Flickr photographer, this image of a bear and his cubs is full of love. Use a Beanie Hat Bear card for Father’s Day to show Dad how he’ll always be the fun and fantastic papa bear in your life.