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What to Write in your 1:1 Christmas Cards

It’s easy to forget, in the flurry of holiday activities and decorations, that Christmastime is really for celebrating the people in your life. Sending a personalized Christmas card with your own custom message to your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, or spouse is a great way to explore the more personal side of holiday giving. Attaching a personal card to your holiday gift gives it that heartfelt touch–and will have friends or family thinking of the sentiment long after they’ve enjoyed your present. Here are a few tips for making your personalized holiday card full of Christmas cheer.

Select a holiday card that matches your recipient: This is the fun part! At Cardstore, we’ve got hundreds of cards that are already personally made for whatever friend or family member you want to share the holiday spirit with this year. Just browse our 1:1 holiday cards on site to find the perfect Christmas or photo holiday card for your purposes!

Begin with a holiday greeting: Start off your note with a celebratory holiday message to set the tone.

Share a Christmas memory: Have you shared holiday seasons with this friend or family member before? Do you have any special holiday traditions? Make mention of your favorite holiday memory here, to let your friend or family know how they contribute to making your holiday season festive each year. They’ll love to reminisce with you about what made Christmases past so special.

Tell them the gift they are to you: What makes your friend or family member unique? In the spirit of holiday giving, share with them the things about them that give you happiness day in and day out. Show your appreciation to give them that little holiday twinkle in their eye.

Sign off with a smile: Add your wishes for a merry Christmas morning or hope for the new year to make sure that your personalized holiday card ends on a festive note!

Who will you send a personalized Christmas card to this year?

Cards shown above: Merry Christmas Mom, Dad Christmas Blocks, and Christmas Furry Bears.


Take Two: Colorful Zig Zag Pattern

A colorful zig zag pattern pops against a neutral background in this cheerful Christmas thank you card. A similar technique is employed by these easy DIY zig zag streamers from Oh Happy Day! Both ideas are a great way to add a burst of brightness to your New Years. Thank You Zig Zag Christmas Thank You Card

Embellish Your Christmas Cards

Make your Christmas cards 3D by adding some fun and festive embellishments. Not only will they add a personal, artistic touch to your holiday design, but they are also sure to make your Christmas cards really stand out! Here’s some ideas and pictures to get your imagination going:

Make your Christmas cards 3D!

Add Ribbon: Affix a brightly-colored bow to your card to tie it up like a Christmas present.

Stickers: Buy stickers to match your card and add them as accents to its desgin.

Beads: Either glue tiny pearl or or multi-colored beads to the design or tie them with ribbon to add a luxe feel to your holiday card.

Cotton Balls: Try cotton balls to add a tactile sensation to Santa’s coat or Rudolph’s nose.

Get Creative: Add glitter glue to create your own sparkly touch. Draw a small figure peaking out from a house. Add a collage or photo. But, just remember, what seemed fun and festive for the first few cards might become tiring when it comes to the fiftieth! Keep it simple and stick to the supplies that add the most holiday spirit for your effort!

Make your Christmas cards 3D!

Order your Christmas cards by the end of today at 11:59 EST to get crafting and ensure they arrive in time for Christmas!

Cards Pictured Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Feliz Navidad Christmas Card Christmas City Scape Christmas Card Merry Xmas Wishes Christmas Card Santa Belt Button Christmas Card Season’s Greetings Christmas Card

Take Two: Snowman Family

If you have some free time this weekend, why not create a whole family of snowmen–one for each member of your family–just like this holiday card? Have everyone make someone besides themselves and be sure to add lots of identifying accessories! Snowman Family Christmas Card

Photo from Flickr

Order Your Christmas Cards by 12/15!

If you’ve been putting off making your Christmas cards, make sure to get them done by the December 15th to ensure that they arrive in loved ones’ mailboxes in time for Christmas! Plus, if you shop now, you’ll get 50% off site wide. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Order your Christmas cards!

1 to 1 Cards: Christmas Cards Person to Person

While receiving a card in the mail is always a fun surprise, there’s something unique about a card that is handed from one person to another. Here are some benefits of the 1 to 1 card.

Attaching a Card to a Present: Although gift tags have gotten more and more elaborate, attaching a Christmas card to a holiday gifts allows you some more room to express your holiday wishes. If your gift is particularly nostalgic or sentimental, you can explain its significance in a Christmas card. 1 to 1 cards are perfect for family  heirlooms or pass downs. Even if your gift isn’t a present from yesteryear, a 1 to 1 card can be the ideal place to explain just why your gift is so suited to its recipient. Friends and family will love seeing how much thought you put into your holiday presents.

Adding Your Own Personal Touch: If you enjoy crafting or art projects, 1 to 1 cards allow you to add your own special touch to your holiday card. Add funny captions, artistic cartoons, or even some glitter to make your holiday card really sparkle. Loved ones are sure to cherish a card forever if you pair homemade touches, like drawings or embellishments, with the best parts  of Cardstore cards—personal photos and great design. You can even add your own fun memorabilia inside the card—tickets to a movie or concert the two of you went to long ago, a strip of photo booth pictures from long  ago—or a gift card or certificate.

Seeing the Reaction: One of the best parts of gift giving is seeing the expression on your friend’s face as they open their present. More often than not though, loved ones appreciate the sentiment and kind words more than the gift itself. My favorite part of giving a card to a friend or family member is watching as they read what I’ve written. If watching as a loved one reads your card doesn’t have you feeling warm and fuzzy this holiday season, I don’t know what will!

Check out Cardstore’s collection of Christmas cards now, and get writing your 1 to 1 holiday cards!

Take Two Tuesday: Red Christmas Cardinal

Now that we’ve decorated for Christmas, there are pops of festive red color all over my house. I love the bright bursts of red cropping up in nature here, too. Both the red cardinal and the cheerful holly berries add such a sweet holiday touch. Why not add a natural and festive element to your holiday cards with this Cardinal Holly Branch Christmas Card? Cardinal Holly Branch Christmas Card

Cardinal Photo pictured at His Eye on the Sparrow

Gingerbread House Inspiration

Growing up with a December birthday meant that we often would put on gingerbread house making contests during my birthday parties. While my technique consisted mostly of eating and adding as much candy as possible, I love some of the ideas below–the monochromatic pink house, the log cabin, and the all-white gingerbread house, in particular! Gingerbread House Holiday Christmas Card

From Top to Bottom,  Left to Right:

Southern Style Gingerbread Manor

All White Gingerbread House

Log Cabin Gingerbread House

Pink Gingerbread House

Slanted Roof Gingerbread House

Peppermint Inspiration Board

Add a tasty touch to the Christmas season with some of these peppermint holiday treats! Peppermints are certainly some of the prettiest sweets around, and this holiday card is sure to invoke memories of some of your sweeter Christmases. Candy Cane Jar Christmas Card

Martha Stewart Candy Cane Cocktail

Sunset Crushed Peppermint Cheesecake

Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Spreaders

Martha Stewart Peppermint Eggnog

Take Two Tuesday: Snowy Deer

Where I live, it doesn’t snow for the holidays–but I sometimes wish it did when I see images like this! On particularly cold nights, I can at least pretend that I’m living in a winter wonderland. Snowy Christmas Deer Christmas Card

Deer Photo