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Posts tagged ‘Cardstyle Finds’

Cardstyle Find #102: Family Circus

Cardstyle find 1021; Cardstyle Find #102: Family Circus
With summer vacation in full swing, many family reunions are being held across the country. I’ve never been much of a fan of the cliche family reunion shirts I’ve seen, but when I came across these options from Kin, I was sold. They’re understated and give a great sense of family history; I think they’d be the perfect addition to a reunion this summer.

Cardstyle Find #97: Polka Dot Party Cones

cardstyle find 97; Cardstyle Find #97: Polka Dot Party ConesAs it gets closer to Memorial Day weekend and the kickoff of summer parties, I’ve been thinking about all the little touches I could add to the parties to make them even sweeter. When I came across these Party Cones from Shop Sweet Lulu, I knew they would make the perfect addition to a summer party. For popcorn or an ice cream cone holder, these are too cute for words.

Cardstyle Find #75: Air Mail Mighty Wallet

cardstyle find 75; Cardstyle Find #75: Air Mail Mighty Wallet

This wallet from {far 4} is one of the coolest wallets I’ve ever seen! It looks fantastically retro and would make a fantastic gift for the holidays. And look at that price; not much could be better!

Cardstyle Find #73: Knitted Reindeer Jumper

cardstyle find 73; Cardstyle Find #73: Knitted Reindeer Jumper

I know holiday sweaters often get a bad rap, but all I want with the onset of this cold weather is to curl up in a big, comfy knotted sweater! This knitted reindeer jumper from topshop is a gorgeous color and looks just perfect for a nice relaxing day at home.

Cardstyle Find #70: Paper Pot

cardstyle 70; Cardstyle Find #70: Paper Pot

There’s absolutely nothing cute about blowing your nose; there’s just no way around it! As the cold season hits us and colds seem to be everywhere, there’s a constant use of tissues around me. Even though blowing your nose can’t be made much better, these Paper Pots from Molla Space are the cutest way to dress up a boring tissue box. Coming in a variety of colors you can mix and match, I love the modern and fun design and the idea of using these to brighten up and room and make a cold seem a little more insignificant.

Cardstyle Find #59: Less Stress

cardstyle find 59; Cardstyle Find #59: Less Stress

With the Holiday season approaching us in the form of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, as well as birthdays in the midst of this, stress is easy to find. In an attempt to keep stress at bay, I’m going to try this Jane Inc. Less Stress bath salts product. It’s sleep-inducing and looks like it would smell great!

Cardstyle Find #56: Cutey Booty

cardstyle find 56; Cardstyle Find #56: Cutey Booty

When I found these baby bloomers made by cutey booty last week I literally squealed I thought they were so cute! I can just imagine an adorable chubby baby running around with these on in a bright color and monogrammed with their name! The best part is there are different colors for boys and girls, and even different styles so the little one can wear a different one everyday!

Cardstyle Find #52: Bow Scarf

cardstyle find 52; Cardstyle Find #52: Bow ScarfWith chilly weather coming, I’m looking to add as many scarves as possible to my wardrobe. When I came across this bow scarf from Emmadime, I knew this was the one of a kind item I’ve been looking for! How sweet and childlike is this adorable knitted scarf? I can’t wait to wear it with a pair of skinny jeans, boots, and a fun top like the one in the picture.

Cardstyle Find #48: Antique Mirror

cardstyle find mirror; Cardstyle Find #48: Antique Mirror

Mirrors can be so simple, but I just love them when used as a work of art. I’m absolutely in love with the gorgeous frame around this French Country Mirror from Etsy vendor Revived Vintage. And what an absolutely perfect name to describe it!

Cardstyle Find #42: Cake Boxes

cardstyle find 42; Cardstyle Find #42: Cake BoxesTo me, there’s nothing cuter, prettier, or more enticing than an incredible dessert. Just put a slice of pie, a cookie, or ice cream near me and I’m incredibly happy. But these Vintage Design Cake Boxes from Cox & Cox have taken desserts a whole leap above. I mean come on… who can resist these adorable boxes? I love the idea of having these on hand at the end of dinner parties to send guests off with any little dessert extras you may have. Just too sweet for words!