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Posts tagged ‘Cardstyle Find’

Cardstyle Find #101: Fourth of July Table Decor


Fourth of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays, and I make sure to go all out! The fourth is not a time for subtle decor. I love this table setting from Williams-Sonoma. It’s bright and so star-spangled!

Cardstyle Find #100: Colorful Pitchers

cardstyle-find-100It’s the season for entertaining outside, so I’m always on the hunt for some cool kitchen items that would look great outdoors and indoors. When I found these AddColour Bright – Paul Smith Stelton Jugs on Horne, I was immediately drawn to the bright handles. With the stainless steel and such vivid colors, I think these would turn up the heat this summer.

Cardstyle Find #99: Lisa Stickley Paper Goods

cardstyle-find-99How adorable are these dotty pencils and their accordance case from Lisa Stickley?  I love her cheerful design aesthetic!

Via Parcel Post

Cardstyle Find #98: Cut Paper from Sara Burgess

cardstyle-find-98This is some of the most gorgeous paper cutting I’ve seen. Check out Sara’s work here! Found via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Cardstyle Find #96: Paper Cutting Book


I love anything that highlights exciting, artful developments in the stationery world.  This book focuses on the art of paper cutting–featuring the work of 26 international artists–and it looks like an interesting read for anyone similarly interested in paper goods! Found via Paper Crave.

Cardstyle Find #95: Penguin Essential Redesigns


Penguin just released new editions of some of the best of twentieth century literature, but, as dictated by Senior Editor Richard Bravery on the Penguin Blog, “Classic (backlist) books generally take the cover approach of marrying the period of the book with the aesthetic of the age. So a 1920’s book is generally twinned with Deco styling/artists. But with the Essentials we wanted, where possible, to break away from that approach, and package the books as if they were new texts, using contemporary artists to appeal to a new generation of readers.” Brideshead Revisited, pictured above, is one of my favorite cover designs of the line–but it was a tough call to choose between that and A Clockwork Orange. What do you think of melding contemporary design with less-than-contemporary literature?

Cardstyle Find #94: Candle Lantern



As the weather has slowly gotten better and better, I’ve found myself fantasizing about hosting outdoor dinner parties during the summer. With the help of this cute Candle Lantern from Toast, the get togethers are not only well-lit and free of any buggy guests, but simply decorated with it’s pretty shape.

Cardstyle Find #93: Baby Eiffel Tower



If you’re trying to raise your child as a francophone, I’d start with this adorable Eiffel Tower toy from oeuf. Handmade in Bolivia and with a vintage feel, this would be such a sweet and soft toy for a baby.

Cardstyle Find #92: Kim Eichler-Messmer Quilts


Even though winter is (finally!) coming to a close, this vibrant quilt from Kim Eichler-Messmer is just vibrant enough to fit perfectly into almost every season. I would love to build a room around this gorgeous color scheme! Found via Anthology Magazine.

Cardstyle Find #91: The Journal ipad Cover


I don’t have an ipad yet, and don’t have much need for one, but when I came across this cover called “The Journal” designed by Kate Spade, I came to a realization: I need an ipad just for this case! The cover is so stylish and urban all in one; perfect for a modern worker.