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The Story Behind the Card: Mommy’s Little Angel Mother’s Day Card

How did our Mommy’s Little Angel Mother’s Day card become the comic gem that it is? Read the story behind the card:

Originally, this Mother’s Day card featured a picture of a decidedly angelic little girl. But, our team wondered, how much funnier would it be–and memorable–if it featured a picture of your child instead? From there, it became clear that this Mother’s Day card had some real comic potential. By selecting a picture that focused on a less-than-angelic child, we added a bit of ironic fun to this Mother’s Day photo card to ensure that mom gets a laugh and some love this Mother’s Day.

Our Mommy’s Little Angel Mother’s Day card isn’t the only Mother’s Day design to which that you could add a funny photo. Check out these two designs–one that features a child talking on the phone to the president, and another that sends a message from the good child–and consider adding your own inspired photo to send a funny Mother’s Day card she won’t forget!


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The Story Behind the Card: Baby Mama Mother’s Day Card

Have you seen our Baby Mama Mother’s Day card?  Here’s the scoop on how it was created:

One of our designers, Lori Donaldson, was tired of all the Mother’s Day cards that specifically linked being a mom with being a wife. After all, there are plenty of ways to be a mom, without being a wife–many of us are raised by single moms, or moms that are unmarried to their partners. To protest all the Mother’s Day cards that specifically call out “wife,” she created this beautiful floral design that celebrates motherhood alone.


Cardstore has a number of other nontraditional Mother’s Day cards that celebrate single moms, or simply address themselves to a mom instead of a wife. We have many times to celebrate the romantic relationships in our life–anniversaries and Valentines Day–but only one day to celebrate mom! Mother’s Day is for celebrating moms of all types, for all they do.


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