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Birthday Gag Gifts: Celebrate a Milestone Birthday with a Laugh!

For those big milestone birthdays, it’s tough to find the gift that’s just right for the birthday boy or girl. Whether they’re turning 30, 40, 50, or any other big birthday, sometimes giving a gift card just doesn’t seem like the best you can do. Along with giving them a great card to celebrate their milestone birthday, why not pick out a laugh-out-loud gag gift? Here’s a few steps to help you brainstorm the perfect birthday gag gift.

  •  Make it age related: Especially for a milestone birthday, age is the thing on everyone’s mind. If the birthday boy or girl is a little anxious about getting older, make anxiety into a laugh with a gift that seems designed for the elderly. Everything from a large print book to false teeth to a cane will help them realize they’re not over the hill just yet.
  • Focus on the wrapping job: Create a false sense of excitement by wrapping a tiny box in bigger and better packaging. Make your presentation be part of your gag gift!
  • Use unusual ingredients:  Make bubble bath, potpourri, or trail mix with slightly off or funny ingredients to make a homemade gag gift that will make them laugh. Just be careful to label the ingredients clearly so they get the joke.
  • Provide an incomplete gift: Offer the ringbox without the ring or the batteries without the toy. Include a picture of the missing object with a “Just add ___” label.

Our birthday board on Pinterest features plenty of fantastic gag gifts for a variety of different birthdays, making it easy to pick out the perfect gift to help make their day even more memorable. What are some of your favorite gag gifts to give for those major birthdays? Don’t forget to pick out a great milestone birthday card to help complete the gift.

Milestone birthday cards from Cardstore.comMilestone birthday cards pictured: Colorful 30th Birthday Invite, Milestone Birthday Invite Red, Graphic Art 40th Birthday Invite.


Happy April Fool’s Day!

Have you been pranked yet? Or have you already pulled off the most epic prank ever? Yes, it’s that special time of the year again, April Fool’s Day, which means it’s time to get the laughs going! If you didn’t know about Cardstore’s funny new April Fool’s Day cards in time for the holiday today, there’s no need to worry; the laughs can continue through the year! Sending funny birthday cards, funny thinking of you cards, and any funny card in between is the best way to make someone’s day that much better. In honor of April Fool’s Day this year, Cardstore is offering a special 1-day offer that will help spread laughs for the rest of the year. Be sure to visit Cardstore today for this special deal that will leave everybody laughing who’s lucky enough to get a card from you.


Featured cards: Found the Vodka, Healthy Bacon, Birthday Donut Calories

Celebrate your BFF–like only YOU can!

Everyone has a special bond with their best girlfriend–fueled by girls’ night out, weekend brunches, and phone calls and texts in between meetings. Your BFF is the one you turn to for support, celebration, fun, and even as a shoulder to cry on! When it’s time for a birthday, you better be ready to celebrate it like only YOU can–with a few laughs, a little wine, and a heartfelt birthday card made just for her.


Cardstore has a variety of BFF birthday cards perfect for old and new friends. Let her know that you’ve known her since she had her “natural hair color,” or simply write her to tell her that she really is your person. Get your friendship down in writing–to let her know how much you treasure your special connection!

CS_SC_BLG_BFF_SHELFTo commemorate a special moment, even capture a picture of you two together! Whatever you do, write a birthday message that has just the right amount of inside jokes and heartfelt memories to celebrate your friendship in style.

Cards pictured: My Person that I Love, Natural Birthday Wish, Bright Best Friend Frame, Birthday Donut Calories, and Vintage Birthday Cheers.

Sending Personalized Kids Birthday Thank You Cards

Once the cake has all been eaten, the streamers have been taken down, and the wrapping paper has been recycled, it’s time for a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation after hosting a kid’s birthday party. The only problem is, those final thank you notes from the birthday boy or girl that need to be sent out always seem to be standing in the way! It can be so difficult to get a little one to sit down and write a sincere note (or just scribble in a sweet design), and for those who are just turning 1 or 2 (like so many of the Cardstore babies!), it’s simply impossible.

This year, why not make the process so much easier with kids birthday thank you cards from Cardstore? With so many cute designs to choose from that can be instantly personalized with a photo and note, there’s no better way to show friends and family how happy you and your little one are that they came and celebrated with you.

For the birthday girl, pick a card featuring some of her favorite things, whether that’s a crown fit for a princess, adorable owl, or sweet pink details. Let her add a message inside to tell family and friends how happy she is to have celebrated her big day with loved ones. CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF


Did your party have a pirate, or Wild West theme? For the birthday boy, there’s a card that fits in perfectly with your party decor. Be sure to take a picture of your birthday boy with his new gift and add it to the card for a cute and personalized touch that shows just how much he has been enjoying all the loot from his birthday.

CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF_2Whether it’s a kids thank you card from a birthday boy or girl, it’s sure to bring joy to everyone’s day with it’s completely personalized details. Be sure to look at all of Cardstore’s kids birthday thank you cards to find one that fits all your needs perfectly. Do you have your little ones help send their thank you cards?

Featured Cards: Princess Photo Thanks, Thank You Zig Zag, Owl Thanks, Pirate Photo Thanks, Yay Thanks

Don’t Forget December Birthdays!

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget December birthdays. Don’t let it happen to you–December babies deserve love too! It might be tempting to just add a happy birthday message to their holiday card, but going to the extra effort will mean a lot to them. While you shop for your holiday cards on site, why not double check your calendar, and throw in a few December birthday cards as well? In a few quick steps, you can personalize a birthday card with a photo and heartfelt message, and make sure that their birthday doesn’t get forgotten as you inch closer to Christmas. Make sure you won’t forget by using our Future Send feature, which lets you prepare cards that you want to send later in advance!

Do you have a December birthday? How often do people forget it?


Milestone Birthday Cards and Invitations: Cause for Celebration

Birthdays are always something worth celebrating, but when a milestone birthday year comes along it calls for special attention! Make the most of every moment by choosing a birthday card that matches the milestone and celebrates the accomplishment. Cardstore milestone birthday cards and milestone birthday invitations draw attention to the birthday year by incorporating their age into the birthday design. Use a sixteenth birthday card to celebrate a sweet 16th friend birthday bash and a new driver’s license. Send a  happy 21st birthday card to celebrate their first legal drink.  Invite friends and family to join with you and celebrate the big 6-0 with a sixtieth birthday invitation. Whether you’re sending a milestone birthday wish or throwing a milestone birthday party, milestone cards show the birthday recipient how important their big steps are to you.

Milestone Birthday Cards pictured: Reserved Birthday Beer 21st Birthday Card & Big Six O Sixtieth Birthday Card

Staff Favorite Birthday Cards

My favorite way to view Cardstore cards—especially when there are a lot of cards in a category, like with birthday cards—is to see some of my co-workers’ favorites. It makes sense, then, that I love perusing the staff favorites section on the site! When it comes to birthday cards, Cardstore has a huge selection—the number of birthday cards is almost overwhelming. If you’re a little indecisive like me, the staff favorites section is a great place to start. Here’s a few of the staff favorite birthday cards below, but you can check out the whole staff favorite birthday cards on site, too!

Birthday Cards pictured: Cupcake Happy Day Birthday Card, Empty Calories Birthday Photo Birthday Card, Truly Belated Birthday Card, Beer for You Photo Birthday Card, Happy Birthday Boy Photo Birthday Card, & Big Fat Birthday Photo Birthday Card.

JustWink Funny Birthday Cards

We LOVE justWink’s selection of funny birthday cards, and we’re so excited that the brand has come to Cardstore! JustWink designs feature bright and bold design paired with fun and quirky humor. Particularly well-suited to anyone from your BFF to your cool younger brother, these youthful cards combine the best modern design with the striking, laugh out loud humor. These aren’t your grandmother’s birthday cards—unless your grandmother is one hip lady. We can’t wait to see even more designs from justWink that are coming our way, but for now, take a look at their line of birthday cards on the site.  Here’s a few of our favorites just as a teaser:

Pictured Above: Cat Sweater Birthday

and Sweet Unicorn Love justWink Birthday Cards

Hello Kitty Birthday Inspiration

I loved Hello Kitty as a kid, so I’m pretty excited by the new line of Hello Kitty cards at Cardstore! Be sure to check out all of the adorable Hello Kitty birthday cards to get some inspiration for your daughter’s next birthday party. Pink Border Hello Kitty Kids Birthday Card

Hello Kitty Nails

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Inspiration Board: Sparkle Birthday

Every birthday could do with a little extra sparkle. Add something special to birthday celebrations with fairytale-esque silver details in everything from the birthday card to the gift to the outfit to the cupcakes! If there’s any day your friend deserves to feel like a princess, her birthday is it. One Wish Wand Birthday Card for Her

Shoshanna Dress from Bloomingdales

Mercury Trinket Box and Morelia Ballerinas Flats from Anthropologie

Silver Cupcakes from Favin