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Our Favorite Blog Posts: February 8 – 14

pony1. Messy Side Ponytail:  Perfecting the look of being effortlessly cute while having just rolled out of bed is actually quite a process! It has never looked cuter, more chic, or been easier than this Side Ponytail seen over on A Cup of Jo.

ed0c58662. A glimpse of Ireland and chocolate petits pots de creme: If you’re just dying for a trip somewhere, this post from La Tartine Gourmande is the best virtual alternative. Stunning photos, sweet narration, and a fantastic recipe at the end make this post beautiful.

Our Favorite Blog Posts: January 31st-February 7th

1. Best Wedding of the Week: Amy & David: This gorgeous lavender-themed wedding, found over at Snippet & Ink, is set in California with a French twist!  I like it because it isn’t too theme-heavy, but manages to be cohesive nonetheless.

From Oh Joy!

2. Feeling Dandelion & Blush – I spend a lot of time looking at visually appealing blogs–but I actually integrated this simple dandelion and blush color scheme into my wardrobe this weekend! It felt like the perfect look for 75 degree, sunny California this weekend (I know, it’s almost cruel to mention with the weather going on all over the rest of the country!)–hopefully you’ll find this inspiration board from Oh Joy! similarly inspiring.

Our Favorite Blog Posts: November 23-29


1. Stacy + Paul’s Anthropologie Inspired Wedding – I fell in love with this wedding from Green Wedding Shoes after glancing at the first photo. Scrabble tiles?? So cute! with each handmade or found decoration, this event got prettier and prettier. I love that dessert table too! Sweet in every way. -Vanessa


2. Colour Inspiration: Scarlet, Crimson, and Vermilion – I’ve been craving a little glamor in my life lately, and with the holidays coming up this post from {this is glamorous} featuring gorgeous red items is all I need. How gorgeous are those photos and her inspiration board?

3. Gorgeous Window Decals found via Design*Sponge. Perfect to start getting into the holiday spirit!

Our Favorite Blog Posts: November 2 – 8

100lc_rw_surflodge21. Real Weddings: Lindsay + Mike –  It’s been a while since I’ve found a beachy wedding I’ve liked this much! I love the bride’s beautiful short dress and the bicycle theme! -Allison


2. Vintage Indiana Wedding – The photography for this wedding, found on Ruffled, is absolutely stunning. So romantic and timeless. Her very green bouquet is another nice touch.

mich-13. So you Want to Follow Your Dreams? – this post from How Sweet It Is is one of the best posts I’ve read in some time. Detailing her attempt at following her dreams, it provides you with fantastic tips for finding what you really love to do, and setting out on the path to doing it. Nothing could be more inspiring than that.

6a00e55015ee5288330133f5873104970b4. What the Food Magazines are Recommending – Thanksgiving may be a few weeks away, but I know many of us are already stressing over menus. This post from The Bitten Word contains a fantastic list of what the top food magazines are recommending this year for the ultimate Thanksgiving menu. What do you think of the ideas?

Our Favorite Blog Posts: October 19 – 25

100lc_rw_kristenben141. I have fallen head over heels in love with this wedding seen via 100 Layer Cake. The personalized French poster is one of my favorite details ever, the silhouettes of the guests are incredible, and every last detail is perfect. The best part about it? It’s not overdone at all and is personal in every single way.  -Vanessa

pumpkin-gingersnap-ice-cream-412. I’ve been staring at this image since it showed up in my feed earlier today. As it’s fall, I’m in major pumpkin-craving mode, and I think this Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream from Picky Palate might be the thing to satisfy the craving (at least for tonight)! Do you have any fabulous pumpkin recipes you’d be willing to share? -Vanessa

Our Favorite Blog Posts: October 11 – 18

Photo by Jocelyn Mathewes via Style Me Pretty

Photo by Jocelyn Mathewes via Style Me Pretty

1. Favorite Wedding of the Week: Maryland Wedding: This wedding from Style Me Pretty is so subtle and romantic. The bride’s dress is stunning–handmade with antique French lace. The location is perfect–I love the intimate feel of the pond.  Beautiful use of light gray. All-around breath-taking. –Allison

Photography by Josie Miner via Once Wed

Photography by Josie Miner via Once Wed

2. Bohemian Farm Wedding: Another gorgeous wedding, found via Once Wed, that I can’t stop sighing over. How Bohemian! How effortlessly cool! This wedding looks as though it would have been so much fun to attend. -Allison

chili5-21. With the arrival of cold weather here, I find myself craving just one type of food: warm, comforting soups, stews, and chilis. I’m often overwhelmed with recipe lists for these though, so I end up never making them! This recipe for 5 Step Chili from How Sweet It Is is a total dream come true! 5 steps to deliciousness… can’t wait to try it out! –Vanessa

ed0c743812. I am often amazed by the lack of food education that young children receive. There’s just no appreciation for all the incredible things that grow from the ground and what can be created with these items! When I came across this post from La Tartine Gourmande I was blown away. Apparently France has a Week of Taste to educate children about food. Who do I talk to to get this started here?!

Our Favorite Blog Posts: October 3 – 10


1. When I came across this Simply Color post from design*sponge I was blown away. The hanging peach dress in the first picture immediately caught my attention, and all the romantic details that followed fit perfectly with my initial impression. These colors and rustic details have me swooning.

2. There’s nothing quite like looking at a picture-perfect wedding on Style Me Pretty. This Central Coast Wedding posted last week combined vintage, rustic, and down-home farm elements so well there isn’t a single thing that could be changed for the better. And those pictures on the hay stacks! Too sweet for words.


1. With the coming of fall comes the rainy season. I’m a huge lover of the soft patter of rain, but I know some people absolutely hate it! Instead of using rain as an excuse to stay inside and waste a day, I think these Rain Check ideas from lox papers are fantastic! Some of the ideas are old stand by’s and others are new that I’m planning on doing the next time it’s gloomy outside.

Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week: September 20- October 4


1. Blogs frequently feature decadent and stunning dinner parties that are so overwhelming, I’d have no idea where to start to mimic them. When I stumbled upon this Dinner Party Beneath the Golden Gate on Oh Happy Day, I was blown away in a realistic way for once. Yes, the setting is out of this world and unbelievably picturesque, but the party details are so real! It’s just an intimate gathering with string lights, simple chairs, pretty flowers, and a coordinating table scape. For once, this is something I can do! As I live only 40 minutes away from San Francisco, maybe I’ll try to recreate the whole event! Here’s the DIY Post too if you’re interested!

2. I’ve been putting off fall and the beginning of any serious work for as long as possible. In my head, I’ve been reveling in the relaxation of summer, but it’s slowly coming to an end. This To Autumn post from Little Brown Pen has me realizing fall is here and it should just be embraced. The poem from Keats in the post is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the message about working a little harder to understand, instead of glossing over the difficult bits in life. Here’s to the beginning of a new season!


1. Wedding of the Week: Library Themed Wedding – I’ve always loved libraries and dreamed of the perfect evening ceremony. Naturally, then, I absolutely loved this wedding from Style Me Pretty! Gorgeous setting and adorable Save the Date cards. Check it out!

Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week: September 20 – 27


1. I’ve got a real soft spot for chickens. Growing up with them I always professed to hating them because of their noise, but I secretly think they’re pretty darn cool. So, whenever I see a chicken in a post I know it’s going to be a good blog entry. When I found this Edible Gardens post from design*sponge, I loved the pictures and message. It’s never too late to think about planting a garden, and I think this post has some awesome reasons (and cute photos) for why everyone should consider planting their own gardens.

2. I rarely find a blog post that makes me laugh out loud but man oh man I just about died over this one. From Honeysuckle Life, this post is all about the hideousness that is jean cut off shorts for men. I can’t even describe her hatred over these… too funny! You’ll just have to read it yourself to get a good laugh too.


1. Wedding Pick of the Week: Mammoth Wedding from Style Me Pretty. This gorgeous wedding has just the right amount of outdoorsy details to suit my tastes. The setting is drop-dead gorgeous, the styling is spot on, and  there’s even a deer! Love it.

2. I’m absolutely obsessed with this vintage-themed engagement shoot over at Ruffled.  Every picture is to die for! Apparently the bride-to-be is a vintage enthusiast; I love her taste!

Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week: July 25-31


1. Living in Fried Green Tomatoes -I had never seen this movie before, but after looking over a couple of these gorgeous inspiration boards and photos from design*sponge, I decided to watch it and loved it! Love almost everything she chose here, especially the whole first inspiration board!

2. Rustic Dinner Party Photoshoot – If you loved our herb-spiration board from a few weeks ago, you’ll love this rustic dinner party (featuring LOTS of herbs as decor) from Dandelion and Grey. I know I did! Herbs are the perfect, subtle accent. There’s almost no color scheme to speak of in this shoot–she leaves it with simple white and herb accents–and I love the simplicity.

3. Max & Margaux’s Wedding – This wedding is amazing, stunning, every handmade-lover’s dream. There’s five whole posts on this 2 day wedding over at Once Wed, and trust me when I say that you should look at ALL of them. I linked to Part 5 above, but for your convenience, here are 1, 2, 3, & 4 as well. Some highlights are: the framed handwritten vows, the ribbon roof, her top and skirt for the ceremony, fish tacos AND an In-n-Out truck at the reception, and the adorable backdrop with pots and pans.  Everything about this wedding is perfect!


1. Mila’s Daydreams –  This is such a beautifully whimsical blog, with every post adding a little sunshine to you day. My favorite shot from last week was this Bookworm one… I mean how much cuter can it get?

2. We Like it Wild: Lavender – Lavender is my all time favorite smell; I can never get enough of it, and just one whiff transports me to calming, relaxing, and never-ending fields of the herb. This post from design*sponge has beautiful photos, and great ideas of things you can do with it. Can’t wait to try some of them out!

3. Kittens 2010 Photo Contest – While this isn’t exactly a blog post, it was one of my favorite finds from last week. If you like kittens at all, you are going to die when you see these shots! Every single kitten is beyond adorable… I can’t stop looking at them!