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Why Don’t You… November 13 – 14


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… check our facebook giveaway series? Starting next week Cardstore is hosting a series of weekly giveaways on our facebook page just in time for the holiday season! There will be questions relating to the holidays for you to answer, and one lucky fan will win one of our awesome prizes each week. Be sure to become a fan at so you can enter the contest!


… create a beautiful placecard? Inspired by this stunning DIY placecard by Sweet Paul, all I can think about is what a perfect addition this would make to any Thanksgiving table. If you’re left with any extra time this weekend, I’d start crafting these to make them just right.

Why Don’t You… November 6 & 7

4145930270_d796db01d2_oimage from flickr

… host a fakesgiving? If you’re one to get a little freaked out about the thought of entertaining friends and family while making an impeccable feast for Thanksgiving, you’re certainly not alone. When I saw this idea for a Fakesgiving party on the Bitten Word I realized what a great idea this is! Instead of worrying up til the last minute whether the recipe and decor will turn out okay, why not have a fun, stress-free run through with friends where everyone practices their Thanksgiving skills? And it’s a great opportunity to have some awesome food!


… create your own vintage tin can candles? DIY projects that are absolutely beautiful as a final product generally totally intimidate me. But this project from design*sponge is not only stunning but actually doable! Finding a vintage tin can is easy, and while I have never made my own candle wax, it doesn’t sound too bad! Can’t wait to try this out to see if these could be the perfect DIY gifts this holiday season.

Why Don’t You… October 30 & 31

twix-pie_300… use up leftover Halloween candy? My family always has ridiculous amounts of candy left over by the end of Halloween, and it generally just ends up sitting around for quite some time. I think these 10 Recipe Ideas for Halloween Candy from Real Simple are genius and a great way to use up that extra candy this weekend!

dsc_0264… make a canvas calendar? I was instantly smitten when I saw this canvas calendar over on design*sponge a while ago. Although it’s a semi-difficult DIY project, I think it would be perfect to begin now for the holiday season. It’s such a heartfelt, personal gift that would be a stunning decoration anywhere.

Why Don’t You… October 16 & 17


… create a mini jotter + book? When I first saw these little books on oh, hello friend I thought they were from an etsy shop because they’re so cute! As it turns out, they’re completely hand made and so easy to do for yourself! I think they would make a great and personal gift when covered in a special fabric and with a little note inside. -Vanessa


…host a design swap? I personally get bored with my wardrobe way too frequently. However, I just don’t have the funds to go out and buy all new things every time I want to! That’s why I love this design swap idea from design*sponge. Invite over your most stylish friends to swap clothes and items to add some freshness to your wardrobe at no cost! Paired with a little wine and cheese, I think this would make a fantastic event. -Vanessa

. . .make these delicious looking pumpkin cinnamon rolls? I can’t be the only one around with a weakness for cinnamon rolls!  Coupled with my pumpkin obsession and incurable sweet tooth, I can’t imagine any better morning treat than this amazing recipe from Multiply Delicious. -Allison

Why Don’t You. . . October 9 & 10

. . . throw a beginning of autumn brunch? I loved this Farmhouse Harvest Brunch shoot that I stumbled upon on at The Sweetest Occasion. Beautiful colors, and yummy food! I love fall foods–specifically anything apple and pumpkin themed. What a great way to usher in my favorite season! -Allison

. . .try out this yummy caramel apple muffin recipe? If you haven’t gathered this already, I’m all about seasonal fruit.  I love going out and picking whatever’s in season! I’m headed home next weekend to visit family, and I know one thing I’ll be doing for sure–visiting the apple orchards! Until then, though, I’ll just satisfy my apple cravings with this very tasty looking recipe from the NY Times. -Allison


… make your own bread? There’s no pride quite like cutting into a fresh loaf of bread you’ve just made, and nothing reminds me more of fall than fresh homemade bread. I’ve been seeing tons of talk about bread in various blogs, like this post on Eating is Art, but this recipe from David Lebovitz looks so incredible… I can’t wait to knead this weekend! -Vanessa


… create no-carve pumpkins? I’ll be the first to admit I’m not even close to being the best pumpkin carver. I’ve been known to butcher a perfectly good idea, so I avoid it altogether. When I came across these No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas on Real Simple, I became newly confident! This year, I’m going to create a one of a kind pumpkin from these ideas that just doesn’t involve carving! I’m especially loving that chalkboard idea… who knew it could be used on pumpkins too?

Why Don’t You. . . September 25 & 26


. . . create your own cafe curtains? I am in love with this idea from Woman’s Day to create your own cafe curtains! At first, I was a little wary of anything involving sewing, but as it’s for beginners, I checked out the directions and they’re surprisingly simple. The best part about the easiness is that multiple curtains can be made to let you transition through the seasons. A fall colored curtain now, winter one next, and it can just go on to help you decorate with the seasons! -Vanessa


. . . get started on Halloween costumes? I know it’s a little early, but I just cannot wait for Halloween to get here already! I’m not much of a sewer (as I said above), so when I came across these 35 homemade costumes from Parenting that require NO SEWING, I had to check them out. As busy moms, there’s almost no time to create a really cute costume for the kids, but these ideas are so fast and adorable! How cute is that rubber ducky one above?? Do you have any Halloween costume tips to share? -Vanessa

. . .use a salvaged drawer to create a unique frame? I love this idea from Design*Sponge. It has such a nice rustic charm!

. . . start planning your Halloween party now? Now’s the time to pick a date and order your invitations!  I always seem to miss throwing the Halloween party of my dreams due to poor planning. It definitely isn’t going to happen this time! Check out which Halloween Invitations Cardstore has to offer.

Why Don’t You. . . September 18 & 19

. . . make something sweet for your significant other? There’s nothing better than getting a surprise from your honey, and I think this Maple Bacon Kettle Corn would be loved by anyone with a soft spot for bacon… I know my boyfriend would love it! Paired with a movie night in you’d give that special someone a reminder of how much you care. And you can enjoy the treat too! -Vanessa

. . . keep white in your wardrobe a little longer? I  know it’s post-labor day, but this idea from design*sponge has me thinking of all the pretty ways I could keep the crisp and clean color of white around me a little longer. I love their floral arrangements, and would love to hear any other ideas people have for keeping this color around as long as possible! -Vanessa

. . . prepare for the big game this weekend? Tailgating for the game, be it college or professional football, is a favorite pastime of mine, and it’s only complete with some awesome food, friends, great gear, and a big W at the end of the day. These tailgating recipes look awesome and easy, and would make any gathering that much better. -Vanessa

. . . make your own DIY scrap paper notebooks? This guide from Design*Sponge comes just in time for the school year!  Perfect for you or your kids, it’s sure to add a little artistic, handmade touch to your day. Go out to your favorite paper store to pick up some inspiring prints, or use something you have lying around like sheet music or old maps.  -Allison

. . . get creative with your gift wrap? I first spotted these beautiful and creative ideas over at The Sweetest Occasion. I was stunned by all of the ideas from Flickr user essimar. Why not try your own hand at innovative gift wrap?  It will help your present stand out from the start. -Allison

Why Don’t You. . . Ideas for the Weekend of August 14 & 15

. . . create your own simple floral arrangement? After browsing through wedding blogs all day, I get so many inspired ideas for floral displays. However, I don’t really have the budget to go out and get it done, so why not arrange them myself? Partially inspired by this article from the NY Times entitled “Flower Arranging Finds a Younger Audience” and partially inspired by moving into my new place this weekend (!), I’ve set out to create my own flower display.  For this week, I’m thinking pretty mason jars filled with partially ripened strands of blackberries and whatever small wildflowers I find around (hopefully I’ll find some little  yellow ones!).  It won’t cost anything, and it’s sure to brighten up these last days of summer. -Allison


Courtesy of VintageCat Flickr

. . . start keeping your own “Things I’m Grateful For” Journal? I’ve got to admit, I was inspired by Vanessa’s Letter Inspiration this week that highlighted Thx Thx Thx–where the author writes letters about what she’s thankful for each day.  I had a friend a long time ago who used to do this–she was almost zen-like in her contentment. It was crazy! When I saw Vanessa’s post, I had this nagging feeling that I should start one. Yeah, maybe it’s a little bit cheesy, but so far it’s been so nice.   Less self-indulgent than a journal, and ends the day off on a good note. -Allison


… create your own colorful mirror? I’m in love with these two mirror ideas courtesy of Country Living. Not only do the pieces look chic and totally put together, but they’re easy to make with items most everyone has around the house; spoons and clothespins! Painting them in bright, fun colors would make a fantastic addition to summer decor, and when done in different colors they can easily transition into fall and other seasons. They’re just so cute! -Vanessa


Image from Country Living

… do a pantry check? I know it sounds like the most boring thing to do on a day off, and I’m sure it’s not very exciting, but it’s something we forget to do! This Pantry Check post on Joy the Baker reminded me that pantry checks actually have to be done, for our own good! I’m doing it this Saturday, and I’m honestly scared to see what I’ll find there… I’m sure there are items from years ago! And while you’re at it, why don’t you use these adorable free canister decals I found via How About Orange to make the kitchen a little bit cuter? There’s no better time to clean up the kitchen than the weekend!


Image from Just Something I Made

Why Don’t You. . . August 7th and 8th

. . . make your own colored chalkboard paint? I first got inspired (and then, slowly, obsessed) with craft projects involving chalkboard paint when looking at design*sponge’s idea of painting flower pots with pretty stenciled chalkboard labels. Now I can’t stop thinking about all of the fun projects I can do with chalkboard paint! Check out all of Martha Stewart’s amazing ideas for Chalkboard paint here. I absolutely love the idea of a chalkboard calendar! Here’s my twist on it: while the classic color is nice, I love the idea of having a slate bluish gray chalkboard framed in white.  I want to go grab 7 fairly large mismatched frames, paint them white, whip up some bluish gray chalkboard paint, and then buy little metal labels with the days of the week.  Then I’ll have pretty wall decor and a weekly calendar! It will be perfect for the wall space above my desk. What projects are you planning? – Allison

Design*Sponge's beautiful chalkboard-painted potted herbs
Design*Sponge’s beautiful chalkboard-painted potted herbs

. . . create your own ribbon medallions? This adorable craft from StyleMePretty is too easy not to make. If you don’t have a party or similar event for which to make them why not use them as home decor? I think they would look great alongside your newly made chalkboard calendar! –Allison


Photo courtesy of StyleMePretty

. . . have a local foods only picnic? Inspired in part by that pretty California-shaped cutting board I featured earlier this week, last weekend my family and I stopped in Point Reyes at Cowgirl Creamery and picked up a healthy sampling of  homemade cheese.  Sitting in the sun with local Acme bread, locally grown produce, and some wine my parents brought up from a Central Coast winery, I was struck by how much more fun (and tasty) it is to eat local products. So, set aside sometime to do your research on the best products in your area. Then, pile your friends or family into the car in the late morning, and stop at each place–picking out your food where you can see it being made!  You’ll get hungrier as the day wears on, and at around 3pm, settle in a pretty spot to have a sun-drenched lazy afternoon filled with good food and good company. I can’t think of any better way to spend a Sunday! -Allison

Tell me you aren't dying for some of this artisan cheese!

Tell me you aren't dying for some of this artisan cheese!

. . . pick up a thriller for the beach? With the heat of August comes an inevitable rush to the beach. And while you’re soaking up those rays, with sunscreen on of course, why not get some good reading done? NPR recently came out with a list of the Top 100 Killer Thrillers, and I can personally say it’s a GREAT list. Instead of wondering if your beach reading will be less than worthy this summer, go for a sure-fire hit with these picks. -Vanessa


… throw a summer garden party? The weather lately has been perfect for a laid back party in the backyard, and when I saw this summer garden party inspiration post from Style Me Pretty, I knew it was officially a plan for this weekend. I can’t think of anything more simple or fun than to invite some good friends over for the day and to just nibble on some delicious summer produce! I’m loving all things tomato lately, especially bruschetta with goat cheese. We’re having a major plum overload at my house lately, so I made a dimply plum cake and let me tell you… addicted! We had even more to get rid of so I whipped up an easy plum crisp (I know… it’s been a bit of a sweet tooth here!). Simple decorations like the pinwheels above, these easy paper lanterns, a white linen tablecloth, and some fresh flowers in petite vases are all you need. There’s nothing better than to celebrate the summer harvest than with friends in your own backyard! -Vanessa 


Why Don’t You. . . July 31st and August 1st

At a cute peach farm called “The Farmer’s Daughter”

. . . go peach picking? Last Sunday, my best girlfriend and I did our best to look like Southern belles, grabbed a couple of metal old buckets, and made our way inland to Brentwood, CA.  If you live in Northern California, set aside an afternoon to hit up the beautiful peach orchards  (here’s a guide to the various farms)! We had so much fun climbing ladders, picking, and sampling the lovely peaches and nectarines here.  It also makes the perfect spot for quaint pictures. Plus, it will give you a whole other activity for later in the week. A couple days after our peach picking adventure, we set ourselves to making peach everything–peach pastries, peach tartes, peaches and cream! It was delicious–I’m still in a state of food coma.  Do yourself a favor, and try this amazing, easy peach cream tarte recipe from Paula Deen for the Food Network.  It tasted like it took much more work than it did, and it was easily (and gluttonously) devoured within the day! -Allison

Some not-quite-ready nectarines and the prettiest truck ever!

. . . make fabric flowers to adorn whatever you like? I’ve been seeing fabric flowers on everything lately, and I just love them. I featured some beautiful ones from Emersonmade in my tea party inspiration board on Wednesday, but as those are a little out of my budget–and I’m in the mood for some crafting!–I’ve been hunting around the web looking for how to make them on my own! Go here to make beautiful little roses with great instructions from Calamity Kim. Also check out her (slightly easier to make) chiffon flowers. The easiest ones I found to make were over at Hey Jen Renee; I also like how understated they are.  Martha even breaks it down with templates for specific flowers here. For flowers that most closely resemble Emersonmade, check out this tutorialposted at 100 layer cake by Michonne.  -Allison

Some inspiration from EmersonMade!
Some inspiration from EmersonMade!

. . .add a luxe touch to your next bonfire or camping excursion with gourmet or innovative s’mores? This is the first summer in a long time that I haven’t been to a single beach bonfire! I haven’t even been camping.  This dearth of bonfires means another huge gap in my life–no s’mores!  I’ve been thinking about fun ways to mix up the typical s’mores recipe, and the ideas keep on coming. Why not grab some chocolate graham crackers, Reeses peanut butter cups, and the usual marshmallows to make a chocolate-peanut butter lovers dream? Or, take a fresher approach, whip up some mint marshmallows, grab some York Peppermint Patties and chocolate graham crackers to make a chocolate mint delight! Or, my personal favorite, some almond joys, homemade almond marshmallows, regular graham crackers, and some crushed almonds and extra coconut sprinkled in-between. Sounds like heaven! Try straying from the typical graham cracker and grab some ginger cookies. Then make some lemon marshmallows, add some blackberries, and lemon curd, for a real treat!  Check out this recipe from Joy of Baking for how to make homemade marshmallows. Also check out this Plush Puffs blog that features a new s’more combination every week!  -Allison


… have a spa getaway at home? Who doesn’t get exhausted after a week of working in the office or with the kids or both, and craves a fabulous spa getaway? While not all of us have the time or money to indulge that fantasy, Martha Stewart has a fantastic guide for a 3 Day Spa Getaway at home using ingredients you probably have already! Even if you don’t have 3 whole days to dedicate to yourself, just using a few of these methods to help relax would be beneficial. I can’t wait to try out the DIY facial massage this weekend. This relaxing playlist would even help to take your spa day and de-stressing to the next level. -Vanessa


Image from Martha Stewart

… host a canning party? With the plethora of fruit from the summer season, I know I’ve been having trouble using all of it in creative ways. I’ve never done much canning myself, but this idea of hosting a canning party from design sponge sounds like a blast! I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer weekend than with friends and fruit. How About Orange provides a great free printable label for canning, so you can make your finished products look stylish enough to be gifts. I even found a fantastic website called Sweet Preservation which provides recipes and an awesome canning playlist! -Vanessa


Image from Sweet Preservation

… make rainbow cupcakes? When I stumbled across this recipe last week, I literally squealed with glee. I have never seen such incredible cupcakes in my life! These rainbow cupcakes from spearmint baby are the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m positive they’d make any adult or kid’s day; they’re so cool! I had to try them out, and I have never had so much fun baking in my life. From mixing the colors to dolloping the layers on top of each other to finally biting into the final product, my kitchen was full of giggles and delighted shouts. I’m completely serious. In other words, you MUST try this recipe!


Image from spearmint baby

… send your father-in-law a note? July 30th is “Father-in-law Day”, so if you have a father-in-law, why don’t you show him how much he means by sending him a quick note? The Love Letter Squad has a great article showing how you can go about sending him a note he’ll love. -Vanessa