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Collage Cards – Use Facebook and Instagram to Create Special Cards

Many of us have hundreds of Facebook and Instagram photos that sit in an album, but will never be used for anything beyond that. So many of those photos are full of memories with family and friends though, and deserve to be put to good use! If you have plenty of photos ready to be used, why not create a collage card using some of your favorite Facebook and Instagram photos for loved ones to enjoy?

Cardstore’s collage cards are the perfect canvas for your photos to decorate. When you choose to personalize one of the cards, the option to connect to your Facebook account is given to make the process totally seamless. Once you’ve logged in to your account, pick a photo from one of your own albums or from your Instagram album to make the cards totally personalized. Whether the card is celebrating someone’s birthday, is a thank you note, or is sent just because, it’s sure to make an impression with your one-of-a-kind photos added. Who would you send a collage card featuring your Facebook and Instagram photos to?

CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_3CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_2CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_1Check out all of our collage cards, and make something memorable with your social media!

Why Send a Thanksgiving Card?

We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season, which means everyone is going to be thinking about photos, designs, and addresses for their holiday cards. But before you even send a holiday card, why not take the time to create a Thanksgiving card?

Because holiday cards are so popular, many people don’t even consider the thought of sending Thanksgiving cards. The upcoming holidays shouldn’t stop you though; there are so many fantastic reasons to personalize a Thanksgiving card for your family and friends! Below are a few favorite reasons:

1. You beat the holiday rush! Thanksgiving cards are still rare, so if your friends and family receive a card from you, it immediately stands out. That card will definitely hold a place on the mantle for much longer than any holiday card would.

2. For businesses, it’s the perfect time to tell customers exactly how you feel; thankful for their business! By telling them how thankful you are, it’s a sincere celebration of the spirit of Thanksgiving.

3. Thanksgiving cards are often even more personal than holiday cards. While holiday cards are sent to family, friends, and acquaintances, often without a very personalized note, Thanksgiving cards are perfect for sending to those few truly special people you feel incredibly grateful to have in your life. With a personalized note inside, Thanksgiving cards become even more heartfelt.

4. Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally spent with the extended family, and if you can’t be with certain family members, a Thanksgiving card is a great way to reach out. Tell them you’re thinking of them during the holiday, and how you wish you could be celebrating and eating Grandma’s pumpkin pie together.

With so many benefits to sending a Thanksgiving card, there’s no reason to wait for the holidays to show how blessed and thankful you feel! Why will you send a Thanksgiving card this year?

Why Don’t You… July 16 & 17

… make sophisticated friendship bracelets? As a girl, I always felt there was something so special about sharing a friendship bracelet I had made with a close friend. Using this DIY tutorial from Dear Lizzy, friendship bracelets are all grown up in the most stylish way possible. Wrapped in velvet, this is a bracelet that is so easy to make and incredibly pretty too.

… make refreshing summer slushies? If the weather in your area is anything like it is here, you’re hot and constantly craving cool summer treats. When I came across these Lemon Lime Slush Cups on Momtastic, that are cleverly held inside the lemons, I knew it would be my go-to treat for the weekend. Cleaning out the lemon rinds is easy enough for the kids to help with too, so it can be a fun activity everyone can get involved in.

Why Don’t You… July 2 & 3

6a00d83451c0f869e2014e896e1ed7970d… make your own 4th of July menu and name tags? If you’re planning an especially large and festive 4th of July celebration this year, you’ll love this tutorial from {frolic} for making your own menu and name tags in a perfectly patriotic style. They’d make a perfect addition to your decor.

b… make child-sized aprons? Any future chefs out there love having their own kitchen equipment, including an apron that actually fits them properly! This tutorial for aprons for kids made out of placemats is one of the coolest and cutest I’ve ever seen. Plus, they’d make a sweet gift for a pint-sized chef.

liberty3… make a 4th of July headband? It can be difficult to dress the part for the 4th without looking overly red, white, and blue. When I came across this idea for a DIY headband fit for someone like Lady Liberty herself, I saw what a patriotic and stylish addition could be made to any outfit. I love that it can be a headband or clip, there are so many ways to make this craft your own!

Why Don’t You… June 25 & 26

061411-stripebag7… make a striped tote bag? The look of a relaxed and well worn tote bag has always been so stylish to me, but I’ve never been able to find one to fit all my needs. Stripes are perfect for the summer months, so this tutorial for making your own tote bag seen on Momtastic is a definite must for a lazy weekend. Pairing it with a cute dress or bathing suit for the beach would look fantastic.

a-beautiful-mess-wedding-flowers-4… make your own bouquets? Although this post from 100 Layer Cake is meant for making your own wedding bouquets, I think it provides great inspiration for making bouquets for the home as well. To add a pop of color to the home, these bouquets would be a lovely idea for achieving that.

Why Don’t You… June 18 & 19

7-french-picnic-basket-600… have an early summer picnic? This idea, seen on Saveur, looks like a lovely way to begin the sumer months. While this French picnic is stunning and looks delicious, any yummy treats would make a summer picnic a fun excursion.

berrytags1… treat someone to summer fruit? I’ve never canned much of anything, but with the bounty of summer fruits I’ve been feeling inspired lately to make some homemade jam. When I found these free summer fruit labels over on Creature Comforts, I knew any excuses I had been making for avoiding this had to be left behind; these tags are too cute!

Why Don’t You… June 11 & 12

drumsticks… make your own drumsticks? It seems like everyone is a sucker for a good old-fashioned drumstick with their magical chocolate filling. Thanks to these instructions found on instructables, drumsticks can actually become a DIY dessert. As the temperatures are apparently soaring everywhere in the country (except for socal it would seem), these would make the perfect treat for a hot day.

dipped-ice-cream-cones… dip dye your ice cream cones? Apparently this weekend will be one full of ice cream, because these DIY dip dyed ice cream cones look like the coolest things ever. Seen on a subtle revelry, I think these would make any plain old ice cream cone look like a professional, stylish dessert. Kids and adults alike would revel in the rainbow of colors on the cones.

Why Don’t You… June 4 & 5

diy-painted-votives-artistic-wedding-ideas… create your own painted votives? Seen on Oncewed, this DIY project would make a lovely addition to a summer dinner party, or could be a really cute gift any candle lover would enjoy. Pick out your favorite colors and this craft would be so fun on your own or with a group of crafty girlfriends.

052711-markettote1… make your own market tote? There’s nothing I enjoy doing more during the summer months than going to the local farmer’s market and having a picnic. With this DIY market tote in hand, this simple activity immediately becomes stylish. Seen on momtastic, this tutorial isn’t too tough for non-sewers like myself, and the final product is too sweet to pass up.

Why Don’t You… December 11 & 12


. . . create a photo advent calendar? I’ve always been in love with advent calendars ever since I was a little kid, primarily because of the excitement of getting a chocolate each day. This photo advent calendar from Honeysuckle Life has given me a whole new appreciation for this decoration! I love the idea of personalizing it, making the holidays even more special. -Vanessa


. . . liven up your photos? I’ve seen tons of photo booth accessories used at weddings for a while now, but I never had the idea of using them just for fun! Hostess With the Mostess has printable holiday photo booth accessories which would be so fun to use when posing for your holiday cards! I can see kids absolutely loving these fun additions. -Vanessa

. . .go pick out your Christmas tree? Use this post from Reader’s Digest to help you find the perfect tree.  From my own experience, I have only one warning: make sure to pick a tree with the straightest trunk possible! It will make your life much easier :)  -Allison

. . .get the family together and pose for your perfect Christmas card photo? After picking out the perfect tree, there’s no better time than the first December weekend to put on your warm holiday sweaters and pose for a smiling photo! Use these tips we published to get that perfect shot. –Allison

Why Don’t You… November 20 & 21

materials_s… make your own gift wrap? Inspired by this post from DIY genius design*sponge, I’m now obsessed with the idea of making my own gift wrap for the holidays. With some cute stamps, paints, and some basic paper, I think this is something that could turn out really well; even for me! Might as well do it now so the paper is ready when you need to do your gift wrapping!

mld106363closet1-copy… start making room for guests? If your planning on having guests over this Thanksgiving, I’m sure it’s going to be the start of a long holiday season with family and friends going in and out of your home. This post, Making Room for Guests from Home Design With Kevin Sharkey has some awesome tips about how to start preparing for them now. This weekend is the perfect time to get it all done before the Thanksgiving and subsequent holiday rush!

. . . Start planning a dessert buffet? I was very inspired by this post over at Project Wedding Blog which gave me all sorts of ideas to spice up my Thanksgiving desserts, both visually and taste-wise. Go take a look to get inspired, and start planning a dessert buffet of your own!

. . . Plan your perfect thanksgiving table? We all know that the food takes front and center at Thanksgiving, but don’t forget how much time will be spent at the dinner table!  I’m in charge of making a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting this year, and I’m getting myself psyched up with some of these ideas from Martha Stewart!