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Christmas in July Party Ideas – A 12 Step Guide

Just in time for July 25th – we’ve got some fresh and fun Christmas in July Party ideas to help you throw a summer Christmas party that won’t soon be forgotten! If you like what you see, share on!
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Don’t Forget About Your Summer Bucket List!

Now that July 4th has come and gone, we’re officially in the heat of summer–which means it’s time to get to all of the things you wanted to do this summer! Don’t just take it on a day-by-day basis–get organized and have some serious fun with your own summer bucket list. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out our summer bucket list for some fun-in-the sun ideas!

Summer 2013 Bucket List from

What will you add to your personalized summer bucket list?

Happy 4th of July! Stock up and Save

We at Cardstore would love to wish you a happy 4th of July–filled with plenty of BBQ, USA love, and fireworks! To make your 4th of July celebrations that much more fun, we’re offering 40% off all cards and free stamps. That means that today  is the perfect day to select all the cards you might need in the upcoming months. Don’t just get a couple cards–use our future send option (which allows you to schedule cards to be sent in the future)–to stock up on all your stationery needs! Ensure that birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days don’t go unnoticed. Personalize and schedule your cards today! And then, get back to your 4th of July celebrations!

Fourth of July Cards from Cardstore.com4th of July Cards Pictured: Lit Up 4th of July Card, Yay America! 4th of July Card, 4th of July Invitation.

Family Reunion Planning

If you’re like plenty of other families this summer, you’re probably planning on meeting with the extended family for a weekend of family reunion festivities. It can be overwhelming coordinating with so many different people to help make the weekend a success, so Cardstore has come up with some tips to help make your family reunion planning even easier.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Planning a reunion can be stressful, so try to delegate to dependable relatives who will help to coordinate events, meals, and rooming arrangements.

2. Make rooming arrangements. Let family members who are coming in from out of town know about good places to stay that are central to where your events will be held.

3. Figure out what activities to schedule that will appeal to everyone. Will there be plenty of little ones there? Reserve a softball field for some friendly competition on the field, or create a crafting station for people to make their own t-shirts as a fun souvenir. Are there any family reunion activities you’ve done and especially loved?

4. Schedule meals. Make a list of some of the favorite restaurants in town you’d love to take family to, and be sure to make reservations for your big group in advance! If you’re hosting a meal at your home, have each family member bring a dish, silverware, or drinks to help make your grocery shopping easier.

5. Keep in touch with updates on what you have planned! Make sure a clear schedule with times, locations, and events is sent to all family members so everyone is aware of where to be and what to expect.

6. Confirm! In the week before your event, confirm your plans with relatives and restaurants to make sure everyone knows the schedule, and your reservations are scheduled for the proper times and locations.

What are some of your favorite family reunion memories?

Consider sending out invites far in advance so that everyone can keep track of the big event!

Summer Party Invitations from Cardstore.comSummer Invites pictured: Colorful Stripes Party Invitation, Pink Watercolor Party Invitation, Fun in the Sun Party Invitation, and Tablecloth Pattern BBQ Invitation.