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What We’re Reading: June 1 – 8

1. Top 10 Countries With the Best Work – Life Balance: Sometimes it seems that Americans just cannot figure out the right balance to working and enjoying life like many of our compatriots across the pond have been able to do. This slideshow featuring the top 10 countries who have found the best balance has provided me with some inspiration about how that can be achieved in my own life. And if not that, it lets you dream about moving somewhere where work and play are equal.

2. 50 More Food Blogs You Should be Reading: I’m shamelessly obsessed with food blogs. Any chance I get to discover a new one is like finding a long lost friend for me. This article found on Saveur has left me so excited for all the new blogs I’ll soon be adding to my list of favorites.

What We’re Reading: October 7-13


1. Blake Lively – This compelling interview from Interview–an exchange between Ben Affleck and Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively shows a new, more mature side of the actress. Plus, it’s pretty interesting to observe the dynamic between Afflick and Lively as director and actress.

Jon Hamm: The Last Alpha Male: Who doesn’t want to know about Jon Hamm, the man behind Don Draper? This profile of him, from Details, is a fun, interesting read–the character and the actor certainly seem cut from the same cloth. Also, appropriately enough, Hamm is co-staring with Lively in Affleck’s film The Town.


1. Prince Charles: Royal Green – Prince Charles in Vogue as a fashion icon? I know it sounds strange, but the Prince proves how utterly fashionable he is in this article dedicated to the merits of reused clothing. In it he discusses how important is is to shop vintage, and how important it is that “upcycling” has become so popular. I haven’t considered how the fashion industry can contribute to stopping harmful effects on the Earth, but in this article Prince Charles makes some fascinating and compelling arguments about how everyone can help.

2. Making the Dream Trip a Reality – I’m sure I can speak for tons of people when I say that at least once a day I find myself dreaming about an incredible vacation I unfortunately will probably never take due to the demands of school and work. But hold on; there’s hope! This article from The New York Times has incredibly practical and realistic tips for actually going about making that fantasy a real trip, making these daydreams so much more satisfying.

Cardstyle Find #54: Fall Leaf Wreath Kit

cardstyle-find-paper-wreathTake part in a fun activity for you and the kids and put together this vibrant, charming wreath from Paper-Source.  Not only is it a pretty creation that can be passed down from year to year, but it won’t wilt and you can keep it up the whole season!

What We’re Reading: September 30 – October 6


1. How Not to Fight a Cold – Have a cold, again? I know I can’t be the only one! I’m on my second cold of the season, and this op piece from the NY Times has me feeling at least a tiny bit better about the state of my immune system!

2. Would Hemingway Cry? – This short, touching piece–one of the many from the NY Times Modern Love column–is a great read for anyone who loves either travel or Hemingway (or both, like me!).  Charming and immediately nostalgia-inducing.


1. Spring 2011 Inspirations – I’m probably the farthest thing from a fashion designer, so their creativity truly inspires and amazes me. This fantastic slideshow has images of what has inspired designer for their spring collections for 2011, and they’re just incredible! Some are just so unexpected and out there; I can’t get over it!

What We’re Reading: September 23 – 29


Experience: I spent 29 Years in Solitary Confinement: This harrowing portrait of a wrongfully-accused man’s time spent in solitary confinement from The Guardian is sure to make you reconsider what you consider cruel and unusual punishment. It certainly isn’t a light read, but it’s sure to make you think.


On Distraction – This post by Alain de Botton is deceivingly short, yet full of fascinating points. I’m the first to admit how often I get distracted; with the media constantly throwing things in our faces and the expectation to be multi-tasking at all times, concentration is almost impossible to achieve. As this post points out though, there can be total overload. I think the author puts it best: “Our minds, no less than our bodies, require periods of fasting”.

What We’re Reading: September 20-24

Vanessa –

Online Magazines: I’ve been finding online magazines everywhere lately. It’s a new trend, and I must say I’m totally impressed by what is being put in these incredible magazines. To me, nothing beats flipping through some real pages, but these have been adding so much fun to my web-surfing lately! From home decor to fashion to art, these publications have a little bit of everything. My current favorites are Cellardoor Magazine, Rue MagazineAnthology, and my new favorite found today, Sweet Paul; do you know of any fantastic online reads?

How Does Your Online Persona Affect Your Dating Life?: In this age of facebook, twitter, google, and all the other social networking sites, it’s possible to find almost anyone online. We’re often told how important our online image is for jobs, schools, and professional opportunities, but what about for dating? This interesting article from Marie Claire explores how important that online image can be for dating, and how others judge based on what they find when searching your name. It’s just a little wake up call to once again be careful of what ends up going online!


The Concrete Jungle: When I think of New York City, I think of a metropolis of a diverse group of people, of industry, of fashion, of food, a place that has almost everything.  Yet with the exception of Central Park, nature was never a word that really came to mind until I came across this article in New York Magazine.  Surprisingly, the city’s ever changing environment and diversity has become appealing to more than one animal, and a developing ecosystem is on its way.

“The Elegance of the Hedgehog”: Muriel Barbery’s second hit, I recently started reading this international bestseller and can’t put it down.  Written from the perspective of two narrators, the book starts with Renée, a widowed concierge who works in a beautiful home for a group of wealthy bourgeois families.  Alternating chapters, next writes the daughter of one of the families, Paloma, a 13 year old genius who plans to end her life because she finds the world pointless.  Renée and Paloma play off of each others thoughts and keep the reader on their toes while they watch the two help each other find meaning in their lives.  This book is emotional, comical, and philosophical and the New York Times gives an expert Sunday Book Review on the novel, full of praise.

What We’re Reading: August 12-18


1. The Locavores Are All Right – The subject for this article was inspired by the movie The Kids Are All Right (which I haven’t seen yet but heard is great), in which a main character is a “locavore”. This rapidly growing food movement focuses on using locally grown ingredients, and purchasing foods from farmers markets or growing items on your own. Becoming more and more popular and now found in the restaurant scene as well, this food movement is something I’m fascinated in. This article contains websites of locavores and tons of information about the movement, and how to become more involved.

2. At Vegans’ Wedding, Beef or Tofu? – On the heels of vegetarian Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, at which meat was served, the topic of food at weddings has become huge. This article outlines how some vegetarians and vegans choose to serve no meat at their weddings, and how guests walk away feeling surprisingly satisfied… even for meat eaters! More caterers are getting dietary requests as the food world continues to evolve with gluten-free and other needs, and are working hard to still satisfy customers. What do you think… meat or no meat?


1. Is the Husband Going to Be a Problem? Another interesting article in the Modern Love section of the NY Times, this article explores the conflict between career and family. Both on the quest to become tenured professors (a feat difficult in and of itself, without trying to find positions together), the author and her husband struggle to raise a family together and find jobs that allow them to live in the same place.

2. It’s not you, it’s your books This funny article from NY Times isn’t exactly recent, but I just stumbled upon it thanks to More Intelligent Life. It details how we use books as a tool for self-branding, and how certain books are an automatic turn-ff. An enjoyable read that will make you start questioning what you’re books are saying about you!