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Congrats Grad! What To Write in Congratulations Cards

Graduation season is upon us, which probably means you’re going to plenty of high school and college graduation parties, and maybe even a few pre-school graduations too for the little graduates! It can be difficult to know just what to say to the grad, so why not take some of our tips that are perfect for grads of any age, and will help your congratulations cards be memorable.


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1. Pick out a card that reminds you of the graduate. Do they love a good laugh? Pick a funny congratulations card! Are they a fan of inspirational quotes? Pick a card featuring a quote that will immediately stand out. Is the grad in need of some words of wisdom? Pass some down with a card that contains some great tips and motivation. Know the graduate’s tastes, and choose a card that fits their style!


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2. Give them positive congratulations. Even if the graduate doesn’t know exactly what he or she is doing after graduation, reassure them what an accomplishment graduation is to begin with, and what great things ahead they have to look forward to!

3. Congratulate them on a specific accomplishment. Did the graduate write a thesis? Did he or she graduate with honors? Were sports a big part of their schooling career? Mention a specific event that shows you took a keen interest in their educational career, and conveys a sense of pride for their graduation.

4. Mention your thoughts for the future. Whether that means wishing them luck in their new job, saying what a blast they’ll have in college, or wishing them luck in whatever the future brings, reassure the graduate that the next step is just as exciting as whatever they came from.

5. Keep it short and sweet. The grad is inevitably going to be opening plenty of cards for their graduation, so make sure yours stands out by sticking to the point! Cover the necessities – the congratulation, a specific shout-out, and your thoughts for the future, and leave it at that! The grad is sure to remember how sincere your graduation card was.

How will you be celebrating all the grads in your life this year?

Before and After: Birthday Party Etiquette

It seems like in today’s digital age it’s easy to get lost in the never-ending ability to just send an email as an invitation to an event, or write on someone’s facebook wall to thank them for something sweet they’ve done. But when it comes to planning a birthday party, there’s something sincere and truly touching when an actual invitation or thank you card is sent and received. If you’re planning a birthday party anytime soon, Cardstore has some tips for you to help make the invitation before the event feel special, and to make your thank you note for after the event the perfect reminder of why you’re so appreciative of what they’ve done.


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When inviting family and friends to a birthday celebration, whether it’s for you, on behalf of a significant other, or for a little one, it’s best to send your invitation out a month in advance for a more formal party, and 2 to 3 weeks in advance if it’s an informal gathering. Include where and when the party is with clear details about the venue, whether an RSVP is needed, and information about whether dinner, drinks, snacks, etc. will be served so they can plan accordingly. Browsing Cardstore’s many birthday party invitations can help you pick a theme that you can easily decorate around as well.


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After the party, birthday thank you cards provide the perfect chance to follow up on what a great time you had celebrating with your guests. Ideally, you or the little birthday boy or girl will write the thank you card within 2 to 3 days of the party so that excitement over the gift is still at its peak. You can even pick a thank you card with room for a photo so that a photo of you enjoying their gift can be added for a personalized touch. Be sure to mention how much you appreciate that they were able to celebrate your day with you, and that you’re looking forward to using their gift throughout the year. Sent 2 to 3 days after a party, birthday thank you cards are the final step needed in making sure all rules for birthday party etiquette are perfectly followed.

What to Write in your Graduation Thank You Cards

Writing graduation thank you cards can be a daunting task! When countless friends and family take the time to think of you on graduation day, you want to make sure you thank them with love.  It can be especially tough to think of unique and sincere graduation thanks messages when you have so many to compose. Rather than agonize over what to write in your grad thank you cards, just follow this quick and easy graduation thank you card guide to learn how to compose a quick, easy, and heartfelt graduation thank you message.

A picture is worth a thousand words: Show them how happy you were on graduation day and give them a keepsake photo that they can treasure. Employ one of our photo graduation thank you cards and put a visual to your thankful message.

Include your future plans—even if they aren’t conventional: Friends and family will love hearing not just about the job or school you’re moving on to, but also the sort of things you plan to do in the interim. Going on a backpacking trip? Include the exact details. Moving to a new home or apartment? Tell them about it, and be sure to include your new address! Loved ones will love hearing about the new adventures that you’re embarking on. Plus, including details that they might not usually hear is sure to make your graduation thank you card come as breath of fresh air!

Thank them for their time and their money: If friends and family made special effort to attend your graduation or your graduation party, make sure you note that before you note the graduation present they gave you. You don’t want them to feel like they’re just another check that got sent your way—let them know what their presence, not their present, meant to you. Then you can thank them for the cash!

Include something about them or their family: Don’t make your graduation thank you card all about you. Note something special about their kids, or mention how excited you are for the next time you’ll get to see the family. If you can manage it without seeming forced, include a special quality about them that always makes you smile. Show them that just like they value your growth and graduation, you value their life as well!

With these few ideas to jumpstart your graduation thank you card, all you have to worry about now is having too much to say—now get writing!

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Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

Now that the Kardashian wedding has come and gone (with no colorful wedding dress, thank goodness), I imagine that Kim is going to have a lot of wedding thank you notes to write in the upcoming weeks! To help her, or you, out, here’s a  list of a few wedding thank you note tips to ensure your thank you cards will be at once easy to write and sincere!


Aim to get thank you notes out a month after you return from your wedding. With gifts that arrive before the wedding date, try to get a thank you back to them within two weeks. Guest are sure to be understanding if your thank you card arrives a little past the one month mark, but try to be timely!


Add a column to your RSVP list to jot down the gift each guest gave you. That way, when writing your thank you cards, you’ll be able to easily match the gift with each guest, and jog your memory as to whether or not the guest actually attended the wedding. This will help you avoid any embarrassing blunders mentioning a guest’s presence when they weren’t actually there!

Cardstore Shades of Blue Wedding Thank You Card by Paper Stories


Select a special, captured moment from the wedding to share with guests. A photo thank you card is sure to bring back memories of your wedding day, and convey your thanks in both images and words.


Begin by noting the role the guest played in your wedding, instead of the gift: It meant so much to me seeing you as I walked down the aisle. Your presence so brightened our special day. In opening your note with a heartfelt anecdote, you put the emphasis on the person instead of money or materials.

Next, thank them for the monetary or material gift, adding a brief note on where it will go in your home or how you’ll use it in the future. If possible, incorporate the guest into the activity or decoration, for example: I can’t wait for you to help us use the beautiful china plates you got us over some of my homemade lasagna soon!

End with a brief, summary thank you and offer your love. Voila! Four simple sentences, and you’ve got a quick and personalized thank you card for your guest.


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