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The Story Behind the Card: Monster Truck Mama Mother’s Day Card

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it can be really easy to pick out a generic Mother’s Day card that thanks mom for all she has done for you through the years. While that’s sweet and certainly genuine, giving mom one of those cards can sometimes seem to be lacking a personal element that shows off what an incredibly unique and amazing mom she has really been. That’s where this week’s Story Behind the Card comes in: how to celebrate Mother’s Day by showing Mom you know what makes her really special and different from every other Mom.

CS_SC_BLG_04102013_SHELF_featTwo of Cardstore’s designers, Becca and Elizabeth, were looking to create a Mother’s Day card that could be personalized with a statement that shows what makes an individual mom stand out, so they came up with a card featuring a fabulous Monster Truck Mama. The card was originally going to call out Mom’s skills in the kitchen, but Becca and Elizabeth quickly realized the card was forgetting about all the non-conventional, extraordinary moms who brighten their children’s lives with their one-of-a-kind interests and passions. Inspired by Elizabeth’s own love of monster trucks, this card became a celebration of all the moms who don’t necessarily fit in the conventional mom box.

This Mother’s Day, why not take a similar cue and personalize a card that shows you love Mom for just being who she is, and for inspiring you to be yourself too. Whether you’re celebrating her passion for running half-marathons, obsession with Jane Austen novels, or even her love of monster trucks, it’s a cute way to emphasize what a unique role she plays in your life. What makes your mom really stand out?



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Cardstore Goes Behind the Scenes at Mary Engelbreit Studio

A few of us on the Cardstore team recently had the pleasure of going to visit the Mary Engelbreit team at their studio. Mary’s studio is situated in a historic neighborhood in St. Louis that feels very eclectic – just like Mary!

It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when walking into the studio – sort of nostalgic warmth that feels like you’re being dropped into a really great story book. There are one-of-a-kind collectibles, artwork and books everywhere, creating a vibrant and exciting environment where you can’t help but feel inspired!

Mary has a lovely team of artists who work in her studio, helping her with everything from digitizing art to working with licensing partners & managing approvals. We spent the majority of the day learning about their process, and brainstorming creative opportunities for our partnership moving forward.

Later that afternoon, Mary stopped by and we had a chance to visit with her for a bit. She’s such a delightful person  — warm, welcoming, and more than anything, she’s a riot! It’s very clear that she lives a creative lifestyle and is inspired by things all around her.

We were also able to see the evolution that Mary’s style has gone through over the years. Some characters and elements are distinctly known as her classic style, such as the checkered border, cherry pattern & her best-known character, Ann Estelle.

Mary’s latest work is a modern twist on the same great characters and editorial. Much of it has a whimsical, modern feel, incorporating bright colors and fun patterns. In fact, most of her new patterns begin by taking elements out of her drawings and combining them to make something new & unique.

It was a short trip, but definitely a success! More than anything else, we loved learning what inspires Mary to create, and feel that we left with a much better understanding of the Mary Engelbreit brand.  Thanks for the great trip, MES team!

Want more Mary Engelbreit? Check out the new Halloween cards we’ve launched on Cardstore. Plus, keep an eye out for new cards coming soon for Christmas… and beyond!


New Ecka & Pecka Designer Cards!

Have you caught a glimpse of some of the new Ecka and Pecka cards up at Cardstore yet? Ecka and Pecka designer cards blend sophisticated design with whimsy and color to create cards that are perfect for a wide audience. With an array of eye-catching typography and unusual color combinations, Ecka and Pecka cards are in a league of their own. Beyond their innovative design, however, Ecka and Pecka designs are totally funny with their own brand of humor–go read a few, and see if you can resist smiling!

One of the cutest parts about Ecka and Pecka designs is their name–which, according to the artist website, are the names of the “designer’s niece Avery’s (age 3) imaginary friends, more specifically, her children.  Avery is married to Better Better, who is ‘brown’. Ecka favors her father, and is also brown, while Pecka favors her Mother who is ‘blond’. Unfortunately, Better Better has to work three jobs to support them. Both Ecka and Pecka have briefly held positions as zoo keepers and really enjoy Easter egg hunts.”

Below is a choice sampling of a few of our favorites, but you can select a few of your own favorite Ecka and Pecka cards onsite!

Ecka & Pecka Cards Pictured: Boo Birthday Birthday Card, HBDAY Birthday Card, and Age is Not Years Birthday Card.

Artist Spotlight: Strawberry Shortcake

Cardstore’s new line of Strawberry Shortcake cards are as sweet as the dessert that she’s named after. Perfect for every little girl (or nostalgic big girl), these adorable cards feature lots of flowers and bright colors (especially pink!) to make great birthday surprises and invitations. I’ve included a few of my favorites, but be sure to check out all of the Strawberry Shortcake designs here as well!

Flower Strawberry Shortcake and Kitten and Flower Field Birthday cards pictured above

Take 2 Tuesday: Pretty as a Peacock

The saying “pretty as a peacock” has always been a favorite of mine. Growing up and visiting the San Diego Zoo where peacocks wandered around the grounds, I didn’t think there was anything more stunning than a peacock with its feathers open to show its work of art. So, to even remotely compare something to a peacock’s beauty means it’s pretty darn spectacular in my opinion. Recently, peacocks have taken over in the style world with peacock headbands and other details reminiscent of the beautifully adorned creatures. This trend has continued into the card world where this Peacock Beautiful Birthday Card had become a favorite of mine with its sweet greeting that would certainly make my birthday even better.

Peacock Beautiful Birthday card from designer Paper Loop

Peacock photo from Flickr photographer Cherilyn Joy

Take 2 Tuesday: Sparkling Birthday

When it’s time to celebrate a little one’s birthday, I swear there’s something about their special day that just lights up their face. I love that on this one day of the year, kids just seem to really sparkle and soak up all the fun of their birthday celebration. That’s why I think it would be perfect to give a Birthday Card to the birthday girl that will help to add some dazzling wishes to her day. When paired with a photo of a shining pink sparkler, it makes for a sweet and joyous way to celebrate their day.

Pink Sparkle Cake Birthday Card by february 13 creative from

Sparkler from Flickr photographer RachiiWestray

Take 2 Tuesday: Birthday Bunting

When it comes time to decorate for birthday parties, there’s nothing I love more than pops of color. However, when it’s done in a subtle way a rainbow of color can look even more magical. That’s why I adore this Birthday Invitation from Paper Stories featuring a rainbow banner along with a picture of real bunting that would be too cute to celebrate the birthday boy or girl.

First Birthday Banner Birthday Invitation from

Banner photo from Flickr photographer sparklecandace

Take 2 Tuesday: Sunshine

Sunshine is in abundance during the summer, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether it’s in the colors I wear of the way I feel, everything just seems to be sunnier! To continue with my absolute obsession with yellow during this bright season, I’ve been loving the idea of pairing this Thinking of You Card with a sunflower for a great gift to give to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It seems like nothing else could possibly make someone smile like the combination of a sweet card and some gorgeous flowers.

Thinking of You Card from

Sunflower photo from Flickr

Take 2 Tuesday: Aviation

Sometimes a friend needs some words of encouragement, no matter how far away they may be. In times like those, I’ve found sending a thoughtful card is one of the best ways to brighten their spirits. This sweet Friendship Card from designer Zelda Wisdom is a great one to keep around for reminding a friend to take risks, no matter how impossible something may seem.

Aviator Goggles Dog from 

Red Plane from Flickr photographer chumlee 10

Summertime Inspiration

We’re in the height of the summer season, which means it’s prime time for a pool party! Hosting your own has never been easier or more stylish than with these ideas, all put together into an inspiration board I’m ready to dive into.

pool-partyPool Party Party Invitation from

Whiskey Sour from Martha Stewart

Striped Beach Towels from Pottery Barn

Tide Watching Bikini from Anthropologie

Tali Sandal from Nordstrom