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Christmas in July Party Ideas – A 12 Step Guide

Just in time for July 25th – we’ve got some fresh and fun Christmas in July Party ideas to help you throw a summer Christmas party that won’t soon be forgotten! If you like what you see, share on!
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Christmas in July Secret Santa

Christmas in July Sweaters

Christmas in July Decorations

Christmas in July Burger Recipe
Christmas in July Mint Cocktail Recipe

Christmas in July Gingerbread Men

Christmas in July Strawberry Santa Recipe

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Christmas in July Iced Mulled Wine Recipe

Christmas in July Movie Ideas


How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday Cards

One of the most classic parts of the holiday season is the giving and receiving of holiday cards . It’s a special treat to see all of the colorful and happy greetings on display, but what do you with them once the holiday season ends? Throwing them away can be difficult, and can even bring a feeling of guilt for some of us! This year, why not turn those holiday cards into something really useful- gift tags for next year’s gifts!

Start by collecting all of the holiday cards you’ve received, and select those that are decorated with festive designs and messages you like best. It’s best to keep an open and creative mind when choosing cards… and yes, you can even use photo cards for this craft! (*Tip- Be sure there is not any writing on the opposite side of the design, otherwise there will be no where to add your “to” and “from” later on!)

Once you have your cards picked out, follow these simple steps and turn your holiday cards into gift tags that will be perfect to use on gifts during next year’s holidays.

First, cut off the section of the card with the design or message that you want to use for the gift tag.







Next, snip off the edges create a cute gift tag design. (*Tip- try using craft scissors to create fun edges!)







Then, put a hole through the top of the tag with a hole punch for the ribbon.








Now you can thread a festive ribbon through the hole. (*Tip- try using yarn for an extra-special handmade look!)







 Finally, when you’re ready to use your gift tag,  just flip it over and write in your “To” and “From” on the back.







Everyone will love to receive your handmade gift tags, and you’ll love the feeling of putting those cards to good use after the season. Check out some “before” and “after” photos of gift tags we made from Cardstore cards, and then go give it a try!

Don’t forget to save your newly created gift tags with the rest of your holiday wrapping paper to add to gifts for next year! Will you try this fun and simple craft? Tell us about it below!




Celebrating the Little Christmas Holiday

You may have thought December 25th marked the end of Christmas and the time to start taking those holiday decorations down, but Sunday the 6th of January marks a little-known holiday in the U.S., Little Christmas. Celebrated throughout Ireland, Little Christmas exists because of the change in dates that occurred when the Irish switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. With the Julian calendar, Christmas was celebrated on January 6th and this date stuck as a continuation of the holiday. This date is known as the Feast of the Epiphany throughout the rest of the world, but in Ireland Little Christmas is the traditional end of the Christmas season. Kept alive largely by the women of Ireland, this traditional holiday has now come to be known as “Women’s Little Christmas” and is celebrated as a day off for the women after all the preparations of the holidays.

I’ll definitely be using this holiday as an excuse to take the day off and officially wrap up the holiday season. Will you be starting a Little Christmas celebration of your own this year? When do you start taking down all those holiday decorations?

Dog Christmas Cards—Unleash Some Holiday Cheer!

Sniffing out the ideal dog Christmas cards to put a smile on someone’s face and warm their heart is Cardstore’s seasonal specialty! Dog lovers deserve nothing but the best, and with our selection of hilarious and heartwarming holiday choices, you’ll find the perfect personalization to fit any breed.

Doggie Door Christmas 5x7 Folded CardWho says canines don’t have a sense of décor? With Doggie Door Christmas, this pooch’s panache hams it up for the holidays. Every festive entrance deserves an encore, and with this greeting, Christmas decorating never looked so funny!





Dasher Dancer Reindeer 7x5 Folded CardSanta’s sleigh could always use an extra pair of paws. Dasher Dancer Reindeer puts your pup front and center, antlers and all! Take the reins and don your dog with this greeting’s holiday cheer.




Fleas Navidad 5x7 Folded CardFor those itching to add some season’s greetings of the Spanish-speaking variety, we’ve got your dog’s back with Fleas Navidad. Those pesky partiers will be the hilarious hit of everyone’s holiday!






Funny Christmas Elf Dogs 5x7 Folded CardSharing in the silly is what makes Funny Christmas Elf Dogs so special! These holiday barking buds show this festive season is more fun with friends as they cap it off with some colorful head gear and outrageous antlers!






For those wishing to personalize their Christmas greetings and spread their own holiday cheer, photo cards are a great way to show you and your pup celebrating the season!

Doggy Stocking 7x5 Flat CardStuff a Doggie Stocking with your favorite photos or surprise someone with a Dog Christmas Tree featuring your hound for the holidays!




Dog Christmas Tree 7x5 Flat CardNo one will be left a stray this gift-giving season with our pack of dog Christmas cards.  Cute and cuddly, funny and festive, Cardstore’s selection has you collared!

Not a dog person? We’ve got ideas for the purrfect selection of cat Christmas cards, too!

Have another favorite dog Christmas card that you love?  Let us know!  Tell us which dog Christmas cards you like best for putting your best furry friend in the spotlight.

Cat Christmas Cards

Purrfect for the Holidays

Finding the perfect cat Christmas cards for those feline aficionados is easy at Cardstore! With a large selection of purrfect holiday choices to suit any cat lover—plus customization options—the paw-sibilities are endless! And, just in case you’re not a cat person, check out our suggestions for tail-wagging collection of dog Christmas cards.

Cozy Christmas Cat 5x7 Folded CardGift someone a sweet sentiment that’s almost as warm as a Christmas sweater with this Cozy Christmas Cat. This fashionable feline will strut his stuff wishing your cat-loving friends a very Merry Christmas!






Happy Christmas Face 5x7 Folded Card

Want to tickle those whiskers with some holiday cheer? Put the jolly in someone’s holiday with a Happy Christmas Face. Nothing spells funny like a kitty who looks like he got more than a few lumps of coal in his litter box!






Meowie Christmas 7x5 Flat CardHow about a fun little holiday play on purrs with a festive photo card? Wish someone a Meowie Christmas by sending this clever little card you can customize with a picture of your furry feline family member on the front.





Dog and Cat Mistletoe 5x7 Folded CardFinding the funny in those mischievous moments gets even funnier with Cat and Dog Mistletoe! Who says cats and dogs can’t share that Christmas magic? Give the gift of gaffe that celebrates the season with a bit of kiss-mas cheer!






Fat Cat Xmas 5x7 Folded CardMake holiday humor headlines that will stop the presses and start the laughter with the Fat Cat Xmas. Laughter is guaranteed with this cat that’s clearly been sampling more than his share of eggnog as he comes to Christmas’s rescue!






Be sure to check out Mr. Buckles on Cardstore’s YouTube channel. He’ll show you how fun and easy it is to click, create and send holiday greetings!




So, click on in to Cardstore and paws to browse our selection of the best cat Christmas cards ever. Holiday magic is just a whisker away! And, just for fun – do you have any favorite holiday feline moments to share?

What to Send: Holiday Cards for Kids

As you gear up for the holidays, don’t forget to share the joy of the season with those who are most enchanted by it; children! With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the holidays it can be easy to forget to celebrate the true meaning of the season, so why not take a minute to show your love for a little one with a kids holiday card from Cardstore.

Help to get children in the spirit of season with a holiday card made just for them. Whether it’s made for your niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, or any little one in need of some holiday cheer, kids holiday cards help to get everyone ready to celebrate. Pick a festive card with a snowy scene, cute Christmas characters, and personalized details to show that you’re thinking of them during the holidays. Add their name to the card and a note inside to really make this card stand out from the flood of holiday cards they’re sure to see this year.

There’s no better way to add a little sparkle to their holiday celebrations than with a kids holiday card from Cardstore; who will you send one to this year?

Cards shown above: Holiday Owls, Holiday Snowflake Sparkle, Polar Bear Holidays


What to Send: Kid’s Christmas Cards from Santa and the Elves

For those kids who have been extra nice this year, why not get them excited for the upcoming holidays with a letter from Santa Claus himself? Cardstore has a fantastic selection of Christmas cards that can be personalized for any little one to show they’ve been added to the Nice List. Add details about all the sweet things they’ve been doing lately to show why Santa will be leaving plenty of presents this year. Given ahead of Christmas, a Kid’s Christmas Card is the perfect reminder that Santa is always watching.

Next Tuesday, December 4th is Santa’s List Day, the day when Santa and his elves finalize the naughty and nice list! Show your little one which list they’ll end up on with a Kid’s Christmas Card made just for them and straight from Santa’s desk this Santa’s List Day.

You can even get the celebrations started early by joining in on the fun of the classic German holiday, Kris Kringle Day. On the night of December 5th, children leave their shoes in front of the door, hoping that if they’ve been good Kris Kringle will leave them fruits, chocolate, and other sweets. On the morning of the 6th, these little ones learn if their behavior has been rewarded this year. Along with a personalized Kid’s Christmas Card, this holiday would be a special way to get the whole family excited about Christmas day.

How will you show your kids Santa has been watching this year? Do you have any fun Santa Claus/Kris Kringle/St. Nicholas traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

Cards shown above: From the Desk of Santa, Nice List, North Pole Elves


Christmas Photo Ideas for Pets

Purrfectly personalized holiday cards starring your pet!

Pets are an important part of our families and absolutely deserve a starring role on holiday cards. But how do you get them to appreciate this honor and behave for the best Christmas card pet photos? Try these holiday pet photo tips, reviewed and approved by our own Mr. Buckles (star of Cat Makes Card video).

Find the best lap- If you’re including your pet in a group photo, be sure they are in the lap of the person they are most comfortable with.

Pet spotlight– Group photo not going so well? You may want to consider taking a photo of your cat or dog by themselves, and just selecting a photo card with multiple photos. Here’s an example!

No flash, please! Not only is using a flash annoying for your cat or dog, it also creates bright green/gray eyes, similar to human red-eye. There is no easy way to eliminate it from a photo, even with retouching.

Speed matters- If possible, set your camera’s shutter speed on a fairly fast frame to keep up with a squirming pet.

Be prepared- Help keep your dog or cat’s attention on the photographer by bringing some of their favorite toys and treats with you to the shoot.


Special tips from Mr. Buckles:

Stay calm- Pets don’t do well in stressful situations. Speak softly and calmly, and they will be more inclined to sit still.

Shoot at eye level- It’s usually the most flattering for everyone, anyway!

Keep it real- Take lots of photos, even between poses. Often you can capture a sweet moment that is even more representative of your bond than a perfectly posed photo.

Best Christmas cards for cats

Meowie Christmas 7x5 Flat Card   Green Merry and Bright 5x7 Folded Card

Christmas cards with cats shown above: Meowie Christmas and Green Merry and Bright

Best Christmas cards for dogs

Dog Christmas Tree 7x5 Flat Card   Bow Wow Christmas 7x5 Flat Card

Christmas cards with dogs shown above: Dog Christmas Tree and Bow Wow Christmas

Of course, any of our holiday photo cards would look great starring your cat or dog…  which one will you choose?

5 Great Holiday Card Photo Ideas

 1.  No cheese, please

It seems that most kids (and some adults) naturally say “cheese!” whenever they see a camera. But getting the best image sometimes involves not only not smiling, but pretending the camera isn’t even there. Try playing a game that you know makes the kids laugh, having a tickle war, or just sharing a quiet moment with each other.



2. Get in close

 Try to get everyone in the photo touching or making a connection in some way. You want everyone to look like one unit. Take the photo below, for example. Just moving their faces closer to each other and having them all embrace each other made the photo look so much cozier!


  3. Get on their level

When you’re taking photos of young kids, try getting down on the floor and experiencing the world as they see it. Not only will your photo be more visually interesting, but your subject will be able to connect with the camera much more naturally than when you’re looking down on them.

4. Focus on the background

Well, not literally, but you want to make sure the background complements your image and isn’t distracting. When looking for possible locations, a brick wall, wooden fence, or some other textured surface will make a great backdrop & add subtle interest to your photo. If your background seems too busy and switching locations isn’t an option, try moving your subject further away from the background and closer to the camera. It will place more focus on the person you’re photographing and blur out what’s behind them.

5. Leave space around the edges

For maximum usability, try leaving a decent amount of space around your subject(s). This will allow you to have art or text overlaying your photo if needed. It’s no fun to find a holiday card you love, but not have enough space around the edges of your photo to use it! 

Embellish Your Christmas Cards

Make your Christmas cards 3D by adding some fun and festive embellishments. Not only will they add a personal, artistic touch to your holiday design, but they are also sure to make your Christmas cards really stand out! Here’s some ideas and pictures to get your imagination going:

Make your Christmas cards 3D!

Add Ribbon: Affix a brightly-colored bow to your card to tie it up like a Christmas present.

Stickers: Buy stickers to match your card and add them as accents to its desgin.

Beads: Either glue tiny pearl or or multi-colored beads to the design or tie them with ribbon to add a luxe feel to your holiday card.

Cotton Balls: Try cotton balls to add a tactile sensation to Santa’s coat or Rudolph’s nose.

Get Creative: Add glitter glue to create your own sparkly touch. Draw a small figure peaking out from a house. Add a collage or photo. But, just remember, what seemed fun and festive for the first few cards might become tiring when it comes to the fiftieth! Keep it simple and stick to the supplies that add the most holiday spirit for your effort!

Make your Christmas cards 3D!

Order your Christmas cards by the end of today at 11:59 EST to get crafting and ensure they arrive in time for Christmas!

Cards Pictured Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Feliz Navidad Christmas Card Christmas City Scape Christmas Card Merry Xmas Wishes Christmas Card Santa Belt Button Christmas Card Season’s Greetings Christmas Card