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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: Party Planning Tips

Here at Cardstore, we’ll use just about any holiday as an excuse to plan a party, which is why we’re so excited for all the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. Held on Sunday, May 5th, this seems like the perfect excuse to send some invitations to friends and host a get-together in the gorgeous spring weather. To help with all of your party-planning, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo ideas that are sure to make your gathering a success.

  • Start with the invitations. Since Cinco de Mayo is normally celebrated with bright and festive colors, pick an invitation to send to friends which features vibrant hues. Check out some of our favorite options gathered below. 

CS SC BLG 04252013 SHELF; Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: Party Planning Tips

Featured Cards: Orange Join Us, Colorful Stripes, Colorful Party Invitation

  • Plan the menu! Bring out some classic Mexican food for the occasion by making sure there are plenty of tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa (both spicy and mild!), as well as a buffet-style taco bar.  No Cinco de Mayo party could be complete without the addition of a great Margarita, so find a favorite recipe and perfect it before your guests arrive. Don’t forget to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth too with some adorable ideas like treat-filled pinata cookies or these ridiculously cute and detailed Cinco de Mayo cookies.
  • As a finishing touch, plan out your decor. Using your invitation as inspiration, incorporate plenty of bright colors into your decorations. Piñatas can take center stage for this holiday, so why not make some of your own mini piñatas? They would not only make a great decoration, but could be sweet party favors for any little ones you’re hosting. Decorating the taco bar or margarita station with fringed paper done in the colors of your invites also gives the party an authentic and fun-filled feel. As a finishing touch, create your own Cinco de Mayo playlist or take this favorite playlist as inspiration.

How do you plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year? Share some of your own party tips below!

How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday Cards

One of the most classic parts of the holiday season is the giving and receiving of holiday cards . It’s a special treat to see all of the colorful and happy greetings on display, but what do you with them once the holiday season ends? Throwing them away can be difficult, and can even bring a feeling of guilt for some of us! This year, why not turn those holiday cards into something really useful- gift tags for next year’s gifts!

Start by collecting all of the holiday cards you’ve received, and select those that are decorated with festive designs and messages you like best. It’s best to keep an open and creative mind when choosing cards… and yes, you can even use photo cards for this craft! (*Tip- Be sure there is not any writing on the opposite side of the design, otherwise there will be no where to add your “to” and “from” later on!)

Once you have your cards picked out, follow these simple steps and turn your holiday cards into gift tags that will be perfect to use on gifts during next year’s holidays.

CS SC BLG step 1; How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday CardsFirst, cut off the section of the card with the design or message that you want to use for the gift tag.







CS SC BLG step 2; How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday CardsNext, snip off the edges create a cute gift tag design. (*Tip- try using craft scissors to create fun edges!)







CS SC BLG step 3; How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday CardsThen, put a hole through the top of the tag with a hole punch for the ribbon.








CS SC BLG step 4; How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday CardsNow you can thread a festive ribbon through the hole. (*Tip- try using yarn for an extra-special handmade look!)







CS SC BLG step 5; How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday Cards Finally, when you’re ready to use your gift tag,  just flip it over and write in your “To” and “From” on the back.







CS SC BLG crafts IMAGE; How To: Make Gift Tags out of Holiday CardsEveryone will love to receive your handmade gift tags, and you’ll love the feeling of putting those cards to good use after the season. Check out some “before” and “after” photos of gift tags we made from Cardstore cards, and then go give it a try!

Don’t forget to save your newly created gift tags with the rest of your holiday wrapping paper to add to gifts for next year! Will you try this fun and simple craft? Tell us about it below!




DIY Embellished Mother’s Day Cards

Why not add a little something extra to your Mother’s Day cards? Whether it be in the form of sparkly rhinestones, pretty ribbon, or stickers, there’s so many ways to add a DIY touch to your Mother’s Day cards. Just design your card at Cardstore and visit your local craft store to spark your inspiration! Here’s a few ideas to get you started on personalizing your Mother’s Day cards in your own way:

rhinestones; DIY Embellished Mothers Day Cards

Add rhinestones to add some glitz.

bouquet ribbon; DIY Embellished Mothers Day Cards

Tie a ribbon around a card picturing a bouquet of wild flowers or an array of freshly cut flowers in a vase.

extra; DIY Embellished Mothers Day Cards

Add fun DIY touches like fabric flowers other 3D elements to make your Mother’s Day card pop!

Don’t forget to select and purchase your Mother’s Day card on or before May 6th to ensure that your Mother’s Day cards arrive in time!

How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box

Not sure what to do with a favorite card, especially a personalized card? Try this fun and easy way to turn your card into a gift box! It only takes a few minutes, and you can use items you most likely already have around the house.

Supplies Needed:

  • Favorite Card
  • Scissors
  • Glue (or double-sided tape)
  • Ruler

Got everything? Great! Let’s get started…

1. Cut the card in half along the fold.

1.0 card face down 246x300; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box  2.0 cut card in half 196x300; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box









2. Trim 1/8th inch from along the side and edge of the back of the card

 3.0 trim edge off bottom 206x300; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box

3. Use your ruler to score a straight edge 1” from the edge of all four sides. See below as indicated with pencil, but you may not wish to write on your card, as it will show when the box is complete. Repeat for second half of the card.

 4.0 score 1 inch 300x234; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box

5. Fold along the scores, as shown below.

4.1 Folded edges 232x300; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box









6. Along the narrow edge of the card, make two small cuts, which will become the flaps. 5.0 cut flaps in narrow end1 300x225; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box







7. Fold up the long edges, and apply glue (or 2-sided tape) to the flaps.

6.0 where to glue 300x171; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box7.0 inside view glued1 300x225; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box













8. Repeat on both ends of the card, and for both halves of the card. Let dry, and you’ve got a perfectly personalized gift box!

 8.0 assemble box open.j 1pg 300x188; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box 9.0 Viva La Cake 244x300; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box














We hope you had fun creating your gift boxes. Try it again and again with all of your favorite cards!

10.0 three assembled boxes 296x300; How to Turn Your Favorite Card into a Gift Box










Pictured Above: Four Happy Birthday Card, Viva La Cake Photo Birthday Card, and Make Your Own Blank Photo Card

Take 2 Tuesday: Birthday Bunting

When it comes time to decorate for birthday parties, there’s nothing I love more than pops of color. However, when it’s done in a subtle way a rainbow of color can look even more magical. That’s why I adore this Birthday Invitation from Paper Stories featuring a rainbow banner along with a picture of real bunting that would be too cute to celebrate the birthday boy or girl.

take two flags; Take 2 Tuesday: Birthday BuntingFirst Birthday Banner Birthday Invitation from

Banner photo from Flickr photographer sparklecandace

Why Don’t You… July 16 & 17

a98861 0901 maps xl; Why Dont You... July 16 & 17

… make sophisticated friendship bracelets? As a girl, I always felt there was something so special about sharing a friendship bracelet I had made with a close friend. Using this DIY tutorial from Dear Lizzy, friendship bracelets are all grown up in the most stylish way possible. Wrapped in velvet, this is a bracelet that is so easy to make and incredibly pretty too.

063011 lemonslush2; Why Dont You... July 16 & 17… make refreshing summer slushies? If the weather in your area is anything like it is here, you’re hot and constantly craving cool summer treats. When I came across these Lemon Lime Slush Cups on Momtastic, that are cleverly held inside the lemons, I knew it would be my go-to treat for the weekend. Cleaning out the lemon rinds is easy enough for the kids to help with too, so it can be a fun activity everyone can get involved in.

Why Don’t You… July 2 & 3

6a00d83451c0f869e2014e896e1ed7970d; Why Dont You... July 2 & 3… make your own 4th of July menu and name tags? If you’re planning an especially large and festive 4th of July celebration this year, you’ll love this tutorial from {frolic} for making your own menu and name tags in a perfectly patriotic style. They’d make a perfect addition to your decor.

b; Why Dont You... July 2 & 3… make child-sized aprons? Any future chefs out there love having their own kitchen equipment, including an apron that actually fits them properly! This tutorial for aprons for kids made out of placemats is one of the coolest and cutest I’ve ever seen. Plus, they’d make a sweet gift for a pint-sized chef.

liberty3; Why Dont You... July 2 & 3… make a 4th of July headband? It can be difficult to dress the part for the 4th without looking overly red, white, and blue. When I came across this idea for a DIY headband fit for someone like Lady Liberty herself, I saw what a patriotic and stylish addition could be made to any outfit. I love that it can be a headband or clip, there are so many ways to make this craft your own!

Our Favorite Blog Posts: June 21 – 27

diy tissue paper lanterns large; Our Favorite Blog Posts: June 21   271. Handmade Paper Lanterns – I have always loved the romantic, whimsical looks of paper lanterns hanging outside for twilight dinners and parties, but have never known how to recreate the look on my own. However, this post from Curbly has 5 fantastic options for making similar paper lanterns on your own, and they’re all adorable! I’m not sure which tutorial to try first…

crafty southern wedding 12; Our Favorite Blog Posts: June 21   272. Handmade Southern Wedding – Everything about this wedding seemed heartfelt, laid back, sentimental, and fantastically personal. With so many details from their flowers to the guest book could easily provide inspiration for your own wedding. And that dessert trunk; how cute can it get??

bp24; Our Favorite Blog Posts: June 21   273. Hollywood – Summer movies have always been a family favorite, but they’re generally confined to the couch or the movie theater. However, after seeing this backyard movie party on design*sponge this week, I can’t get thoughts of hosting something like this out of my head. The great snacks and vintage-looking decor make this celebration one of the best I’ve seen this summer.

Why Don’t You… June 25 & 26

061411 stripebag7; Why Dont You... June 25 & 26… make a striped tote bag? The look of a relaxed and well worn tote bag has always been so stylish to me, but I’ve never been able to find one to fit all my needs. Stripes are perfect for the summer months, so this tutorial for making your own tote bag seen on Momtastic is a definite must for a lazy weekend. Pairing it with a cute dress or bathing suit for the beach would look fantastic.

a beautiful mess wedding flowers 4; Why Dont You... June 25 & 26… make your own bouquets? Although this post from 100 Layer Cake is meant for making your own wedding bouquets, I think it provides great inspiration for making bouquets for the home as well. To add a pop of color to the home, these bouquets would be a lovely idea for achieving that.

Why Don’t You… June 18 & 19

7 french picnic basket 600; Why Dont You... June 18 & 19… have an early summer picnic? This idea, seen on Saveur, looks like a lovely way to begin the sumer months. While this French picnic is stunning and looks delicious, any yummy treats would make a summer picnic a fun excursion.

berrytags1; Why Dont You... June 18 & 19… treat someone to summer fruit? I’ve never canned much of anything, but with the bounty of summer fruits I’ve been feeling inspired lately to make some homemade jam. When I found these free summer fruit labels over on Creature Comforts, I knew any excuses I had been making for avoiding this had to be left behind; these tags are too cute!