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Tip for Brides: Fun Wedding Card Box Ideas

If you have a wedding coming up, you want to be prepared as possible before the big day arrives–so that you can fully enjoy it and relax! One detail that often gets forgotten are the wedding cards. In the flurry of the wedding celebrations, small wedding cards often get lost–meaning that you lose out on the priceless advice and wedding congrats written by friends and family.  That’s why a wedding card box–that you can craft or purchase beforehand–could come in really useful! It will take you no time at all, and it will ensure that you keep track of those special memories.

For your box, you can craft it or buy it. Consider making a card box in the shape of a wedding cake, or decorating the box with colors that match your wedding colors. Start with pre-made photo or hat boxes and craft away! Try not to go too crazy. If DIY isn’t really your thing,  antique suitcases, colorful birdhouses, or picnic baskets all add some great style to your wedding. If you want to go really simple, a beautiful wooden box or clean glass lantern are a classy addition to any wedding.

When you’ve finished making or designing your wedding card box, simply add a clarifying sign and place it near the guestbook!

Cardstore wedding cards

Cardstore wedding cards

Celebrating the Bride – Bridal Shower Invitations

The wedding is only a few weeks away, which means it’s time to celebrate the star of the show – the bride! Bringing friends and family together for a bridal shower is the perfect chance to shower her with your best wishes, excitement, and love before all the business of her big day. If you’re looking to plan a bridal shower for your best friend and the bride-to-be, Cardstore has plenty of stylish bridal shower invitations that will fit the style of any bride and the theme of your bridal shower. Why not celebrate the fact that she’s going to be a bride very soon with invitations that feature the adorable phrase, “Bride-To-Be” in a variety of styles and colors. With bouquets and veils added to the card, it leaves guests feeling even more excited to celebrate that fact that she’ll be walking down the aisle so soon.


Featured Cards: Black Skirt Bride, Orange White Bride, Bridal Veil, Bride To Be Banner

To prepare the bride-to-be for her walk down the aisle, you can choose a bridal shower invitation that features the classic phrase “Here Comes the Bride”. Sent to your guests, an invitation with this phrase that’s decorated with sweetly feminine details like a gorgeous pair of heels will leave them all ready to shower the bride with their total enthusiasm.


Featured Cards: Bride ShoesPink Sparkles BrideHere Comes the Bride Heels

While it’s a blast to celebrate the bride surrounded by all her girl friends, sometimes it’s even better to get the groom involved! If you’re looking to host a couples shower, be sure to send an invitation that specifies it’s a shower for the two of them. With phrases like “It Takes Two” featured or two love birds decorating the card, it’s the perfect way to show the unity that’s sure to come out of their upcoming union.


Featured Cards: Nesting Time, Perfect Pair, Formal Bridal Cake, Red Blue Love

How do you celebrate the bride-to-be in the days leading up to her wedding day?

Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

Now that the Kardashian wedding has come and gone (with no colorful wedding dress, thank goodness), I imagine that Kim is going to have a lot of wedding thank you notes to write in the upcoming weeks! To help her, or you, out, here’s a  list of a few wedding thank you note tips to ensure your thank you cards will be at once easy to write and sincere!


Aim to get thank you notes out a month after you return from your wedding. With gifts that arrive before the wedding date, try to get a thank you back to them within two weeks. Guest are sure to be understanding if your thank you card arrives a little past the one month mark, but try to be timely!


Add a column to your RSVP list to jot down the gift each guest gave you. That way, when writing your thank you cards, you’ll be able to easily match the gift with each guest, and jog your memory as to whether or not the guest actually attended the wedding. This will help you avoid any embarrassing blunders mentioning a guest’s presence when they weren’t actually there!

Cardstore Shades of Blue Wedding Thank You Card by Paper Stories


Select a special, captured moment from the wedding to share with guests. A photo thank you card is sure to bring back memories of your wedding day, and convey your thanks in both images and words.


Begin by noting the role the guest played in your wedding, instead of the gift: It meant so much to me seeing you as I walked down the aisle. Your presence so brightened our special day. In opening your note with a heartfelt anecdote, you put the emphasis on the person instead of money or materials.

Next, thank them for the monetary or material gift, adding a brief note on where it will go in your home or how you’ll use it in the future. If possible, incorporate the guest into the activity or decoration, for example: I can’t wait for you to help us use the beautiful china plates you got us over some of my homemade lasagna soon!

End with a brief, summary thank you and offer your love. Voila! Four simple sentences, and you’ve got a quick and personalized thank you card for your guest.


Peruse for a selection of photo and regular wedding thank you cards.



Kardashian Wedding

I can’t seem to turn the corner without hearing someone talking about Kim Kardashian’s wedding this Saturday! Will she wear something other than a white dress? What theatrics are bound to play out? It’s like the royal wedding all over again!

Working for Cardstore, I’m particularly interested in the Kardashian wedding invitation (show below). You can tell so much about a wedding just from the invitation. It’s got a classic vibe with the black and white–mirroring the mandatory black and white dress code for guests–but it’s definitely ornate as well; there’s nothing simple when it comes to the Kardashians! Those side panels have a lot of detail going on, especially. I expect to be the actual wedding to be similarly formal and extravagant–but I guess you didn’t need to examine the Kardashian wedding invitation to guess that!

Invitation pictured here

Maybe you don’t have a Kardashian-sized wedding budget, I know I didn’t! But check out some of our favorite Kardashian-esque wedding invitations available on Cardstore:

Rue Saint Jean Black Wedding Invitation                          Daphne Scroll Black Wedding Invitation                               Sarah Black Wedding Invitation


Our Favorite Blog Posts: June 21 – 27

diy_tissue_paper_lanterns_large1. Handmade Paper Lanterns – I have always loved the romantic, whimsical looks of paper lanterns hanging outside for twilight dinners and parties, but have never known how to recreate the look on my own. However, this post from Curbly has 5 fantastic options for making similar paper lanterns on your own, and they’re all adorable! I’m not sure which tutorial to try first…

crafty-southern-wedding-122. Handmade Southern Wedding – Everything about this wedding seemed heartfelt, laid back, sentimental, and fantastically personal. With so many details from their flowers to the guest book could easily provide inspiration for your own wedding. And that dessert trunk; how cute can it get??

bp243. Hollywood – Summer movies have always been a family favorite, but they’re generally confined to the couch or the movie theater. However, after seeing this backyard movie party on design*sponge this week, I can’t get thoughts of hosting something like this out of my head. The great snacks and vintage-looking decor make this celebration one of the best I’ve seen this summer.

Why Don’t You… June 25 & 26

061411-stripebag7… make a striped tote bag? The look of a relaxed and well worn tote bag has always been so stylish to me, but I’ve never been able to find one to fit all my needs. Stripes are perfect for the summer months, so this tutorial for making your own tote bag seen on Momtastic is a definite must for a lazy weekend. Pairing it with a cute dress or bathing suit for the beach would look fantastic.

a-beautiful-mess-wedding-flowers-4… make your own bouquets? Although this post from 100 Layer Cake is meant for making your own wedding bouquets, I think it provides great inspiration for making bouquets for the home as well. To add a pop of color to the home, these bouquets would be a lovely idea for achieving that.

Our Favorite Blog Posts: June 14 – 20

food-truck-wedding-071. Food Truck Wedding – The food truck craze seems to have hit everywhere, and it is even in the wedding world. This totally eclectic and incredibly cool wedding seen on Green Wedding Shoes was one of the best I’ve seen in a while. It looks like a party everyone there loved, and all the details were done in such a unique way. While I probably couldn’t pull something like this off, it’s a great wedding to admire.

0076_wjt2. Texas Hill Country Wedding – The wedding theme continues with a fantastic Hill Country wedding seen at Style Me Pretty. I first fell in love with the chocolate hues seen throughout the wedding, but when I spotted this ring bearer I was completely sold. It just doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Our Favorite Blog Posts: May 31 – June 6

1. San Diego Wedding: So many weddings lately go for whimsical overclassically romantic This wedding, with its sumptuous color palette and stunning bride who would fit right in to any film noir, opts for sultry romance.  Beautiful details, location, and florals! Via Style Me Pretty. Photography by Vanessa Preziose of Apertura

2. Vintage Engagement Photos:  If you’re looking for some inspiration for a vintage engagement shoot done well, look no further than this stunning set over at Snippet & Ink. The photos are cute enough on their own, but are enhanced by knowing that the couple met at a swing club! Photography by Brian and Brandon Wright.

houseofbrinson_scones_13. Breakfast in the Park – Although I adore breakfast, I’ve never gotten the hang of making it a special meal. This post from House of Brinson with its simple but sweet idea of taking a breakfast outside during the warmer months has me reconsidering how I can make breakfast a perfect time to spend outdoors.

summerskinpost3. Three Things: Summer Skin – There’s something magical about the beginning of summer that seems to entice everyone. This post from Creature Comforts had a perfect ode to summer for me that I’ll remember for quite some time.

Our Favorite Blog Posts: April 5 – 11


1. Favorite Wedding of the Week: Safari Themed Forest Wedding – I try to highlight an array of weddings that range in budget, style, and location.  This wedding features lots of cost-saving DIY tips and an unusual jungle theme! Featured at 100 Layer Cake. Photography by onelove photography. -Allison

2. How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 other things no one told me) – This post, from Austin Kleon, is a must-read for any creative individual. Full of great, straight-forward advice. -Allison


3. Up-Inspired Floating House – The second I saw photos from this National Geographic shoot, I felt like I was being transported to a fairy tale. I love that not only did they test the idea of the house floating off with balloons in the movie Up, but the colors are so perfectly matched to the colors from the film. This must have been incredible to see. -Vanessa 


4. How to Make Playdough – As a child, playdough was one of my favorite creative tools. There was something about the feel of the playdough in my hands, along with the variety of colors, that always got my creative juices flowing. This post from black eiffel has an easy tutorial for making your own playdough in colors you want; it sounds like a blast! -Vanessa

Our Favorite Blog Posts: March 29 – April 4


1. Favorite Wedding of the Week: Harbor Island Bahamas Wedding – Featured at Once Wed, this gorgeous wedding features a pastel color palette, pretty arches, and a romantically lit reception.  Photography by Jonas Peterson. -Allison

2. Vintage Inspired Wedding – This cute couple, featured at Ruffled, is sure to inspire you with their quirkiness! Seems like great inspiration for a summer, carefree wedding reception. Photography by Julian Beattie. -Allison

3. DIY Project: Lia’s Lampshades – Add a touch of the English countryside to your home with this cute project featured at Design*Sponge! -Allison


4. Don Draper Disapproves – With the news that Mad Men has been postponed, all Mad Men lovers are in mourning. This post from Miss Moss cracked me up with all the photos of Don Draper looking very upset about this news; these photos will have to tide me over until the next season finally starts. -Vanessa


5. DIY Caramel Popcorn – I’m a huge popcorn lover; and that’s the understatement of the century. The thought of making my own caramel popcorn for a wedding, based on this post from Ruffled, would be such a fun party favor for any party. -Vanessa