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Collage Cards – Use Facebook and Instagram to Create Special Cards

Many of us have hundreds of Facebook and Instagram photos that sit in an album, but will never be used for anything beyond that. So many of those photos are full of memories with family and friends though, and deserve to be put to good use! If you have plenty of photos ready to be used, why not create a collage card using some of your favorite Facebook and Instagram photos for loved ones to enjoy?

Cardstore’s collage cards are the perfect canvas for your photos to decorate. When you choose to personalize one of the cards, the option to connect to your Facebook account is given to make the process totally seamless. Once you’ve logged in to your account, pick a photo from one of your own albums or from your Instagram album to make the cards totally personalized. Whether the card is celebrating someone’s birthday, is a thank you note, or is sent just because, it’s sure to make an impression with your one-of-a-kind photos added. Who would you send a collage card featuring your Facebook and Instagram photos to?

CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_3CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_2CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_1Check out all of our collage cards, and make something memorable with your social media!

Gifts for High School Graduates

We’re in the tail-end of graduation season, which probably means you’re fresh out of gift ideas for all those high school graduates heading off to college. It’s easy to get the grad a gift card to a favorite store or give them some much-needed cash, but giving them something special that will help with the transition or make them an instant hit in the dorm rooms will make your gift really stand out. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas for high school graduates that are perfect for plenty of grads, especially when paired with a personalized graduation congratulations card that shows how proud you are of all they’ve accomplished.

1. Help them record all of their favorite memories with a digital camera. Taking pictures of their dorm room, floor socials, and new best friends will help any new college student remember what made the first year the best year yet. A digital camera is the easiest way for them to share their pictures on facebook with friends and family, and will help keep everyone in the loop about what a great time they’re having.

2. Making new friends has never been easier than with portable games like foosball or pingpong. Created in small sizes perfect for a dorm room or small apartment, these games are the perfect gift for the sporty grad who can connect with new friends over a friendly game.

3. Let them connect over music with speakers. Whether sharing their favorite new artists or listening to some of their favorite songs together, having a set of speakers beyond the normal computer ones will make this high school grad the hit of the college dorm.

4. Cancel out the noise of roommates (or those new speakers!) with a set of noise-cancelling headphones. Whether the new grad wants to jam out to his or her music in peace or needs to drown out the noise to make studying easier, these headphones will come in handy for a variety of occasions.

5. Remind the grad of where they’ve come from and where they’ll go. As they start this new chapter, any new grad will be a little sentimental for their home and friends from high school. A photo collage frame that holds pictures of their family and friends is a sweet decoration for any dorm room that their new friends will love to see as well. Tell the new grad how much you think they’ll still accomplish with a copy of a book like Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!“. You can personalize it with a sweet note inside to remind the graduate of how proud you already are of them, and how excited you are for all that the future holds.

Be sure to check out Cardstore’s collection of graduation cards to find one to pair with your gift for an added touch. Whether featuring a photo of the grad or an inspirational quote, it’s a great chance to share your best wishes with the grad. What are some of your favorite gifts to give to high school grads?


Featured Cards: Colorful Grad OwlsColorful Graduation LetteringGraduation Signposts


Featured Cards: Notebook Class of 2013, Yearbook Photo Graduate, Watch Out Graduation


Cooking With Mom – Sharing Favorite Recipes

For many kids and adults, some of their favorite memories with Mom have been spent in the kitchen or around the dinner table. Whether she was whipping up a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies or making your favorite birthday meal, cooking with Mom is a memory that never fades. Many of us have such distinct memories of the food our Mothers have made over the years that a whiff of her home-made lasagna can bring back memories of family gatherings and stories.

For Mother’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with a special Mother’s Day brunch or recreating some of your Mom’s recipes for your own children, we think it’s incredibly important to share those recipes and memories from the one who started it all- your mom. If you’re thinking about gift ideas, compiling some of your favorite recipes together that Mom has made over the years is a sweet way to show her how much you pay attention to what she contributes to every event.

A few of Cardstore’s own Mother’s Day cards are kitchen and cooking-themed, perfect for that Mom or Grandma who always has something fresh coming out of the oven. Picking a card that lets you personalize the front with details about what you love most about her is another fun way to give Mom a shout out about some of your favorite things she’s made over the years. What are some of your favorite recipes passed down from your Mom?


Featured Cards: Grandma’s Kitchen and Cafe, It’s Not Spoiling if Grandma Does it,  Top 3 Mom Things

Trend Alert: Watercolors in Cards

Our Cardstore artists are always on the lookout for the best up-and-coming ideas and latest trends in the card world. We take pride in creating cards our customers love that are on-trend and with the most stylish designs. You’ll see that this spring they have really enjoyed using the latest trend in designs- cards featuring watercolor details. It is a vibrant and seasonally-relevant trend they just couldn’t resist! Check out our Easter greetings, Mother’s Day cards and more, cards featured this watercolor design. (Bonus, not only are they beautiful- they’re also perfect to personalize!)


Featured Cards: Hallelujah Easter, World in Bloom, Religious Purple Flower Easter

If you’re shopping for Easter cards now, be sure to look at Cardstore’s many Easter greeting cards featuring floral details and colors done in beautiful pastel shades. Whether adding a family name to the card, a favorite photo, or a personalized message inside, Easter cards with a touch of watercolor are perfect to send to family and friends.


Featured Cards: Mom Love, Mom Watercolor and Photo, Mother and Grandmother Flowers

In case you’re already looking ahead to Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12th!), why not browse some of the lovely Mother’s Day cards featuring a watercolor style? Moms will absolutely adore the gorgeous colors and details that make for such a sweet and subtle greeting. Add a photo of the two of you together and a personalized note to let your mom know why she deserves the best Mother’s Day yet.

Are there any trends you’re particularly excited about this spring?

New Year’s Cards – When It’s Too Late for Holiday Cards

Did the speed of the holidays catch you by surprise this year? Don’t worry; it happens to so many of us! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa preparations, it’s easy to get behind on your holiday to-do list. If making holiday cards just didn’t happen when you had planned, don’t be alarmed; sending New Year’s Cards as holiday cards is a fantastic idea!

The rush of holiday cards that comes in at once right around Christmas means that your card can often get forgotten about. By waiting a while to send your holiday cards and using New Year’s Cards instead, your card will greet family and friends for a refreshing, post-holiday craziness message. Cheery wishes for health and happiness in the New Year decorate each card, making it the perfect way to help loved ones welcome the start of 2013.

Instead of chiding yourself for being late sending your holiday cards, why not use this as an opportunity to send one of a kind New Year’s Cards that can be personalized with a photo and message for a special touch. Have you ever sent New Year’s Cards before? Tell us in the comments section below!









Cards featured above: Yellow Year Countdown, Spotted New Year


Christmas Photo Ideas for Pets

Purrfectly personalized holiday cards starring your pet!

Pets are an important part of our families and absolutely deserve a starring role on holiday cards. But how do you get them to appreciate this honor and behave for the best Christmas card pet photos? Try these holiday pet photo tips, reviewed and approved by our own Mr. Buckles (star of Cat Makes Card video).

Find the best lap- If you’re including your pet in a group photo, be sure they are in the lap of the person they are most comfortable with.

Pet spotlight– Group photo not going so well? You may want to consider taking a photo of your cat or dog by themselves, and just selecting a photo card with multiple photos. Here’s an example!

No flash, please! Not only is using a flash annoying for your cat or dog, it also creates bright green/gray eyes, similar to human red-eye. There is no easy way to eliminate it from a photo, even with retouching.

Speed matters- If possible, set your camera’s shutter speed on a fairly fast frame to keep up with a squirming pet.

Be prepared- Help keep your dog or cat’s attention on the photographer by bringing some of their favorite toys and treats with you to the shoot.


Special tips from Mr. Buckles:

Stay calm- Pets don’t do well in stressful situations. Speak softly and calmly, and they will be more inclined to sit still.

Shoot at eye level- It’s usually the most flattering for everyone, anyway!

Keep it real- Take lots of photos, even between poses. Often you can capture a sweet moment that is even more representative of your bond than a perfectly posed photo.

Best Christmas cards for cats

Meowie Christmas 7x5 Flat Card   Green Merry and Bright 5x7 Folded Card

Christmas cards with cats shown above: Meowie Christmas and Green Merry and Bright

Best Christmas cards for dogs

Dog Christmas Tree 7x5 Flat Card   Bow Wow Christmas 7x5 Flat Card

Christmas cards with dogs shown above: Dog Christmas Tree and Bow Wow Christmas

Of course, any of our holiday photo cards would look great starring your cat or dog…  which one will you choose?

The How To’s of Birth Announcements

The 9 months leading up to the birth of your bundle of joy is quite a busy time full of planning and preparations. One of the classic pieces of having a new baby though, the birth announcement, often gets left until after the baby is born. Why not save yourself some time though (and maybe get a few more hours of sleep!), by starting work on Birth Announcements before your little one’s arrival? This guide on how and when to start work on your baby’s birth announcement should save you some time and energy so you can spend those extra moments with your newborn.

Before the baby is born:

  • Browse through our Birth Announcements on  If you know you’re having a boy or a girl, pick a card design you love for him or her. If you’re waiting to find out the gender of your baby at birth, pick a design in a neutral color (green, yellow, orange, etc) that’s equally adorable.
  • Compile your list of recipients and their addresses. A good rule of thumb is to send birth announcements to the same people you’d send holiday cards to. A birth is a great time to get in touch with old friends though, so feel free to use this as a chance to reconnect; who doesn’t want to see an adorable little one?

After the birth:

  • Add your names to the card, the baby’s full name, date and time of birth, location, as well as the weight and length if you so choose. If the baby has older siblings, you may want to include their names as well. For multiple births (like twins), include the same information but add the names to the card on different lines or on opposite sides of the card to ensure it is clearly read.
  • Take a cute picture of your baby to add to the card; everyone will want to see the newest member of the family!
  • After you’ve personalized the birth announcement, send it off between one and six months after the birth

With these tips, you should be able to jumpstart the creation of a timeless birth announcement, while enjoying every second with your little one.

Birth Announcements pictured: Sweet Baby Girl Girl Photo Birth Announcement, Blue Stripes Boy Photo Birth Announcement, and Twice as Nice Twins Twin Birth Announcement in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

We’re so happy to announce we’ve been featured in the December issue of the magazine Pregnancy & Newborn for their holiday card roundup! One of our favorite designs, Peace Symbol Photo Holiday Card designed by PiPo Press, was chosen for the magazine. Feel free to browse our collection of holiday cards or pick up the newest edition of Pregnancy & Newborn to see more of their tips!

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Seven Tips for Taking a Family Photo


It’s an annual tradition. Every November, I get the kids in their nice clothes, line them up outside, and take a cute photo for my Christmas cards. The kids complain a little and wiggle a lot, but it’s worth it.

Why? Because in our time of texting and Facebook, holiday cards still matter. I even have a few of last year’s photo Christmas cards on my refrigerator. There’s something truly personal and memorable about a photo card that makes it a keepsake. Some people even save Christmas cards in a photo album when the season’s over, to see how friends and family change over the years.

However, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer or sift through all your family photos taken during the year to see if one of them will do. Take that family photo yourself!

Below are seven tips courtesy of our in-house photographer here at Cardstore, making it easy for you to take an outstanding photo that you’re excited to share. You don’t have to be a professional and you don’t have to own a fancy SLR camera — any simple point and shoot will do just fine!


1. Location – When thinking about where to take your photo, outdoors is usually best. Think about how beautiful that oak tree is in your back yard with the leaves changing colors. Find a serene yet simple background. Always remember to keep in mind the focus is your family not the scenery. Background should remain background.

2. Lighting – Another benefit of taking your photo outdoors is you don’t have to use flash. No more dreaded red eye! Unless you have professional photo lighting, outdoor lighting is the most natural and flattering. Try to take your photo in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t too high. It will help you avoid harsh shadows.

3. Get close! – You’re a family! Squeeze in tight. Photos always look awkward if one or two family members are scattered far away. Also, make sure to stagger your family so everyone will be visible.

4. Natural is best – Gone are the days of stiff studio photography. Show off your family’s personality. A few shots where you’re goofing off or laughing together are always a must.

5. Dress – Should you all match? Matching is definitely not necessary. It’s best to avoid busy patterns or bright colors that clash, but you don’t need to all wear green or red. Try different color solid colors that compliment each other.

6. Shoot, shoot, shoot! – One of the benefits of digital photography is you can keep right on shooting! The more to choose from the better! You’ll also have a better chance at getting a photo where no one is blinking.

7. Family Pet? – This could go either way and completely depends on your pet’s personality. If Fido can’t sit still for 20 seconds, let alone 10 or more minutes, you’ll spend more time trying to get him to sit than relaxing and getting a good photo. Another option is take a few photos with Fido and then the rest without.

Best of luck with your photos! Enjoy the time outside with your family, and Happy Holidays from! holiday cards, from left to right, by Rob+Bob StudioSweet Street Gals, and Kate Spain.

Monogrammed Madness

I’ve always been a fan of the little personal touches that make an event, gift, or moment incredibly special. I know it’s a little early, but I’ve been brainstorming holiday gifts that are one of a kind for my family and friends. Inspired by this Blue Star Monogram Boy Photo Birth Announcement, I’m thinking about incorporating monograms in my holiday gifts. Below is a roundup of some of my favorite monogrammed items I’m currently dreaming about…


Blue Star Monogram Boys Photo Birth announcement from

Monogrammed Mug from Anthropologie

Your Initial Design Necklace from Etsy vendor Classic Designs

Personalized Baby Blanket from Nordstrom

Monogram Tote from Martha Stewart

Shortbread Rhubarb Sandwich Cookies from Martha Stewart