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First Father’s Day for Grandpa

Did you ever notice while growing up that some of the best advice you ever got was from your Grandpa? He was always the coolest man you knew, and could tell a million stories at the drop of a hat. Whether taking you to a baseball game, holding your ballet slippers as you got ready for the big show, or firing up the BBQ for your favorite dinner, Grandpas are always there when you need them. If you have a baby on the way or a newborn, we think it’s a great idea to celebrate that incredible Grandpa for the first time with Father’s Day cards for Grandpa. Celebrating what wisdom he’s sure to bring, all while getting into plenty of trouble with his first grandchild in tow, Father’s Day cards for a first-time Grandpa are especially meaningful. With Father’s Day approaching on Sunday, June 16, there’s no better way to thank Grandpa for how much he already does for your little one, or tell him how you’re looking forward to seeing him with his very first grandchild. Do you have a new Grandfather in your life you’ll be celebrating for the first time this year?



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Congrats Grad! What To Write in Congratulations Cards

Graduation season is upon us, which probably means you’re going to plenty of high school and college graduation parties, and maybe even a few pre-school graduations too for the little graduates! It can be difficult to know just what to say to the grad, so why not take some of our tips that are perfect for grads of any age, and will help your congratulations cards be memorable.


Featured Cards: Colorful Grad Owls, Direction of Your Dreams Grad Caps

1. Pick out a card that reminds you of the graduate. Do they love a good laugh? Pick a funny congratulations card! Are they a fan of inspirational quotes? Pick a card featuring a quote that will immediately stand out. Is the grad in need of some words of wisdom? Pass some down with a card that contains some great tips and motivation. Know the graduate’s tastes, and choose a card that fits their style!


Featured Cards: Key to Success, Grad Gold Lettering on Black, Hopes for the Graduate

2. Give them positive congratulations. Even if the graduate doesn’t know exactly what he or she is doing after graduation, reassure them what an accomplishment graduation is to begin with, and what great things ahead they have to look forward to!

3. Congratulate them on a specific accomplishment. Did the graduate write a thesis? Did he or she graduate with honors? Were sports a big part of their schooling career? Mention a specific event that shows you took a keen interest in their educational career, and conveys a sense of pride for their graduation.

4. Mention your thoughts for the future. Whether that means wishing them luck in their new job, saying what a blast they’ll have in college, or wishing them luck in whatever the future brings, reassure the graduate that the next step is just as exciting as whatever they came from.

5. Keep it short and sweet. The grad is inevitably going to be opening plenty of cards for their graduation, so make sure yours stands out by sticking to the point! Cover the necessities – the congratulation, a specific shout-out, and your thoughts for the future, and leave it at that! The grad is sure to remember how sincere your graduation card was.

How will you be celebrating all the grads in your life this year?

Celebrate Dad Like Only You Can This Father’s Day

Even though we just finished celebrating the fantastic Mothers in our lives, it’s time to start thinking about honoring Dad! Coming up on Sunday, June 16th, this Father’s Day, we’re all about the personalized touches. Everyone’s relationship with their Dad is special in its own way, so why not celebrate what makes him the best Dad ever in a way only he can appreciate? Inspired by some of Cardstore’s Father’s Day cards which give you great personalized options like filling in speech bubbles with things he’s say, making a list of what you love most about him, and creating a special tribute just for him, we think it’s a great idea to make Dad’s day extra-special in an unconventional way this year.


Featured Cards: Photos and Speech Bubbles for Dad, Father and Son Similarities, Father’s Day Magazine

What are some of the ways that you celebrate Father’s Day in a way your Dad will really love? Be sure to check out our Father’s Day board on Pinterest for even more inspiration for Father’s Day activities and gifts.


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Cooking With Mom – Sharing Favorite Recipes

For many kids and adults, some of their favorite memories with Mom have been spent in the kitchen or around the dinner table. Whether she was whipping up a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies or making your favorite birthday meal, cooking with Mom is a memory that never fades. Many of us have such distinct memories of the food our Mothers have made over the years that a whiff of her home-made lasagna can bring back memories of family gatherings and stories.

For Mother’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with a special Mother’s Day brunch or recreating some of your Mom’s recipes for your own children, we think it’s incredibly important to share those recipes and memories from the one who started it all- your mom. If you’re thinking about gift ideas, compiling some of your favorite recipes together that Mom has made over the years is a sweet way to show her how much you pay attention to what she contributes to every event.

A few of Cardstore’s own Mother’s Day cards are kitchen and cooking-themed, perfect for that Mom or Grandma who always has something fresh coming out of the oven. Picking a card that lets you personalize the front with details about what you love most about her is another fun way to give Mom a shout out about some of your favorite things she’s made over the years. What are some of your favorite recipes passed down from your Mom?


Featured Cards: Grandma’s Kitchen and Cafe, It’s Not Spoiling if Grandma Does it,  Top 3 Mom Things

The Story Behind the Card: Long Distance Mother’s Day Cards

Cardstore’s peek into the story behind the card this week comes from our designer Emily, and her experiences with spending Mother’s Day away from her mom who lives in Houston. Having moved away from her family, Emily really wanted a card that expressed how far she sends her love to her mom every year, no matter the distance or where she’s living. With this as inspiration, Emily created the Mother’s Day card entitled A Mother’s Day Wish From Here to There that celebrates how she’s sending her love from San Francisco all the way to Houston.

As kids grow up and move away, spending Mother’s Day away from home has become almost second nature to many daughters and sons. Thanks to Emily’s very personal Mother’s Day card design, Cardstore now has other long distance Mother’s Day cards that show how no matter the distance, you’ll always be there to send her your love and appreciation. How far away will you be from mom this Mother’s Day, and how do you plan on letting her know you’re thinking of her no matter the miles?


Featured Cards: A Mother’s Day Wish From Here to There, Grandma Across the Miles, Home is Where Your Mom is, Love Bunches Mom

Sending Personalized Kids Birthday Thank You Cards

Once the cake has all been eaten, the streamers have been taken down, and the wrapping paper has been recycled, it’s time for a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation after hosting a kid’s birthday party. The only problem is, those final thank you notes from the birthday boy or girl that need to be sent out always seem to be standing in the way! It can be so difficult to get a little one to sit down and write a sincere note (or just scribble in a sweet design), and for those who are just turning 1 or 2 (like so many of the Cardstore babies!), it’s simply impossible.

This year, why not make the process so much easier with kids birthday thank you cards from Cardstore? With so many cute designs to choose from that can be instantly personalized with a photo and note, there’s no better way to show friends and family how happy you and your little one are that they came and celebrated with you.

For the birthday girl, pick a card featuring some of her favorite things, whether that’s a crown fit for a princess, adorable owl, or sweet pink details. Let her add a message inside to tell family and friends how happy she is to have celebrated her big day with loved ones. CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF


Did your party have a pirate, or Wild West theme? For the birthday boy, there’s a card that fits in perfectly with your party decor. Be sure to take a picture of your birthday boy with his new gift and add it to the card for a cute and personalized touch that shows just how much he has been enjoying all the loot from his birthday.

CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF_2Whether it’s a kids thank you card from a birthday boy or girl, it’s sure to bring joy to everyone’s day with it’s completely personalized details. Be sure to look at all of Cardstore’s kids birthday thank you cards to find one that fits all your needs perfectly. Do you have your little ones help send their thank you cards?

Featured Cards: Princess Photo Thanks, Thank You Zig Zag, Owl Thanks, Pirate Photo Thanks, Yay Thanks

It’s Never Too Late to Say “I’m Sorry”

It’s officially the day after Valentine’s Day, which means your significant other is just beaming with all the love you showered them with yesterday, right? If you’re anything like most of us, Valentine’s Day, or any other big moment you’ve been looking forward to, doesn’t necessarily always go exactly as planned. After one of these mishaps, sometime it’s best to take off the boxing gloves and just apologize. If you feel the need to send someone special a sincere apology, why not check out sorry cards made just for you? Sending a sorry card in the mail personalized with your message and apology really demonstrates how much their friendship and love means to you. Whether you and a friend had a falling out or you’re deciding to compromise with your spouse, Cardstore has heartfelt sorry cards that show how eager you are to move forward.


Featured cards: Vintage Flowers,  Forgive Me Flowers, Eskimo Bulldogs

 If you’re looking to apologize by putting a smile on their face, look no further than Cardstore’s funny sorry cards. With messages that will make them instantly laugh and forgive, these sorry cards are a great way to help you make up and move on. How do you say you’re sorry after a tiff? Do you send a personalized card and include a sweet gift?

CS_SC_BLG_sorry_SHELF_funnyFeatured Cards: Evil Twin Sorry, Hey Baby, Really Sorry


Mushy Made Easy – Valentine’s Day Cards and Messages

Finding that perfect Valentine’s Day message can help make the celebration special, but being creative enough to write something personalized and memorable is so difficult! Instead of stressing out about what you’ll write in your Valentine’s Day cards, why not choose a card that makes personalization easy? Cardstore has plenty of Valentine’s Day cards that make being romantic easy; all you have to do is fill in the blank! List some of their favorite things or your favorite memories together, add your initials to the card, and make it as personalized as possible to show how much of your love is in the card.

On the inside of the card, pick a quote from one of their favorite romantic movies to really make your love stand out! If she absolutely loves The Princess Bride, write “As you wish.” inside. If she’s a Tom Hanks fan, include a romantic quote from Sleepless in Seattle like, “I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic”. For a more classic quote, use one from a great movie like Gone With the Wind and write, “You should be kissed. And often. And by someone who knows how”. And if all else fails, the best standby comes from Jerry Maguire with the quote “You had me at hello”.

There’s no easier and sweeter way to show your love this Valentine’s Day than with Valentine’s Day cards from Cardstore that you can personalize with details of your relationship. Think about their favorite romantic movies and add a line from the movie inside to really make them swoon this Valentine’s Day.

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Celebrate National Handwriting Day With Personalized Stationery

When it comes to keeping in contact with old friends, sending an email, text, or facebook message is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of staying in touch. Yet there’s something so undeniably sentimental, romantic, and heartfelt about receiving a handwritten letter in the mail when all you’re expecting is another bill. This Wednesday, January 23rd marks National Handwriting Day. National Handwriting Day is celebrated on January 23rd in honor of John Hancock’s birthday. John Hancock was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and is famous for his large and bold signature. This National Handwriting Day, take John Hancock as inspiration to add your signature to a personalized note for a friend or loved one.

Pick out some personalized stationery that matches your style; whether featuring a monogram, photo, or floral details, there’s a stationery design to fit you. Handwriting is said to be a window into the soul, so why not put your handwriting on display? Thanks to this article on scribd, I’ve learned that those who write with a right slant have a response to communication, those with upright handwriting are independent, and if there is a left slant the writer tends to be reserved. People who write with a large print tend to be extroverts and outgoing, while those with small writing can be thinkers or academics. Do you think your handwriting represents who you are?

This National Handwriting Day, I’m planning on reclaiming the lost art of handwriting by sending personalized stationery to someone special. Once you’ve found the perfect personalized stationery though, there’s no better excuse to send handwritten notes throughout the year. Who will you send a letter to this month and for the rest of the year?

Featured Cards: Gray Paint Stationery, Colored Circle Stationery, Yellow Mosaic Thanks Stationery

New Year, New You: Never Miss a Birthday Again

We have entered the new year, which means it’s time for making resolutions! It’s easy to set some very lofty goals for 2013, but it’s much harder to make sure those resolutions are actually kept. This year, why not make a resolution we can help you keep… we challenge you to resolve to never miss a birthday (or any special occasion) again! Each year seems to get more and more busy, so it can be really easy to miss that birthday or special occasion you meant to send a card for. But with Cardstore’s future send option, you can prepare for every special occasion of the year- right now! There’s no reason to ever miss a special event again by following these simple steps:

1. Pick a birthday card for your recipient, and after editing it to add a photo, their name, or a personalized note, select the “Mail to the Recipient” option

2. After adding the birthday guy or gal’s address, select “I’ll schedule a date” for delivery

3. Once that is selected, pick any date within the upcoming year to have the birthday card delivered right on time for their big day. (Sending Anniversary or Thinking of You cards instead? The same easy steps apply!)

4. Add the card to your cart!

With the future send option, there’s no reason not to have your resolution of never missing a birthday again be met. What other resolutions are you planning on keeping in 2013?









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