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Baby Shower for the Second Child

When a couple has their first child, the baby shower can often be a huge celebration with many guests and major gifts like car seats and strollers given. By the time the second child comes around, many moms aren’t looking to be showered in the gifts they received for the first child, and often want to celebrate with a much smaller group of family and friends. Called a “Sprinkle”, this more low-key affair for moms on baby #2, 3, 4, or more gives moms the chance to prepare for the baby’s impending arrival with more useful gifts such as diapers and wipes to complement the bigger baby items they already own from the baby shower for their first child. A sprinkle takes the focus away from the gift-giving aspect of a baby shower, and instead lets the expecting mom enjoy time with family and friends to celebrate the newest addition to her family. As these sprinkles are gaining in popularity, we’ve collected some of the best tips below to make planning and throwing a sprinkle stress-free, and full of pre-baby fun.

1. Pick a date. Even though sprinkles are less formal than showers, be sure to pick a date that’s far enough in advance so that your invitations can be sent out 4 to 6 weeks in advance and is about 2 months before her due date so she’ll have plenty of time to do any last-minute prepping before the baby arrives.

2. Decide on a guest list. Does the mom-to-be want as many friends and family there as possible, or is she hoping to keep the gathering to a smaller group? Is this going to be a kid-friendly sprinkle so the older sibling can be involved? Make sure you know what she’s expecting, and plan accordingly with the guest list.

3. Send the invitationsCardstore’s normal baby shower invitations can be used for sprinkles as well, where the less-fussy details of the get-together can be emphasized. If you want to include a note about gift suggestions (hand-made items, formula, onesies, etc.), this can give guests a better idea of what to expect for the shower.


Featured Cards: Bonjour Bebe, Whale Oh Boy, Oh Baby Girl

4. Get creative with decorations. If the second child is a different sex than the mom’s first child, picking a cute theme to fit this is a fun way to celebrate the little one. Be sure to check out Cardstore’s Pinterest board for some ridiculously sweet decor and party activity ideas.

5. Create a menu. As sprinkles generally feature a more intimate group and more casual theme, it’s best to keep the menu light to keep the whole affair stress-free. If kids will be invited, be sure to include some kid-friendly fare that will help make the sprinkle a blast for them as well.

The best part about a sprinkle is that it lets the expecting mom and her family and friends focus on what really matters; the new addition to the family! Have you ever been to a sprinkle? What was your favorite part about the celebration?

Birth Announcements Series #6: What’s in a Name? Monogram Birth Announcements from Cardstore

Birth announcements are all about announcing the name of your little one—and there’s no better way to draw attention to your baby girl or boy’s name than a monogram birth announcement! Monograms seem to be popping up everywhere these days—in everything from home décor to jewelry to stationery.  Adding a monogram to your birth announcement adds both a stylish touch and helps you to celebrate your new baby’s name!

Check out a few of our favorite Cardstore monogram birth announcements below, or head over to the site to check out our whole selection of birth announcements on your own!

Birth Announcements Pictured (Top to Bottom, Right to Left): Square Photo Boy Birth Announcement, Scalloped Monogram Pink Photo Girl Birth Announcement, Pink Star Monogram Girl Birth Announcement, Blue City Scape Boy Photo Birth Announcement, and Pink Zigzags Girl Photo Birth Announcement.

Take 2 Tuesday: Baby Elephant

When it comes to babies, there’s almost nothing on this earth cuter than a baby elephant in my mind. They’re so small compared to their mothers but still wrinkly and wise looking that I find their charm simply irresistible. I initially fell in love with this Baby Shower Invitation designed by Kate Spain because of the sweet elephant. When I saw the polka-dotted border with muted, yet colorful shades, I thought this invitation could provide such inspiration for an upcoming baby shower. When paired with a picture of a real baby elephant, there’s just nothing more adorable.


Baby Shower Invitation from

Baby Elephant photo from Flickr photographer Andy Lederer

Monogrammed Madness

I’ve always been a fan of the little personal touches that make an event, gift, or moment incredibly special. I know it’s a little early, but I’ve been brainstorming holiday gifts that are one of a kind for my family and friends. Inspired by this Blue Star Monogram Boy Photo Birth Announcement, I’m thinking about incorporating monograms in my holiday gifts. Below is a roundup of some of my favorite monogrammed items I’m currently dreaming about…


Blue Star Monogram Boys Photo Birth announcement from

Monogrammed Mug from Anthropologie

Your Initial Design Necklace from Etsy vendor Classic Designs

Personalized Baby Blanket from Nordstrom

Monogram Tote from Martha Stewart

Shortbread Rhubarb Sandwich Cookies from Martha Stewart

Take Two Tuesday: Anchors Away!


I’ve always been extremely fond of all things nautical… in case you haven’t noticed from my numerous nautical-related posts in the past! I’m not even close to being in the market for birth announcements, but if I was, I am positive this Blue Anchor Baby Boy Photo Birth Announcement from Carrot & Stick Press would be my first choice. With so many cute anchors, here’s a little Take 2 Tuesday that’s ever so reminiscent of a long sea voyage.

Blue Anchor Baby Boy Photo Birth Announcement from

Owl Obsession

I really don’t think I’m just imagining this trend. I’ve been seeing these creatures everywhere! Not just in the obvious places, but in nearly every store and used in almost every design aesthetic imaginable! This cute creature that’s been popping up is the owl. Maybe it’s the big eyes or the fun colors you can make any owl into, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere! Don’t get me wrong, I adore owls. I have a gorgeous owl necklace (purchased before this trend got so big), and recently bought some owl stationery. With this trend in mind, the following inspiration board features owls seen in many different settings around the web. Why do you think owls have gotten so popular? P.S. – You MUST see the close up of the Owl Invasion Apron. It is so dang cute! And it matches that birth announcement by Dee & Lala perfectly… I think it would make the perfect baby shower gift!


Green Owls Nest Photo Birth Announcement from

Owl Cupcakes from Flickr photographer jdesmeules

Owl Ring from Rachel Roy

Owl Invasion Apron from Anthropologie

Sleepy Owls Pillow from Etsy vendor OutonaLimbDesign

Inspiration Board: Wood Grain

I think that a wood grain pattern makes the perfect touch in non-wooden goods. It hints at nature without being too over the top. It features delicate lines and it isn’t too rigid of a pattern. I especially love what a couple of the items below play off of–sweet romantic carvings in trees (not that I condone actual tree carving!).  I looked for a dress or top that incorporated a wood grain pattern subtly and well, but I couldn’t find one. If anyone has a stunning example, please share it with me!
woodgrain Pink Woodgrain Baby Birth Announcement by Pink Dot Press

Wood Grain ‘Decomposition’ Journal available here

Wood Grain Present Packaging from Etsy shop somethingshidinghere

Embroidered Tree Pillow from Etsy Shop cozy blue

Wood Grain Cuff links from Etsy Shop blockpartypress

Wood Grain Ring from Etsy Shop SilverGarden

How To: Write a Birth Announcement

This week, we’ll be continuing our How To column with some more help from Miss Manners. Today, she teaches us about the proper way to write a birth announcement. Now, for anyone who has ever read Miss Manners before, you’ll know she has VERY strong opinions. Her take on birth announcements is actually pretty hysterical and rather unique; I laughed throughout the whole thing!

Miss Manners states that she prefers birth announcements that are “written on a married couple’s engraved message card” (27). In other words, she likes a short note on their stationery announcing the birth. She writes that she hates when a baby’s weight is noted, “to show whether you have produced something substantial” (27). Personally, I have no problem about the weight of a baby being noted; I rather like it more! Throughout her instructions on birth announcements, Miss Manners sticks to the idea that they should be short, sweet, and to the point. Today we can include pictures in birth announcements, something Miss Manners did not talk about, but that I love to see. I wonder what she would think about that addition? For anyone looking to create a birth announcement even Miss Manners would approve of, with the added option of a picture, check out the selection of birth announcements at You can add as many details as you want, or keep it short like Miss Manners. Either way, family and friends will love to hear any news about your little one.

Above information from Miss Manners by Judith Martin, published by Warner Books, 1983


Miss Manners Book from Flickr

Take Two Tuesday: Seeing Double

Tomorrow, August 4th, is Twin Day! My dad is an identical twin so I know how tough it can be to tell twins apart, but also how much fun it is to be with them and see the crazy similarities. If you haven’t seen pictures from former Twin Day celebrations, you need to look them up; these people are incredibly identical! In honor of this fun day, we’re providing a Take Two Tuesday that celebrates twins with two peas in a pod. The cute birth announcement designed by Great Arrow Graphics is perfect for twins, and pairs adorably with this sweet picture from Flickr photographer Harpersbizarre. Twins always provide a little added spice to life, so if you’re a twin, Happy Twin Day tomorrow!


Take 2 Tuesday: Cute as a Button

When it comes time to buy a birth announcement for a baby girl, every parent wants to show off their child in the sweetest way possible. And what could be cuter than your baby’s picture surrounded by a pink background and adorable pink buttons in this Pink Baby Buttons birth announcement! Designed by artist february 13 creative, this card is full of irresistible charm. Paired with this creative and cute picture of a bouquet of pink buttons by Flickr photographer whimsylove, this may be the prettiest Take 2 Tuesday yet!