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Not All Funny is Created Equal–Picking the Perfect Funny Card

Part of being funny is knowing how to charm your audience, and that same logic applies to choosing the perfect funny card. Just like you wouldn’t tell the same joke to your dad that you would tell to your best friend, you wouldn’t give both of them the same funny birthday card either! Choosing the wrong kind of funny means that you card could simply fall flat or–even worse–be deemed inappropriate. Here are  a few steps to ensure that you select a funny card that will do its job and make them laugh!

  • Think about your audience. Can this person laugh at themselves? Consider a photo funny birthday card that makes them the punchline. Is this person a political maven? Consider a political birthday card–just make sure it suits their politics and not your own. Any card is made better when you think about the recipient–a funny card is no different.
  • Consider shared memories. Sisters love sister humor. Best friends from long ago can laugh with you about your shared (and embarrassing!) past. Use your personal history to select a card that highlights the bond (and the laugh-out-loud memories) that you share.
  • Be aware of the occasion. If your BFF is insecure about hitting a milestone birthday, maybe don’t rub it in. Don’t send a funny everyday card for a sad occasion. It may sound like common sense, but it never does any harm to think twice about any potential hurt feelings.
  • Add a personal note to up the humor. Have a way to relate the funny card directly to your recipient, or make your card a little more personal? Do it! Try your own hand at comedian with the people you know best. Then turn to the sentimental.
  • Rehearse the joke for any red flags. Imagine showing the card to them in person–or saying it out loud. What is their reaction like? Do you feel comfortable? This is your last step to make sure you’ve chosen a humor-appropriate card. Once you visualize the smile of approval, send away!

 Funny Birthday Cards

Baby Shower for the Second Child

When a couple has their first child, the baby shower can often be a huge celebration with many guests and major gifts like car seats and strollers given. By the time the second child comes around, many moms aren’t looking to be showered in the gifts they received for the first child, and often want to celebrate with a much smaller group of family and friends. Called a “Sprinkle”, this more low-key affair for moms on baby #2, 3, 4, or more gives moms the chance to prepare for the baby’s impending arrival with more useful gifts such as diapers and wipes to complement the bigger baby items they already own from the baby shower for their first child. A sprinkle takes the focus away from the gift-giving aspect of a baby shower, and instead lets the expecting mom enjoy time with family and friends to celebrate the newest addition to her family. As these sprinkles are gaining in popularity, we’ve collected some of the best tips below to make planning and throwing a sprinkle stress-free, and full of pre-baby fun.

1. Pick a date. Even though sprinkles are less formal than showers, be sure to pick a date that’s far enough in advance so that your invitations can be sent out 4 to 6 weeks in advance and is about 2 months before her due date so she’ll have plenty of time to do any last-minute prepping before the baby arrives.

2. Decide on a guest list. Does the mom-to-be want as many friends and family there as possible, or is she hoping to keep the gathering to a smaller group? Is this going to be a kid-friendly sprinkle so the older sibling can be involved? Make sure you know what she’s expecting, and plan accordingly with the guest list.

3. Send the invitationsCardstore’s normal baby shower invitations can be used for sprinkles as well, where the less-fussy details of the get-together can be emphasized. If you want to include a note about gift suggestions (hand-made items, formula, onesies, etc.), this can give guests a better idea of what to expect for the shower.


Featured Cards: Bonjour Bebe, Whale Oh Boy, Oh Baby Girl

4. Get creative with decorations. If the second child is a different sex than the mom’s first child, picking a cute theme to fit this is a fun way to celebrate the little one. Be sure to check out Cardstore’s Pinterest board for some ridiculously sweet decor and party activity ideas.

5. Create a menu. As sprinkles generally feature a more intimate group and more casual theme, it’s best to keep the menu light to keep the whole affair stress-free. If kids will be invited, be sure to include some kid-friendly fare that will help make the sprinkle a blast for them as well.

The best part about a sprinkle is that it lets the expecting mom and her family and friends focus on what really matters; the new addition to the family! Have you ever been to a sprinkle? What was your favorite part about the celebration?

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Have you been pranked yet? Or have you already pulled off the most epic prank ever? Yes, it’s that special time of the year again, April Fool’s Day, which means it’s time to get the laughs going! If you didn’t know about Cardstore’s funny new April Fool’s Day cards in time for the holiday today, there’s no need to worry; the laughs can continue through the year! Sending funny birthday cards, funny thinking of you cards, and any funny card in between is the best way to make someone’s day that much better. In honor of April Fool’s Day this year, Cardstore is offering a special 1-day offer that will help spread laughs for the rest of the year. Be sure to visit Cardstore today for this special deal that will leave everybody laughing who’s lucky enough to get a card from you.


Featured cards: Found the Vodka, Healthy Bacon, Birthday Donut Calories

Before and After: Birthday Party Etiquette

It seems like in today’s digital age it’s easy to get lost in the never-ending ability to just send an email as an invitation to an event, or write on someone’s facebook wall to thank them for something sweet they’ve done. But when it comes to planning a birthday party, there’s something sincere and truly touching when an actual invitation or thank you card is sent and received. If you’re planning a birthday party anytime soon, Cardstore has some tips for you to help make the invitation before the event feel special, and to make your thank you note for after the event the perfect reminder of why you’re so appreciative of what they’ve done.


Featured Cards: Purple Bunting Flag Birthday, Big Five O, Birthday Daily Journal Invite 

When inviting family and friends to a birthday celebration, whether it’s for you, on behalf of a significant other, or for a little one, it’s best to send your invitation out a month in advance for a more formal party, and 2 to 3 weeks in advance if it’s an informal gathering. Include where and when the party is with clear details about the venue, whether an RSVP is needed, and information about whether dinner, drinks, snacks, etc. will be served so they can plan accordingly. Browsing Cardstore’s many birthday party invitations can help you pick a theme that you can easily decorate around as well.


Featured Cards: Confetti Thanks, Ballerina Thanks, Polka Dot Balloon Thanks

After the party, birthday thank you cards provide the perfect chance to follow up on what a great time you had celebrating with your guests. Ideally, you or the little birthday boy or girl will write the thank you card within 2 to 3 days of the party so that excitement over the gift is still at its peak. You can even pick a thank you card with room for a photo so that a photo of you enjoying their gift can be added for a personalized touch. Be sure to mention how much you appreciate that they were able to celebrate your day with you, and that you’re looking forward to using their gift throughout the year. Sent 2 to 3 days after a party, birthday thank you cards are the final step needed in making sure all rules for birthday party etiquette are perfectly followed.

Celebrate your BFF–like only YOU can!

Everyone has a special bond with their best girlfriend–fueled by girls’ night out, weekend brunches, and phone calls and texts in between meetings. Your BFF is the one you turn to for support, celebration, fun, and even as a shoulder to cry on! When it’s time for a birthday, you better be ready to celebrate it like only YOU can–with a few laughs, a little wine, and a heartfelt birthday card made just for her.


Cardstore has a variety of BFF birthday cards perfect for old and new friends. Let her know that you’ve known her since she had her “natural hair color,” or simply write her to tell her that she really is your person. Get your friendship down in writing–to let her know how much you treasure your special connection!

CS_SC_BLG_BFF_SHELFTo commemorate a special moment, even capture a picture of you two together! Whatever you do, write a birthday message that has just the right amount of inside jokes and heartfelt memories to celebrate your friendship in style.

Cards pictured: My Person that I Love, Natural Birthday Wish, Bright Best Friend Frame, Birthday Donut Calories, and Vintage Birthday Cheers.

Sending Personalized Kids Birthday Thank You Cards

Once the cake has all been eaten, the streamers have been taken down, and the wrapping paper has been recycled, it’s time for a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation after hosting a kid’s birthday party. The only problem is, those final thank you notes from the birthday boy or girl that need to be sent out always seem to be standing in the way! It can be so difficult to get a little one to sit down and write a sincere note (or just scribble in a sweet design), and for those who are just turning 1 or 2 (like so many of the Cardstore babies!), it’s simply impossible.

This year, why not make the process so much easier with kids birthday thank you cards from Cardstore? With so many cute designs to choose from that can be instantly personalized with a photo and note, there’s no better way to show friends and family how happy you and your little one are that they came and celebrated with you.

For the birthday girl, pick a card featuring some of her favorite things, whether that’s a crown fit for a princess, adorable owl, or sweet pink details. Let her add a message inside to tell family and friends how happy she is to have celebrated her big day with loved ones. CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF


Did your party have a pirate, or Wild West theme? For the birthday boy, there’s a card that fits in perfectly with your party decor. Be sure to take a picture of your birthday boy with his new gift and add it to the card for a cute and personalized touch that shows just how much he has been enjoying all the loot from his birthday.

CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF_2Whether it’s a kids thank you card from a birthday boy or girl, it’s sure to bring joy to everyone’s day with it’s completely personalized details. Be sure to look at all of Cardstore’s kids birthday thank you cards to find one that fits all your needs perfectly. Do you have your little ones help send their thank you cards?

Featured Cards: Princess Photo Thanks, Thank You Zig Zag, Owl Thanks, Pirate Photo Thanks, Yay Thanks

New Year, New You: Never Miss a Birthday Again

We have entered the new year, which means it’s time for making resolutions! It’s easy to set some very lofty goals for 2013, but it’s much harder to make sure those resolutions are actually kept. This year, why not make a resolution we can help you keep… we challenge you to resolve to never miss a birthday (or any special occasion) again! Each year seems to get more and more busy, so it can be really easy to miss that birthday or special occasion you meant to send a card for. But with Cardstore’s future send option, you can prepare for every special occasion of the year- right now! There’s no reason to ever miss a special event again by following these simple steps:

1. Pick a birthday card for your recipient, and after editing it to add a photo, their name, or a personalized note, select the “Mail to the Recipient” option

2. After adding the birthday guy or gal’s address, select “I’ll schedule a date” for delivery

3. Once that is selected, pick any date within the upcoming year to have the birthday card delivered right on time for their big day. (Sending Anniversary or Thinking of You cards instead? The same easy steps apply!)

4. Add the card to your cart!

With the future send option, there’s no reason not to have your resolution of never missing a birthday again be met. What other resolutions are you planning on keeping in 2013?









Cards featured above: Birthday Doodles Boy birthday card, Fiftieth Birthday birthday card

Photo Birthday Invitations–50% off!

All birthday invitations are 50% off right now, which means that it’s the perfect time to check out the invites that Cardstore has to offer! Cardstore’s vast selection of photo birthday invitations means that you can invite friends and family to celebrate with a smile—at any age. Whether you’re seeking one of our colorful kids photo birthday invitations or a milestone photo birthday invitation to celebrate a big event, the variety of available photo birthday cards means that you can find your ideal birthday invite, no problem. Commemorate the years gone past with a slew of smiling pictures of decades past and present, or capture a photo of the birthday boy or girl in the moment. Browse through our selection to plan your next birthday party—and order invites at half off—today!

Photo Birthday Invites pictured: Birthday Daily Journal 30th Birthday Invitation, Pirate Hat Kids Birthday Invitation, & Forty Photo Frame Birthday Invitation.

Birth Announcements Series #6: What’s in a Name? Monogram Birth Announcements from Cardstore

Birth announcements are all about announcing the name of your little one—and there’s no better way to draw attention to your baby girl or boy’s name than a monogram birth announcement! Monograms seem to be popping up everywhere these days—in everything from home décor to jewelry to stationery.  Adding a monogram to your birth announcement adds both a stylish touch and helps you to celebrate your new baby’s name!

Check out a few of our favorite Cardstore monogram birth announcements below, or head over to the site to check out our whole selection of birth announcements on your own!

Birth Announcements Pictured (Top to Bottom, Right to Left): Square Photo Boy Birth Announcement, Scalloped Monogram Pink Photo Girl Birth Announcement, Pink Star Monogram Girl Birth Announcement, Blue City Scape Boy Photo Birth Announcement, and Pink Zigzags Girl Photo Birth Announcement.

Artist Spotlight: Strawberry Shortcake

Cardstore’s new line of Strawberry Shortcake cards are as sweet as the dessert that she’s named after. Perfect for every little girl (or nostalgic big girl), these adorable cards feature lots of flowers and bright colors (especially pink!) to make great birthday surprises and invitations. I’ve included a few of my favorites, but be sure to check out all of the Strawberry Shortcake designs here as well!

Flower Strawberry Shortcake and Kitten and Flower Field Birthday cards pictured above