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Cool Back to School Supplies for Tweens


Whether your child is finishing up elementary school or just beginning middle school, now’s the time to get some more fashionable school supplies! Here’s a list of some fun ideas to add a little color to your tween’s school year this fall:


  • A Bright Backpack–the more colorful the better!
  • Erasers of all shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Patterned Pencil Case
  • A Tiny & Colorful Mini-Stapler
  • Folders featuring their favorite things
  • Sweet Notebooks with small designs and patterns
  • Sticky Notes in various shapes and themes
  • Highlighters in every color
  • Colorful pens for doodling
  • Shaped scissors for craft projects
  • A new cell phone case
  • Paperclips in fun shapes like hearts and stars
  • A hip agenda–have them pick it out themselves!
  • Magnets for their locker
  • Mini-posters
  • Locker Decor–including a magnetic pen and pencil holder

What are some of your favorite tween school supplies this year?


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