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Construction Zone: Fun Ideas for a Transportation Themed Birthday Party


Does your son love to dig in the dirt and aspire to drive a massive dump truck? Does he love watching construction and dream of wearing a yellow hard hat? Why not throw a construction themed birthday party for his next birthday celebration? Follow these steps to throw the perfect transportation themed birthday party:

Decor: Buy as much black and yellow as you can find. Buy or make square construction signs with messages like Do Not Enter! and Work Zone! and place them strategically around the house and yard. Buy a few plastic cones, and, of course, plenty of yellow caution tape. Add various cars and trains around as decoration.

Activities: Offer each child a yellow work hat as they enter the house, and work them that there are kids at work. If possible, also provide them with a shovel. Fill the backyard or sand box with plenty of plastic shovels and tools so that they can move some dirt! Add mini dump trucks if desired. Set up other “work stations” with fun tasks that give them lots to do with their hands. Even have a station with blocks or Legos that they can build and demolish!

Food: Keep it casual with yellow frosting and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Fill mini dump trucks with various snacks and treats on the table. Label the cups with “Wet Paint.”

The best part about throwing a transportation themed birthday party? No need to clean up the house too much beforehand! This is a Work Zone!



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