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Not All Funny is Created Equal–Picking the Perfect Funny Card

Not All Funny is Created Equal Blog Post

Part of being funny is knowing how to charm your audience, and that same logic applies to choosing the perfect funny card. Just like you wouldn’t tell the same joke to your dad that you would tell to your best friend, you wouldn’t give both of them the same funny birthday card either! Choosing the wrong kind of funny means that you card could simply fall flat or–even worse–be deemed inappropriate. Here are  a few steps to ensure that you select a funny card that will do its job and make them laugh!

  • Think about your audience. Can this person laugh at themselves? Consider a photo funny birthday card that makes them the punchline. Is this person a political maven? Consider a political birthday card–just make sure it suits their politics and not your own. Any card is made better when you think about the recipient–a funny card is no different.
  • Consider shared memories. Sisters love sister humor. Best friends from long ago can laugh with you about your shared (and embarrassing!) past. Use your personal history to select a card that highlights the bond (and the laugh-out-loud memories) that you share.
  • Be aware of the occasion. If your BFF is insecure about hitting a milestone birthday, maybe don’t rub it in. Don’t send a funny everyday card for a sad occasion. It may sound like common sense, but it never does any harm to think twice about any potential hurt feelings.
  • Add a personal note to up the humor. Have a way to relate the funny card directly to your recipient, or make your card a little more personal? Do it! Try your own hand at comedian with the people you know best. Then turn to the sentimental.
  • Rehearse the joke for any red flags. Imagine showing the card to them in person–or saying it out loud. What is their reaction like? Do you feel comfortable? This is your last step to make sure you’ve chosen a humor-appropriate card. Once you visualize the smile of approval, send away!

 Funny Birthday Cards

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