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Birthday Gag Gifts: Celebrate a Milestone Birthday with a Laugh!


For those big milestone birthdays, it’s tough to find the gift that’s just right for the birthday boy or girl. Whether they’re turning 30, 40, 50, or any other big birthday, sometimes giving a gift card just doesn’t seem like the best you can do. Along with giving them a great card to celebrate their milestone birthday, why not pick out a laugh-out-loud gag gift? Here’s a few steps to help you brainstorm the perfect birthday gag gift.

  •  Make it age related: Especially for a milestone birthday, age is the thing on everyone’s mind. If the birthday boy or girl is a little anxious about getting older, make anxiety into a laugh with a gift that seems designed for the elderly. Everything from a large print book to false teeth to a cane will help them realize they’re not over the hill just yet.
  • Focus on the wrapping job: Create a false sense of excitement by wrapping a tiny box in bigger and better packaging. Make your presentation be part of your gag gift!
  • Use unusual ingredients:  Make bubble bath, potpourri, or trail mix with slightly off or funny ingredients to make a homemade gag gift that will make them laugh. Just be careful to label the ingredients clearly so they get the joke.
  • Provide an incomplete gift: Offer the ringbox without the ring or the batteries without the toy. Include a picture of the missing object with a “Just add ___” label.

Our birthday board on Pinterest features plenty of fantastic gag gifts for a variety of different birthdays, making it easy to pick out the perfect gift to help make their day even more memorable. What are some of your favorite gag gifts to give for those major birthdays? Don’t forget to pick out a great milestone birthday card to help complete the gift.

Milestone birthday cards from Cardstore.comMilestone birthday cards pictured: Colorful 30th Birthday Invite, Milestone Birthday Invite Red, Graphic Art 40th Birthday Invite.


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