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Be the Bestest BFF


Everyone has a BFF–but do you know how to be the bestest BFF? It’s no easy feat–being a great BFF takes some serious effort! With Friendship Day coming up on August 4th, now is the perfect time for you to brush up on your BFF skills. Here’s an easy list of questions that only a best friend could answer with a yes. Can you?

  • Are you there when the going gets tough?
  • Do you pick up your phone when she calls late?
  • Do you answer texts?
  • Do you make sure to never flake on plans without advance warning?
  • Do you know how to make her laugh?
  • Do you say what she needs to hear, instead of just what she wants to hear?
  • Do you prioritize keeping in touch, even when things get hectic?
  • Do you know all her favorite stuff–colors, food, and places?
  • Do you know just what to say to cheer her up?
  • Do you have an arsenal of shared memories that make you both crack up laughing?
  • Do you have somewhere that’s your special spot to meet?
  • Can you talk for hours, without getting bored?
  • Can you sit together without worrying about awkward silences?

What sort of things do you value in your BFF?

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