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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Create a Coupon


We all know what our dad’s favorite activities are–and what better time than Father’s Day to let him do the things he loves?  For this Father’s Day, eschew the tie and promise dad his favorite activity with a coupon designed precisely with him in mind! Simply customize your Father’s Day coupon with his name and his gift to let him redeem his gift at any time! Here’s some ideas for your Father’s Day coupon–a fun twist on the traditional Father’s Day card!

From Kids:

… one round of golf

… one night of total TV control

… one homemade breakfast

… one car wash

… one lawn mowing

… one GIANT hug

From Spouse:

… one back rub

… one romantic date night

… one movie pick

… one night of silence from the kids


What custom activity or treat will you add to your Father’s Day coupon?

Featured Cards: Father’s Day Coupon from Kids and Romantic Father’s Day Coupon.


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