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Tip for Brides: Creative Ways to Store Wedding Cards

After all the wedding festivities have come and gone, brides and grooms are left with a sweet reminder of all the love their friends and family showered on them the day of their wedding in the form of wedding cards. While these are such sweet notes that often contain heartfelt messages, most couples have no idea what to do with all of the cards they received from their engagement up to their wedding day. Because they’re such a meaningful reminder of all the love you felt on your wedding day, it’s almost impossible to just throw away all of those wedding cards, but keeping them in a box somewhere seems like such a waste too! Luckily, there are some great ideas on how to store wedding cards to make them accessible and cute enough to display in your home.

If you’re the creative type, using your wedding cards to make a scrapbooking-inspired book may be just the activity for you. Check out these tutorials to learn how to create a mini-album bound by a ring or a wedding book containing all of your wedding cards. In case those more hands-on crafting options are a little daunting, either making a keepsake box with your initials and the date of your wedding on it or purchasing one to hold all of your cards is a great option for storing. Although flipping through the cards is a little more difficult when they’re stored in the box rather than in a book, the box can easily be displayed in a stylish way and opened whenever you want to read a sweet note from family and friends.

What did you do with your cards after a wedding or big event? Do you like to hold on to those keepsakes or recycle them in useful ways? In case you’re headed to a wedding this summer, be sure to check out Cardstore’s wedding cards to pick a card that’s so sweet and personal the bride and groom won’t be able to resist holding on to it.

CS_SC_BLG_06282013_SHELF2Wedding Cards Pictured: Milk Cookies Engagement Wedding Card, Just Married Car Wedding Card, and Heart Wedding Cake Wedding Card.


Tip for Brides: Fun Wedding Card Box Ideas

If you have a wedding coming up, you want to be prepared as possible before the big day arrives–so that you can fully enjoy it and relax! One detail that often gets forgotten are the wedding cards. In the flurry of the wedding celebrations, small wedding cards often get lost–meaning that you lose out on the priceless advice and wedding congrats written by friends and family.  That’s why a wedding card box–that you can craft or purchase beforehand–could come in really useful! It will take you no time at all, and it will ensure that you keep track of those special memories.

For your box, you can craft it or buy it. Consider making a card box in the shape of a wedding cake, or decorating the box with colors that match your wedding colors. Start with pre-made photo or hat boxes and craft away! Try not to go too crazy. If DIY isn’t really your thing,  antique suitcases, colorful birdhouses, or picnic baskets all add some great style to your wedding. If you want to go really simple, a beautiful wooden box or clean glass lantern are a classy addition to any wedding.

When you’ve finished making or designing your wedding card box, simply add a clarifying sign and place it near the guestbook!

Cardstore wedding cards

Cardstore wedding cards

Collage Cards – Use Facebook and Instagram to Create Special Cards

Many of us have hundreds of Facebook and Instagram photos that sit in an album, but will never be used for anything beyond that. So many of those photos are full of memories with family and friends though, and deserve to be put to good use! If you have plenty of photos ready to be used, why not create a collage card using some of your favorite Facebook and Instagram photos for loved ones to enjoy?

Cardstore’s collage cards are the perfect canvas for your photos to decorate. When you choose to personalize one of the cards, the option to connect to your Facebook account is given to make the process totally seamless. Once you’ve logged in to your account, pick a photo from one of your own albums or from your Instagram album to make the cards totally personalized. Whether the card is celebrating someone’s birthday, is a thank you note, or is sent just because, it’s sure to make an impression with your one-of-a-kind photos added. Who would you send a collage card featuring your Facebook and Instagram photos to?

CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_3CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_2CS_SC_BLG_06242013_SHELF_1Check out all of our collage cards, and make something memorable with your social media!

4th of July Party Tips

Are you already dreaming up fun ways to celebrate the 4th of July this year? This summer holiday is the perfect reason to gather family and friends together for an outdoor BBQ decorated by the stars and stripes and ending in some classic fireworks watching. To help make your 4th of July party planning go smoothly, we’ve rounded up some useful tips and ideas perfect for your party needs.

1. Decide on a guest list and choose an invitation. Is this going to be a neighborhood-wide gathering? Or will you be hosting just a few families? Once you’ve decided on who will be attending the party, pick out a cute 4th of July-themed party invitation. Include the details of when and where the party will be, and whether or not a meal will be served. Send the invitations to guests 3-4 weeks in advance so they have plenty of time to RSVP.

2. Plan your decorations. The 4th of July is one of the easiest holidays to decorate for; just go crazy with red, white, and blue! Whether you decide to include streamers, small flags, balloons, or more, with enough decorations your party will look perfectly patriotic. Cardstore’s Pinterest page has plenty of cute 4th of July party activities for you to get inspired by.

3. Keep people interested with activities! If there will be plenty of kids at the event, create kid-friendly activities like a craft table or outdoor games. If it’s hot in your area, including some water games like a Slip N’ Slide are always a hit with the little ones and will keep people cool.

4. Create a menu. In celebrating America’s Independence Day, keep the food all-American by serving items like burgers and hot dogs (and including a veggie-friendly option) and corn on the cob. Adding the stars and stripes into what’s being served is a fun idea in the form of patriotic desserts like red white and blue popsicles or a tart featuring strawberries and blueberries. Cardstore’s Pinterest page has plenty of great 4th of July food ideas to kick-start your menu-planning process.


Do you have any favorite 4th of July traditions or memories? How are you planning on celebrating this year?

4th of July Cards Pictured: Chalkboard Design 4th of July Invite, Rocket Pop 4th of July Invite, 4th of July Invitation.

Baby Shower for the Second Child

When a couple has their first child, the baby shower can often be a huge celebration with many guests and major gifts like car seats and strollers given. By the time the second child comes around, many moms aren’t looking to be showered in the gifts they received for the first child, and often want to celebrate with a much smaller group of family and friends. Called a “Sprinkle”, this more low-key affair for moms on baby #2, 3, 4, or more gives moms the chance to prepare for the baby’s impending arrival with more useful gifts such as diapers and wipes to complement the bigger baby items they already own from the baby shower for their first child. A sprinkle takes the focus away from the gift-giving aspect of a baby shower, and instead lets the expecting mom enjoy time with family and friends to celebrate the newest addition to her family. As these sprinkles are gaining in popularity, we’ve collected some of the best tips below to make planning and throwing a sprinkle stress-free, and full of pre-baby fun.

1. Pick a date. Even though sprinkles are less formal than showers, be sure to pick a date that’s far enough in advance so that your invitations can be sent out 4 to 6 weeks in advance and is about 2 months before her due date so she’ll have plenty of time to do any last-minute prepping before the baby arrives.

2. Decide on a guest list. Does the mom-to-be want as many friends and family there as possible, or is she hoping to keep the gathering to a smaller group? Is this going to be a kid-friendly sprinkle so the older sibling can be involved? Make sure you know what she’s expecting, and plan accordingly with the guest list.

3. Send the invitationsCardstore’s normal baby shower invitations can be used for sprinkles as well, where the less-fussy details of the get-together can be emphasized. If you want to include a note about gift suggestions (hand-made items, formula, onesies, etc.), this can give guests a better idea of what to expect for the shower.


Featured Cards: Bonjour Bebe, Whale Oh Boy, Oh Baby Girl

4. Get creative with decorations. If the second child is a different sex than the mom’s first child, picking a cute theme to fit this is a fun way to celebrate the little one. Be sure to check out Cardstore’s Pinterest board for some ridiculously sweet decor and party activity ideas.

5. Create a menu. As sprinkles generally feature a more intimate group and more casual theme, it’s best to keep the menu light to keep the whole affair stress-free. If kids will be invited, be sure to include some kid-friendly fare that will help make the sprinkle a blast for them as well.

The best part about a sprinkle is that it lets the expecting mom and her family and friends focus on what really matters; the new addition to the family! Have you ever been to a sprinkle? What was your favorite part about the celebration?

The History of Flag Day: June 14th!

Did you know that today, June 14th, is Flag Day? You might have seen people talking about the holiday on Twitter or Facebook today, but do you know where it came from? Here’s a quick little Flag Day history lesson that you can share with your friends and family!

While Flag Day isn’t an official federal holiday, it is the day that the United States adopted that beautiful red, white, and blue flag in 1977–by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Here’s another fun fact: two years before the establishment of Flag Day, on June 14, 1775–the United States created the American continental army.

President Woodrow Wilson established Flag Day officially in 1916, and in 1949, Congress declared the National Flag Day that we celebrate today! Various American cities–primarily in New England–celebrate the holiday with small, patriotic parades, the biggest of which is in Fairfield, WA.

Now you know why we celebrate Flag Day on June 14th–so get out your star-spangled banner and do some celebrating yourself this Friday. Do you have any special Flag Day traditions where you come from?

 CS_SC_BLG_06142013_SHELF_halfCard pictured: Yay America! 4th of July card.

Baby Shower Party Planning Checklist

You’ve probably already spent hours picking out the cutest theme for your friend’s upcoming baby shower, and pinning your favorite ideas on Pinterest for some serious inspiration. But, in the flurry of adorable ideas and photos, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics vital to planning baby shower party. Check out our quick baby shower party planning checklist to make sure that you don’t miss a thing:

The Invite (6-8 weeks in advance):

  • Select your baby shower invitation design to suit the mom-to-be and the baby on the way!
  • Decide on a date, time, and place. Include both starting and ending times, and don’t forget the full address! Decide who will host the party, or if an alternate location will be used. Be sure to consult with the mom to be and other important family members to make sure that everyone can make it.
  • Prepare the guest list–ask the mom-to-be for plenty of help with this. Add all the addresses into your address book.
  • Add a map (if desired).
  • Include RSVP info and date.

Food (6 weeks prior):

  • Decide what type of food and drinks will be provided at the party. Hire a caterer ASAP, or ask other guests to help with preparation.
  • Buy napkins, cutlery, disposable plates, and tablecloths.
  • Make a shopping list with appropriate budget.
  • Contact friends and guests for extra servingware.
  • Decide on the cake. Order if necessary.

Decor (3-4 weeks in advance):

  • Go shopping for decor–but don’t go too crazy! Streamers and balloons go a long way.
  • Order flowers.
  • Settle on a theme.
  • Brainstorm games and buy appropriate supplies.

Gifts (2-3 weeks prior):

  • Get your own gift for the mom-to-be!
  • Pick up boxes and packing material to transport the gifts back to the mom-to-be’s home.
  • Designate a baby shower secretary, to write down who gave what as the mom-to-be opens her presents.

Last Minute (1-7 days in advance):

  • Confirm food, cake, and flower reservations.
  • Clean up your house!
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Go grocery shopping with your list.
  • Decorate.
  • Relax!!

What would you add to our baby shower planning checklist?

CS_SC_BLG_06102013_SHELFBaby Shower Invites Pictured: Bonjour Bebe Baby Shower Invite, Whale Oh Boy Baby Shower Invite, Oh Baby Girl Baby Shower Invite.

Who’s Your Daddy? Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day, don’t wait to get your dad’s gift until the last minute! Instead, plan ahead to avoid the last minute frenzy of what to buy, resulting in yet another tie or button-up shirt. Getting the perfect Father’s Day gift requires equal parts creativity and thoughtfulness. Try to think of the activities that your dad really enjoys and get a gift that the two of you can share.  Focus on what makes your dad unique, and make your gift revolve around his special qualities. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

-Give your dad tickets to his favorite event: Is your dad a sports fan? Get him two tickets (so he can bring you!) to his favorite team’s next game. If he’s a music fan, get him tickets to the local symphony or his favorite band. Tickets are a great way to add a fun experience to your mutual memory bank.

-Help your dad achieve his dreams: Does your dad love to travel? Get him a travel book to a desired locale, or get him a huge travel book to help him choose his next destination! Does your dad dream of designing his own invention? Get him a how-to guide to get him started, or a notebook (or app) to jot down his ideas on the go. Does he dream of writing a book or a screenplay? Biking through Europe?  A book might not seem like a great gift, but if you choose it carefully, it can really show your dad how closely you’ve been listening.

-Get your dad a homemade treat (or help him make one!): Is your dad a total foodie? Does he love to grill or make his own treats? You have two options. You can either make your dad his favorite sweet (or savory) treat, OR, if he’s the kind of guy who likes to make it himself get him a do-it-yourself gift, like an ice cream maker or a beer crafting kit! If he loves to cook, get him a cookbook from your favorite foodie blogger to introduce some new recipes into his repertoire.

Plan a day of fun perfectly suited to your dad: Is your dad the active type? Plan a day with all of his favorite activities, and print out the itinerary! Add hikes, bike rides, and his favorite lunch spots. Plan a delicious picnic or go to the movies. Organize a game of pick-up soccer or a beautiful day at the golf course. It’s up to you–but the more thorough you make your itinerary, the more your dad will see how well you know what he enjoys! If you want, you can even make a brochure filled with maps and pictures, to outline your exact course for your dad’s perfect day.

Once you’ve settled on your perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t forget to get a Father’s Day card to match–everyone knows that a thoughtful card trumps any fancy gift. Do you have any unique ideas for your dad?

Funny Father’s Day Cards

If your Dad is the one who always leaves you in stitches, whether intentionally or not, why not celebrate him with some humor this Father’s Day? For those Dads who are still learning some of the recent updates to technology, hearing them talk about things like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be hysterical. One of the funny Father’s Day cards Cardstore is featuring this year is a Father’s Day Dadism Tribute to a Dad talking about “the facetalk.” This funny Father’s Day card gives you the perfect chance to commemorate one of your favorite “Dadisms” in a sweet and funny way he’ll definitely laugh about.


Featured Cards: Hall of Fame Card, Father’s Day Dadism Tribute, Photo Head Grilling Dad

If your Dad is fond of a good laugh, why not celebrate him this Father’s Day with some of Cardstore’s funniest Father’s Day cards? With personalized details like adding his photo to a funny scene, along with hysterical messages, funny Father’s Day cards are the perfect way to celebrate those god-humored Dads who love to laugh at themselves. Check out some of our picks below for the funniest Father’s Day cards this year, and be sure to look at the rest on to find a card that fits your Dad perfectly. What are some of the things your Dad does that are sure to crack you up?


Featured Cards: Father’s Day Chart, Funny Dad and Daughter Translator, Baby Pee Card

Gifts for High School Graduates

We’re in the tail-end of graduation season, which probably means you’re fresh out of gift ideas for all those high school graduates heading off to college. It’s easy to get the grad a gift card to a favorite store or give them some much-needed cash, but giving them something special that will help with the transition or make them an instant hit in the dorm rooms will make your gift really stand out. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas for high school graduates that are perfect for plenty of grads, especially when paired with a personalized graduation congratulations card that shows how proud you are of all they’ve accomplished.

1. Help them record all of their favorite memories with a digital camera. Taking pictures of their dorm room, floor socials, and new best friends will help any new college student remember what made the first year the best year yet. A digital camera is the easiest way for them to share their pictures on facebook with friends and family, and will help keep everyone in the loop about what a great time they’re having.

2. Making new friends has never been easier than with portable games like foosball or pingpong. Created in small sizes perfect for a dorm room or small apartment, these games are the perfect gift for the sporty grad who can connect with new friends over a friendly game.

3. Let them connect over music with speakers. Whether sharing their favorite new artists or listening to some of their favorite songs together, having a set of speakers beyond the normal computer ones will make this high school grad the hit of the college dorm.

4. Cancel out the noise of roommates (or those new speakers!) with a set of noise-cancelling headphones. Whether the new grad wants to jam out to his or her music in peace or needs to drown out the noise to make studying easier, these headphones will come in handy for a variety of occasions.

5. Remind the grad of where they’ve come from and where they’ll go. As they start this new chapter, any new grad will be a little sentimental for their home and friends from high school. A photo collage frame that holds pictures of their family and friends is a sweet decoration for any dorm room that their new friends will love to see as well. Tell the new grad how much you think they’ll still accomplish with a copy of a book like Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!“. You can personalize it with a sweet note inside to remind the graduate of how proud you already are of them, and how excited you are for all that the future holds.

Be sure to check out Cardstore’s collection of graduation cards to find one to pair with your gift for an added touch. Whether featuring a photo of the grad or an inspirational quote, it’s a great chance to share your best wishes with the grad. What are some of your favorite gifts to give to high school grads?


Featured Cards: Colorful Grad OwlsColorful Graduation LetteringGraduation Signposts


Featured Cards: Notebook Class of 2013, Yearbook Photo Graduate, Watch Out Graduation